How Unclaimed Scholarships become Unused

Unclaimed Scholarships
Unclaimed Scholarships

The term unclaimed scholarships is used to refer to scholarships which students who have , or had the qualifications to apply and win a scholarship never took the time to apply; or did apply and win, but never followed through with accepting it.

This usually happens with the winning student having a last-minute abrupt ‘change of plans’ in regards to their college careers. Their winning scholarships then become unused!

Unusual circumstances tend to come into play at the final buzzer (so to speak) and everything suddenly changes for the student.

For instance the below unusual events may occur in regards to a scholarship becoming ‘unclaimed’ or ‘unused’:

* A student applies and wins a scholarship, but also wins another one too. The first scholarship may have a restrictive clause that prevents the student from accepting it IF they win another scholarship of equal of higher value. The student never responds and the first award becomes unclaimed. * Student applies and wins a scholarship, but the scholarship is only for the student to attend a particular college ONLY. The student overlooked this fact before applying, or never really knew this was the case. Many scholarship criteria cause’s detail’s like this to be hidden, or buried sometimes. Nevertheless; the student does not even respond back to the scholarship sponsor once getting the award letter in the mail which states this fact, and which cause’s the student to feel it was a scam in the first place. * Student applies and wins a scholarship. The scholarship may be for students who only will be studying in a certain field ONLY. The student changes his field of study at the last-minute and proceeds to attend a college with his/her new field choice – which was not the one which he applied for. * Student applies and wins a scholarship, but also wins many others at other schools who then decides to take the OTHER financial offers and could care less about the first one. * Student applies and wins a scholarship and just decides college is not what he wants to do at this time. Maybe it’s because the student met a significant other and feels that he/she may lose them IF they attend college (bad choice if they do!). Higher education plans are put on hold to see if things will work out (they never usually do at this stage in life) with the relationship. Another unclaimed scholarship!

Unclaimed Scholarships becoming Guaranteed Scholarships

Another classic unused scholarship scenario is the scholarship is never awarded because all the applicants did not meet the criteria for winning.

This one is more common than most think. This is how an unclaimed scholarship is obtained quickly. Sometimes these unclaimed awards are converted to guaranteed scholarships suddenly, or rolled over to the next quarter or year to be given out.

For those who are wondering what a guaranteed scholarship is, it’s an award given out to students who match up with the criteria exactly, such as ACT scores, GPA and other distinguished accomplishments.

Many times GPA and ACT scores are never used, but other specific past accomplishments ONLY. This becomes a paperwork shuffle only, with no evaluation of applicants whatsoever.

These guaranteed scholarships are quick and easy – IF you match up with the stated scholarship criteria! Students should apply to those awards which they match up well to. Your chances of getting one is greater because of this.

Our best advice which most never do!

Best unclaimed scholarship advice is to go into the FinAids office to see what is available for you. Just don’t think a list of scholarships,  but all other forms of student aid. It may be special grants, such as need based financial aid given out ONLY by the college itself with a criteria that fits you perfectly.This is the only way to find out what the college itself has available.

They will tell you on the spot many times if you fit in one of their student financial aid programs. They will tell you to fill out many particular forms. If they do, fill them out and turn them in ASAP.

This is how it’s best done!

Of all the advice given out, this may be the best which many times is never followed through on, and produces the most student financial aid for students. After all, the best unclaimed scholarship is the one you apply for and get – whatever it may be called!

What are Unclaimed Scholarships?

unclaimed scholarships
What are Unclaimed Scholarships?

There is sometimes a common perception that there are millions of dollars available in unclaimed scholarships for students who are willing to search out such funds. There are also many people who state that a large percentage of the unclaimed scholarship money is only a myth and that such funds do not actually exist.

The truth of the matter regarding unclaimed scholarships may actually exist somewhere in the middle of these two viewpoints. Below we explore what are unclaimed scholarships.

Unclaimed Scholarships are Unusual Scholarships

Unrewarded scholarship funds do appear to exist to some degree. Unclaimed college scholarships may primarily stem from rather restrictive unknown scholarships that have an extremely small pool of eligible scholarship applicants. Such unusual scholarships might include those that are only offered to applicants who meet a rare set of characteristics. Due to this, these unclaimed scholarships may result in left over funds that are not issued annually because eligible applicants did not apply for those unusual scholarships.

Employer Sponsored Scholarships are Unclaimed

There are also often claims that billions of dollars in scholarships went unclaimed over the previous year. Although it would certainly be nice if this were true and students could simply claim those unclaimed scholarships, this type of statement is often based on older estimates regarding unused tuition benefits offered by employers that the general public simply would not be eligible to receive. According to the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, approximately 85% of the funds that are referred to as unclaimed scholarships may actually be employer-paid education benefits. Many businesses offer to pay education benefits to employees as a way of enhancing the quality of their workforce.

Unclaimed Scholarships may be Hard to Get

It would appear that unclaimed scholarships may be available but they do not appear to be available in the easy to obtain and abundant numbers that are typically reported. If you do have an unusual talent or a rare set of characteristics it might be possible that you are eligible for some obscure scholarship funds which other students would not be eligible to receive, but it would be best not to count on such unclaimed scholarship funds to fund the entire cost of your education. This is particularly true when you consider the fact that there are other ways you can fund your education, including numerous easier scholarship programs that are not based on a restrictive set of eligibility criteria.

Never Pay Fees to Get Unclaimed Scholarships

Students trying to find unclaimed scholarships may actually come across a number of different claims. One of those is that by paying a small fee you will be provided with a comprehensive list of scholarships for which the student is eligible. Such claims also frequently include the claim that the unclaimed college scholarships come from a large database. The reality is that students should never feel as though they need to pay to receive a database of scholarship information, even for unclaimed scholarships. The best and biggest scholarship databases are actually available with no need to pay to receive the information. The number of unclaimed college scholarships claimed to be available by some services can oftentimes be misleading due to the fact that individual sponsors may actually offer hundreds of different types of scholarships.

Check for Unclaimed Scholarship Money at the College You Attend

Prospective scholarship applicants that do want to make certain they do not miss out on any unclaimed scholarships may wish to check with the institution they plan to attend regarding any obscure scholarships that may be issued directly through that institution.

Unclaimed scholarships that are available to a small pool of applicants are sometimes offered directly through a college or university. Applicants to that school or students who are already attending that school may have a better opportunity to receive those limited or restrictive scholarships than the general population.

Applying for scholarships is certainly a good way to pursue an advanced education and also to help defray the costs of a higher education. There are many scholarships that are available that offer awards to thousands of deserving students each year. While unclaimed scholarships may not exist in the numbers and amounts that are frequently reported,there are unclaimed scholarship opportunities that do exist for eligible students.

Unclaimed Scholarships made Easier

Unclaimed Scholarships
Unclaimed Scholarships made Easier

Sometimes unclaimed scholarships are made easier to get by just applying to them.

Yes, many times students bypass very easy scholarships they could have won, if they just applied.

The reason is they think the competition is too stiff, and that too many students will apply; so they move on looking for others.

Don’t think too much, and just start applying to those you immediately feel you could win!

Yes, that’s how you get your easy unclaimed scholarships!

Below are many kinds of easier student awards students may want to apply to.

Why are they easier scholarships?

They won’t take up too much of your time applying to them.

SOY Unclaimed Scholarships

Interested in agriculture?

The American Soybean Association (ASA) serves farmers by looking after and & expanding the market value and opportunities for soybean farmers. Their mission is to have a prosperous soybean industry so they can sufficiently meet the needs of their market.

They offer a $5,000 scholarship for high school seniors who will be pursuing an AG field of study at a university. It’s called the Secure Optimal Yield (SOY) Scholarship. You must have at least a 3.0 GPA, write a 500 word essay about agriculture.

American Bullion Scholarships Program made Easy

Five $500.00 college scholarships are awarded yearly to students presently attending college. Those who wish to apply must do so by filling out the online application AND writing a 500-1000 word essay about this question:

“Why should you trust gold to protect your retirement?”

American Bullion wants to improve peoples outlook and knowledge of tangible assets. They a dependable forerunner in including precious metals to individual IRA accounts for people.

New Look Laser Tattoo Removal Semiannual Scholarships

As the name implies NLTR has their merit based awards twice each year for students with a field of study in engineering, medicine, applied or natural science or nursing.

$1,000 is awarded semi-annually to those applicants who are US citizens, a minimum of 3.0 GPA and plan on being fully enrolled at a college in the fall. Applicants can easily apply online by must write a 200-400 word essay which highlights your point of view of society’s impact of laser tattoo removal while using NLTR  Tattoo Removable Guide as a reference.

New Look Laser Tattoo Removal is based in Houston and they perform more tattoo removal transactions in the the state of Texas. This is all they do; and they are good at it, being voted no. 1 by the Houston Press! They are affordable to boot, giving free consultations.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes Scholarship

This $500 easier to win scholarship is offered to part time as well as full time students. This is a pumpkin carving contest where you can really use your wild imagination on carving out a pumpkin for submission; which progression photos must be provided of YOU carving the pumpkin.

If your artistic then this may be the scholarship program for you, or if you have always been good at these sort of things.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes is an online Halloween costume selling provider which sells thousands of costumes online, to be worn on Halloween.

Amazon Student Scholarships Unclaimed!

Amazon’s scholarship program may top our list of easy scholarships which many students may not apply to simply because they feel they don’t have a chance at winning – but this is far from the truth.

True – it is merit based and applicants are judged based on GPA, leadership experience and community service as well; semi-finalist will be required to also turn in an essay to move to the final round.

This award is not for everyone, but if you do have the above requirements take the time to apply. They are simple scholarships to apply to online.

FIFTY unclaimed scholarships of $5,000 each along with $500 for books are handed out by Amazon which makes this award easier to get then others simply because of the high number of scholarships involved here.

Amazon has a whole program just for students only which benefit them in so many ways that to just join up for this is well worth it even if you do not win anything. Their student program can save students in shipping and discounts for years to come while attending school for the next four five or 10 years – whatever it takes to complete the program you will be striving for.

Its called : “Amazon Student”

Unclaimed scholarships are those student awards which students just don’t take the time to apply to – but could of won!

Many times they are the easier scholarships to win.

The number one factor that holds back students from winning scholarships is that they apply to a couple and don’t win; so they throw in the towel in applying to other student awards they could of easily won.

Winning Scholarships is an odds and numbers game as well as an endurance game. Your odds keep on going up the more you apply to them; so don’t stop until you won an award.

Apply to the easier scholarships first –  to win your unclaimed scholarships.

Unclaimed Scholarships Easy to Get from Credit Unions

Easy Scholarships from credit unions
Unclaimed Scholarships Easy to Get from Credit Unions

Across the nation credit unions are offering thousands of dollars of possibly unclaimed scholarships for college to their members children in support of higher educational goals within their local communities.

They may be very easy scholarships to get too, because the applicant pool will be fairly small and NOT nationwide!

This should be researched and looked into if your family is a member of a credit union. If not, then now may be the time to open an account at one if someone in the family will be attending a college or university in the next few years.

CUNA stands for Credit Union National Association, and they have indicated that credit unions & state credit unions have given $300,000 in scholarships and grants to their members families to use for college.

Consider this:

  • $1,000 was given to (3) high school seniors at the (FCU) Federal Credit Uion in Abbeville, SC.
  • Four high school seniors were awarded $1,000 from the FCU in USSCO Johnstown Pa.
  • Three $4,500 Credit Union scholarships were awarded from the Kansas Credit Union Association to students for college.
  • Piedmont Advantage Credit Union located in Winston-Salem, N.C gave five $1,000 academic scholarships to HS seniors going to college.
  • 11 scholarships worth $5,000 each awared by the American Airlines Federal Credit Union in Fort Worth, Texas. Only 400 applications were submitted.
  • Navigant Credit Union in Smithfield, R.I gave out 100 CU scholarships each worth $1,000.
  • Five $1,000 awards were disbursed by Ascentra Credit Union located in Bettendorf, Iowa.

The list goes on and the above is just a sample of some of the scholarships given out by Federal Credit Unions.

Credit Union One of Michigan with 20 branches spread out in Michigan may have easy scholarships to apply to. It’s called the ‘Credit Union ONE William G. Coyne Memorial Scholarship Program‘. To be eligible to apply, students must fit into the below criteria.

  • 30 hours of community service as a Junior & senior in high school.
  • Must enroll in a 2 or 4 year college/university/trade/vocational for the fall semester.
  • Minimum 3.00 GPA.
    Member of a family belonging to Credit Union One – 6 mo.’s or longer.
  • Be a graduating Senior in HS.
  • Employees of CU One & family members are INELIGIBLE TO APPLY.
  • Eight $1,000 CU scholarships will be given away and applications must be in by April 1st.
  • You can call (800) 451-4292, Ext 5228 for questions on applying.

Christian Community Credit Union in San Dimas, CA offers their Scholarships for Success program and they dole out $50,000 in easy scholarships. To qualify; you must become a member of their Credit Union, going to a college, university or a seminary coming up, and take 12 credits if your an undergraduate, 6 units for graduate students. Other criteria exist and you can easily see them on the frequently asked questions section about their scholarship program.

You can apply for becoming a member, and the scholarship at the same time too! March 31st is the scholarship deadline.

The Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union, established in 1976 and located in Brooklyn, NY with 6 branches there, New Jersey with 5 branches, Illinois with 4 branches, and Florida with 3 locations; offers three different types of CU scholarships. The Scholarship Program for College-Bound High School Students, Scholarship Program for Undergraduate & Graduate Students, and PSFCU Rising Star Scholarship. If you go to their website there is not much in explaining about their programs; but with many locations and three student aid programs, we assume they may be pretty good. You can go to Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union Scholarship program to contact them via their contact webpage to inquire into more about it.

WESTconsin Credit Union has 14 locations in Wisconsin offers (12) $1,000 credit union scholarships yearly and done so over the last 20 years. Similar criteria exist as the others above with awards being given to graduating high school seniors; but they must attend college in a community where WESTconsin Credit Union has a location. You can apply up to the February 14th deadline, winners announced May each year. For more go to WESTconsin Credit Union Scholarship Program.

As you can see Credit Unions are a gushing well of potential unclaimed scholarships that are easier to get then the norm because of the smaller applicant pool of students applying.

Credit Unions are all over the place as well!

Just become a member and students will be eligible to apply to them. The awards are generous too and worth taking the time to apply.

They are easy scholarships to apply to with most taking student applications right online.

Students still in high school encourage your Moms and Dads to open an account, or students may as well along with their parents. See what the CU scholarship guidelines state for this!!!

These could be those true unclaimed scholarships for college that most students search for on the internet that we likely pass by in a car daily!

Easy Scholarships from

easy scholarships
Easy Scholarships from offers educational easy scholarships to students who can answer a few questions correctly each and every month. Don’t let these awards be unclaimed scholarships which you could easily have won.

These easy scholarships are held each and every month too, so students can apply to them on a consistent basis which will increase your odds of winning.

You just have to answer their monthly tricky trivia question in which will give several clues to try and figure out what the correct answer is.

Once you go to there webpage which offers the scholarship program you fill out a form and the questions will be listed there.

For instance; the clues to the easy scholarships question for this month (August 16, 2015 at 12:01 am Eastern Time and Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time) are:

Scholarship question is – What is the sum of the following six numbers?

  1. Total number of inches in a mile.
  2. The year the Gettysburg Address was written.
  3. Total number of vowels in this line.
  4. Number of World Series won by the Toronto Blue Jays, divided by the number of World Series won by the New York Mets.
  5. Tax form number that reports self-employment earnings.
  6. Total number of gas elements on the periodic table of elements.

If you guess the right answer then you win $2,500 to any qualifying college or college bound student.

Again, this occurs each and every month so in a period of one year a student will have 12 chances to win an easy scholarship for college.

*It would be great if other scholarships worked this way because they are NOT time consuming whatsoever!

These are truly easy scholarships in every sense of the word for students looking for a quick turn around on submitting and winning.

Who is and why are they a good thing for ALL students?

You must be wondering who is and what are they all about?

They started in 2005 as a place you can go to to compare the multitudes of credit cards on the market today. They tout themselves as a leader in credit card resource websites.

They are always trying to improves there offerings to consumers in this vast credit card field; which can be daunting to say the least when looking for the card which will work best for you.

They will compare credit cards side by side so you can make the best financial decision on what factors are most important to you.

What’s nice is that try’s to what is best for the consumer; and not themselves. is also very concerned about the future of financial education for children; in which they indicate that only $2.00 per child per year is spent on financial education in the the US.

By starting early financial education in life; feels that children will be better equipped to make the best financial decisions for themselves –  which will have an impact on their futures. also has a student financial aid center on their website in which you can download free lessons on how to properly manage your financial affairs for children ages 6-18. Each lesson plan has:

  • Rich information about credit cards and credit scores
  • Glossary of terms for easy digestion of material
  • Quizzes following each section testing their knowledge
  • Visual aids for an enhanced learning experience

We feel this is a wonderful resource center because many children 6-18, and students alike, know very little when it comes to controlling cost in their personal life’s; or what to do about it when trouble starts.

Go to their website now ( educational scholarships), and each and every month to see if you can win one of their many unclaimed scholarships being given away on a regular basis by just answering their trivia question.

They could be simple scholarships to win!

Unclaimed College Scholarships for Minorities

Unclaimed College Scholarships
Unclaimed College Scholarships from All Over the Place

Unclaimed scholarships for college can come from many various sources and we have found some. Students must always be reminded that you must follow the money to find your unclaimed scholarships for college.

The places listed below have been given the money or already have the money to dole out towards college unclaimed scholarships.

When you read about large donations being made to a university to be used for scholarships – apply their because your chances just got better that you will be awarded some of that money.

These are the easy scholarships students can apply to and get!

Many times universities and organizations may be given a time limit to use the scholarship money; so time is of the essence.

Ethiopian Community Development Council’s African Community Center

Ten scholarships of $1,000 each are awarded to Ethiopian refugees to help pay for their scholarships every year. The ECDCACC is located in Denver CO. and it’s main goal is to empower refugees when they come to the US. It’s a fast start program to help them get adjusted to living in the US as quickly as possible. Go to to direct your questions to this program.

PFLAG National Scholarships

Started in 1972, PFLAG is a national organization in Washington, D. C. which provides support for the LGBTQ community through support, education and advocacy. There are 350 chapters and 200,000 members in all the 50 US states.

The unclaimed scholarship is open to US and non-US citizens alike who plan on attending a US university. PFLAG awarded $75,000 in scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 in 2014 and plan the same in the years going forward.

PFLAG local chapters offer there own unclaimed college scholarships along with the national scholarships too. Students can receive awards form BOTH the national as well as local chapters at the same time – so apply to both!!!

Go to PFLAG scholarships to read more and apply.

Western Michigan University Scholarships Unclaimed

Unclaimed educational awards can be found at WMU in many forms. They have undocumented students scholarships for non-citizens having difficulty paying their tuition. Go here to apply – Western Michigan Undocumented student scholarships.

WMU also has American Association of Blacks in Energy scholarships which are for incoming freshman with a 2.5 GPA and a 3.00 in mathematics and science who will be majoring in mathematics, engineering, computers or the physical sciences.

Students need to demonstrate financial need and also must be a member of the under represented minority groups in science and technology. The award varies in amount.

 The Hispanic Scholarship Fund


If your of Hispanic heritage then give this place a look. They offer unclaimed scholarships for college ranging from $500 to $5,000 if your field of study has an emphasis in STEM; but all majors are accepted. Graduating high school seniors can apply who have a 3.0 GPA and plan on attending college in the fall. The HSF has been in existence for 40 years with their attention on assisting Hispanics in education and are experts when it comes to student aid.

Go to Hispanic Scholarship Fund to read more.

Chicana / Latina Foundation Unclaimed Scholarships

Every year merit based women’s scholarships are given to Latina college students up to $1,500 with a total 31 awards. Applications start the first of the year to apply. The CLF is non-profit and they focus on empowering Latinas with education & professional placements. Along with their scholarship program they offer skill building workshops, coaching programs, leadership class’s and education in fostering healthy relationships (teen dating & violence awareness).

Go to Chicana / Latina Foundation Scholarships and apply.

More Good Reading

*Unclaimed Scholarships for Students Regardless of Immigration Status

*Unclaimed Scholarships for US and Non-US Citizens

*Unclaimed Scholarships that Don’t Require Social Security Numbers

*Unusual Scholarships for Undocumented Students

*Scholarships for Illegal Immigrants or Undocumented Students

Unclaimed Scholarships the Easy Way from the National FFA Organization

easy scholarships
Unclaimed Scholarships the Easy Way from the National FFA Organization

Here are some unclaimed scholarships which you can apply to the easy way – 1800 all at once. Every student is pinched for time; or they just don’t want to spend a lot of time with long and tedious scholarship applications. Most feel they don’t have much of a chance anyways when applying, so why invest lengthy time in a long scholarship application process.

The FFA has the perfect solution. Their unclaimed scholarships are easy to apply to with very little effort. you can do it all online too – the best kind as far as today’s college students are concerned. Can’t blame them either when they all have the power of the internet at their fingertips all day long getting instant answers on what they need to find out.

The FFA is “is an inter-curricular student organization for those interested in agriculture and leadership. It is one of three components of agricultural education”. FFA stands for Future Farmers of America.

You may be thinking that you don’t want to become a farmer so why read further – right? But wait and read on because the FFA is not just for future farmers but the FFA welcomes those who desire to become teachers, scientist, doctors, business owners and more. There especially is so much opportunity in the industry of agriculture with it’s growing diversity.

Most students bypass this field of study but it’s grows every year with unlimited job opportunities. The FFA is very committed to students looking for careers in agriculture by showing them a path to career success via agricultural education.

The FFA will reveal many agricultural career pathways using each students individual talents and interest in the fields which support agriculture, such as future biologist, chemists, veterinarians, engineers and future Entrepreneurs of America too.

FFA Agricultural Education Mission

“Agricultural education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resources systems”.

It’s important that all of the above information is given so students look at FFA other then just farming. As you can see it covers a broad spectrum of fields of study. These fields are necessary in this industry to grow and thrive, so they are a major part of it. This opens the doors wide open for students with all types of interest.

FFA Agricultural Unclaimed Scholarships

To apply students must be less than 23 years of age, a high school senior or currently enrolled in college as a full time student.

FFA scholarships can be applied to online starting in November and the deadline is February. Online applications are easy scholarships to apply to and win making it the perfect unclaimed scholarship. Students just need to fill out one scholarship application and they will be considered for all of them based on the criteria they meet. The scholarship award process is automated and recipients are selected based on meeting the scholarship sponsors criteria requirements.

In 2015 $2.7 million was awarded in easy scholarships. FFA Scholarships are sponsored by businesses and individuals via the FFA Foundation. Some companies that participate are Ford Motor Co., Wells Fargo, Ram Trucks, Monty’s Plant Food Company , MetLife Foundation, Mahindra USA, DuPont, John Deere and many others as well. As you can see these are some of the major corporations of the world.

More then 1800 various awards are available!

Being a member is encouraged and beneficial, but not a requirement in winning an award for many of the companies that participate. There are companies that award scholarships to non-members as well.

Unclaimed scholarships are the easiest scholarships to apply to, and the FFA scholarship awards are some of the best all around student awards on the market today.

Have FFA scholarship questions?

Email [email protected] Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST, Monday – Friday.

Sniffing Out Unclaimed Scholarships – Just follow the Money!

unclaimed scholarships
Sniffing Out Unclaimed Scholarships

Unclaimed scholarships can be found with a little effort, or should I say the right kind of effort which will produce good results for you too.

You can sniff out some pretty easy scholarships in unconventional ways and I will show you how.

One of the best ways is to follow the money when looking for those hard to find scholarships.

Yep – that’s right!

Just follow the money!

But how do you follow the money when when your looking for it to begin with?


Well; just work backwards and you just may find easy to get scholarships.

Let me explain what I’m talking about. Consider the below headline which I recently ran across  (June 2015).

“Ab and Nancy Nicholas donate $50 million for UW-Madison Scholarships”

Ab Nicholas is a very wealthy businessman in Milwaukee Wisconsin who founded an investment firm and controls 2.7 billion in assets; so donating 50 million to a university to use for student scholarships is a very possible thing to do for this man. He didn’t have to do this; he just did it out of his heart because he is a generous human being who understands what students go through in paying for college.

It also is very noble of him to do and we hold him in the highest esteem when it comes to helping students achieve a higher education. We will be be forever grateful for his deed, as will the students who actually receive the monies from his donation.

You may never have heard of him (me either) and he’s not well known like Bill Gates, but rest assure he has made possible the impossible for students who need money to pay for their college.

Ab is married to Nancy Nicholas and as you heard the old saying in the past that behind every good man is a good wife. You can bet your money that Nancy was 100% supportive in this kind of deed, especially the amount given. She would have to be. So give her full credit as well as Ab on this. They are a team at this stage in life and both have their fingerprints on this truly wonderful financial donation to The University of Wisconsin.

Can you see how your unclaimed scholarships can possibly come from this? I’ll make this as clear as a bell on what you should do to increase your odds for those hard to get scholarships.


Can I make this any clearer?

I didn’t think so. I could end the article right here- but I will not. I’m going to break it down even further so there’s no misunderstandings.

Schools that receive donations for scholarships will only use it for scholarships ONLY! The reason they want to use up all of this donation as quickly as possible is to INCREASE ENROLLMENT. Increased enrollment means increased revenue coming back into the school in many various ways which help perpetuate the schools existence now and into the future, which is the goal of all higher education institutions.

Where does that leave you then?

Your chances of receiving this money have increased tenfold; that where. Your odds increased that the school will work up a SPECIAL type of award just for you; even though at other schools you may have received nothing. This is how it works folks and it works this way now and will continue working like this 100 years from now too.

*How do I know this to be true. I applied for my daughter at 5 universities. All the awards came back similar to one another, but one. That one gave her an institutional scholarship that covered all of her college cost. When I called the FinAids office to inquire to see if this was accurate, they told me it indeed was and the reason was that it was a good time to apply to the university because they just received a large donation from an anonymous wealthy individual and that they were instructed to use it up by year end – or lose the balance remaining (sounds like this wealthy  person  needed a tax deduction for the year).

So start looking for colleges & universities where they have recently received large donations to be used for student scholarships. These are the best type of unclaimed scholarships in existence right now because they are easy scholarships for you.

You must understand that all colleges are fighting for you to come to their schools. The competition is getting more and more fierce so the colleges easiest way in getting students is to AWARD THEM SCHOLARSHIPS. They will only do this IF they have the money to do so.

So work backwards and follow the money and apply to those schools with recent large donations from all those student loving rich people and you may be surprised at what you get.

Oh; and another thing; don’t be so concerned on the location of the college, or what college either because you will fit in eventually at any school you go to and have the best time of your life. I haven’t seen a big difference of the inside of a classroom or dorm – they pretty much look all the same.

The old saying goes just make the best of it and it will be great where ever you attend college. You are there to study and get good grades anyways. This will be the same thing at any university you attend.

Follow the money and you will get your hard to find easy unclaimed scholarships their!

Read more about the Ab and Nancy Nicholas $50 million donation for UW-Madison scholarships.

Unclaimed Easy Scholarships from Elks National Foundation

elks scholarships
Elks Club Scholarships

There is a gorilla of unclaimed easy scholarships from the Elks National Foundation sitting right under the nose’s of most students in high school; and they don’t even bother to apply to them.

That’s right!

This mammoth scholarship fund doles out 500 (4) year scholarships each and every year to students who apply and win.

It’s hard to believe isn’t it?

One never thought that the Elks club was so financially equipped to pass out 500 large scholarship awards annually, but they are because they are doing it every year!


Our first rule when it comes to seeking out scholarships for college is to always apply to those scholarships which have the largest number of awards handed out each year.

Bingo – you just found it!

Hello folks!

Can you say Elks Club National Foundation?

Any student reading this right now should drop everything and make sure they apply to this award as soon as they can!


It’s because you will have a better than normal odds of winning one because there are 500 awards given out – that’s why. The law of averages, and especially the odds are in your favor of winning when there are so many easy scholarships given.

If you aren’t familiar with the Elks, then work very hard at reading up on them and their unclaimed scholarships.

These are 500 4 year potentially easy scholarships given out.

That’s right, I said 4 years paid scholarships – 500 of them!

Can you say Gargantuan College Scholarships?

If you can’t; then say Elks National Foundation – same thing.

The Elks Awards are Paradoxical Unclaimed Scholarships

Most students may not bother applying simply because they think that you must be a member of the Elks club to apply, which you don’t have to be. This is natural to think this way too and is perplexing too. You would think that an award so large in numbers would be posted on all high school scholarship boards.

Let’s take a closer look at this monstrous scholarship program which is so colossal in its scope, yet fly’s totally under the radar with almost all high school students.

Elks National Foundation Unclaimed Easy Scholarships Explained

  • All high school seniors with US citizenship can apply.
  • Applicants must know someone who is a member of the Elks; but need not be related.
  • College students cannot apply.
  • Female and Male students will compete separately.
  • December 5th is application deadline and September 1st is when applicants can download application online.must be submitted to Elks Lodge most closest to applicants home.
  • Elks easy scholarships are to be judged on scholarship, leadership, and financial need.
  • Applicants advance through local, district & state competitions to be able to compete on the national level.
  • A 500 word essay will be submitted.
  • There are other requirements of the Elks National Foundation Scholarships too, which can be viewed on the Elks website.

If you are a senior in high school work on applying to the Elks scholarship program and their wonderful batch of potentially easy scholarships.

You may find that is well worth the effort.

Read more on the Elks Club Scholarships.

Getting Unclaimed Scholarships by doing What Dogs Do!

unclaimed scholarships
Unclaimed Scholarships from

Getting unclaimed scholarships in an unconventional way is what is all about. If you haven’t heard about, don’t feel like your out of touch, because we haven’t either.

We have just now learned about them and you will too; so read below.

Do what your dog would do and rack up the easy scholarships from!

Just keep in mind that after reading this article, you will quickly realize why a dog is a man’s best friend! is all about equal access to a higher education and they feel their way of doing it is more beneficial for most students. They try and do this by reinventing the educational roadways in the manner students normally go about connecting to billions given out yearly in grants & scholarships for college. believes that scholarships & grants should be given out starting in 9th grade right on through 12th grade along a students journey, rather then awarded at the tail end of high school – which would be 12th grade.

They reverse the standard time tables of when scholarships grants normally take place in a students high school career. They feel these awards are to be given out automatically as ‘micro-scholarships’ from 9th-12th grades.

By awarding along the way,’s feeling is that this approach will create more transparency and motivation for students, so they can realize a guaranteed amount of money to be used on their college tuition in the last year of high school.

This approach may be starting to take hold because over 100 higher education institutions are presently collaborating with them on this type of unconventional over time easier gathering scholarship program.

Also, approximately 22,000 students are registered users of; but don’t let that number discourage you from signing up yourself because the amount of registered users has little effect on how awards are placed.


How to get Scholarships


Unclaimed scholarships are automatically given to registered students for their achievements right through grades 9-12 who perform well in high school. This will give students an incentive to keep on doing well in school by realizing immediate fulfillment for their good deeds – so to speak.

This is similar and almost identical to the Pavlov’s dog experiment – Pavlov rang a bell and gave the dog food. Then after a few bell ringing repetitions, the dog’s started to salivate in response to the bell.

In the same vein students should start to salivate once they win their first award and will continue to want to keep on doing more good achievements to garnish even more awards throughout their high school careers.

Well; you get the point I’m sure. I’m not saying that students are in any ways dogs, but Pavlov makes a very good point on how animals as well as human beings tend to think; which is you can can influence both their behaviors in WHICH behavior you reward.

Reward bad behavior and you get more of it. Positively reward good behavior and you will get more of that too.

This is exactly what does, and it’s working!

Students can get started for free by going to the website and creating an account. Once their, students will see the listing of all participating colleges who in turn post their goals and assignments which students can win.

A student will then enter into the system all of their accomplishments and they will start to see what their unclaimed scholarships & grants will be in terms of their earnings.

When a student is ready to attend college they can at that time redeem all of their micro-earnings they accumulated over the years.

Easy scholarships range in the amount from $250 to $1000 depending on the specific task accomplished. has produced a product that is definitely worth taking a look at by all students entering into 9th grades, and even ones already in 12th grade – it’s never to late to try!

Read more at scholarships.

Simple Scholarships from Life Lessons Scholarship Program

Simple Scholarships
Simple Scholarships from Life Lessons Scholarship Program

There may be some simple scholarships that certain students can apply to and easily win if they experienced the loss of a parent or guardian and writing about their experience in an essay.

These easy to apply scholarships are called the Life Lessons Scholarship Program and are sponsored by the nonprofit LIFE Happens organization.

Organized in 1994 by 7 major insurance producer organizations, the LIFE Happens organization is devoted in helping people understand that having life, disability or long term care insurance is the responsible thing to do in providing security in one’s personal life, especially when it comes to their families.

Life Happens is not interested in selling you insurance or directing towards any particular insurance company either. They clearly state on their website that” Its only interest is seeing that consumers get the coverage they need to protect themselves and their loved ones”.

They try to educate the general population by using advertising, public-service announcements, consumer-media outreach programs, informational flyers along with videos, and plethora of online and social-media type communications, They also provide educational programs for high school as well as college students.

Since Life Happens is non-profit, they secure donations from 140 of the nation’s leading insurance & financial services organizations.

Life Happens goal is to make sure that students are guaranteed to attend college from an untimely death of a parent or guardian by making sure there was an adequate life insurance policy in effect.

Since life insurance is a safety net parents can have in place if they were to unexpectedly die, this can be used to insure children can easily attend a higher education with little, or no problem whatsoever.

Life’s argument is that 100 million Americans do not have life insurance to cover such things as their children being able to easy attend college from the loss.

Simple Scholarships from the Life Lessons Scholarships Guidelines

This Life Lessons Scholarship Program is for college students & college bound high school seniors. All applicants are required to submit essays, or a video describing how the death of their parent impacted their lives emotionally and financially.

$225,000 in scholarships will be awarded in 2015 and broken down as follows:

Grand Scholarship Recipients (3): $15,000
Board of Directors Scholarship (1): $10,000
Life Lessons Swiss Re Scholarship (1): $10,000
Life Lessons State Farm Foundation (2): $12,500
First Runners-Up (10): $8,000
Second Runners-Up (11): $5,000

Applications can be filled out online too along with your 500 word essay OR a three minute video on the financial & emotional impact that resulted from the death of their parent.

Especially important is how your college dreams and aspirations were financially crippled as a result because no life insurance was in place to provide for this.

Deadline is March 3rd and winners are announced in June sometime.

Calling awareness to such an event and how this easily can handicap children whose parents have suddenly passed, Life Happens calls attention to an undeniable fact that people with children should take the time in getting a life policy in place to properly provide for their financial needs once there gone; and especially when it happens suddenly.

This is the responsible thing to do for every parent who does have children.

The simple scholarships that can be won from Life Happens calls attention to this family need. It’s an easy to apply scholarship program, and students can easily get going online and get started.

There are 28 unclaimed scholarships waiting to be awarded by Life Happens, and each one is very generous, the smallest one being $5,000.

We applaud Life Happens for their 4 star simple to apply scholarships. Whenever you have a scholarship sponsor who awards this many every year, it not only is commendable in itself; but it makes winning one much easier for those who apply, then if there were only one awarded each year.

Also making this for a simple scholarship to win, is that just those students who have lost a parent or guardian can only apply, thus reducing the applicant pool very significantly.

Easy to Apply Scholarships for Construction

Easy to Apply Scholarships
Easy to Apply Scholarships for Construction

There are easy to apply scholarships for construction offered by the Construction Workforce Development Alliance of West Michigan, or the CWDA for short.

This industry can be very right for certain individuals, and the CWDA can be a great starting point for someone 18-25 years old. It can be a good fit for someone’s life from a directionless person, into a person who has a stable working career.

It’s all about Supply and Demand

The facts about the employment opportunities concerning construction indicate great demand starting to occur,  simply because there are not nearly enough younger people coming into the business to replace tradespeople who are starting to retire.

Construction jobs are becoming plentiful, and you can earn high wages as soon as you start working in this industry too.

These are jobs that CANNOT be farmed out overseas either to China or India either!

Every so often a program comes along that is a perfect fit for certain individuals, and you will know who they are just by reading about this easy to apply scholarship program in the construction business. If certain individuals come to mind, by all means make sure you show them this article, and start pointing them in the right direction.

You can change someones life for the better!

At first glance the construction business does not seem appealing to many, but the CWDA JUMP START CONSTRUCTION CAREER offers those who do not want or belong working behind a desk for the rest of their life, an amazing opportunity in beginning to build a solid career in something they actually like and enjoy.

Construction also has many avenues in which to take, and finding one is part of the journey in starting off into this type of a career.

Construction Workforce Development Alliance of West Michigan (CWDA) Defined

The Construction Workforce Development Alliance of West Michigan beliefs are held in the fact that the construction business is not about just getting your hands dirty, but that construction involves building something out of nothing, and it takes creativity & conviction to do just that!

The CWDA was created by by three major trade classifications interested in encouraging talented younger people into the highly rewarding field of the construction business. The three groups are: Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids (HBAGGR), Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. of West Michigan (ABCWM) and the American Subcontractors Association of Michigan (ASAM).

The Core Construction Jump Start Program Easy to Apply Scholarships

It’s 17 days which lead to a great job!

Here’s how it works!

These simple scholarships from CWDA work differently then standard college scholarships. What every student who applies is trying to win, is a 17 day construction training program which will lead to (2) guaranteed job interviews with local construction companies near where you live, upon completion of this class.

You will receive job skills you can apply immediately.

Each student who wins gets to learn the basics of the construction industry;  and you at the same time are preparing for an entry level construction position.

You will also be equiped with MIOSHA training and earn equipment operator certification.

Easy to Apply Scholarships for construction for 100% paid free tuition on 17 days of construction class’s.

Class’s are held:

*Monday, June 1– Tuesday, June 23, 2015 and (Monday–Friday 7:30a.m. to 4:30p.m.)

*The CWDA Tuition Scholarship program is offered to 18-25 year-olds only.

*The Application Deadline is Friday, April 24 at 5:00PM. Recipients will then be notified of the winners by Friday, May 8, 2015.

If you are talented with your hands and you enjoy this type of work, we highly encourage you to start with this program which will give you a great introduction into the field of the construction business. Put aside all the negatives being thrown around about the business of construction because there are many many facets of construction, and you will most certainly find one that fits like a glove.

Everyone wasn’t born to sit behind a desk, and everyone wasn’t meant to work in construction either.

This program is only 17 days long if you win it, and it may be the best 17 days you ever attended to. It will give you a birds eye view into this industry, and many questions you have about the construction business may be answered for you at this short session.

These awards are easy scholarships to apply for, and easy ones to win too!

Go to construction scholarships to apply.

Contact Info for the CWDA Scholarships for Construction

Construction Jump Start Scholarship
Attn: Julie Parks
622 Godfrey Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Fax: 616-234-4435

Email: [email protected]

Unclaimed Scholarships from Endowments

Unclaimed Scholarships from Endowments
Unclaimed Scholarships from Endowments

It appears that unclaimed scholarships may be coming from endowments, especially to cities which are helping high school graduates pay for their college education.

Apparently; its a new occurrence that is starting to happen more frequently in cities for public schools, which is helping students strive for their passions by financially helping them to afford the high cost of attending college. They can now afford to go, whereas before they could not afford it.

Communities are making a really big bold statement and are now leveraging what they can do by being very entrepreneurial from a grass roots level by working with outside business’s on setting up educational endowments for high school graduating students.

Your starting to see outside foundations who have been partnering with cities and school districts to get into the scholarship game of providing those unclaimed scholarships to students who need the help of continuing their education past the high school level.

Their is an expansion happening at the local level to accomplish this since the policy level takes so much longer to happen waiting for these types of educational offerings getting passed at state or national levels.

Charter school’s all over now in cities are starting to formulate relationships setting up and acquiring these endowments with profit and non-profit entities.

Normally, endowments are more common at college preparatory and elite private high schools. Many times when public schools set up endowment funds on their own, they go to paying for things such as field trips, school needed maintenance or extracurricular activities.

Now, there is a shift of thinking on this, and more public schools are copying the stereotypical Promise Scholarship model. For example; in Kalamazoo Michigan, this format (Promise Scholarship) provides college scholarships to any high school graduate of a Kalamazoo high school; as long as they attend a college or university in the state of Michigan. As it stands now there are more then 60 cities across the country that now have Promise programs.

The only difference is that the Unclaimed Endowment scholarships now being offered by many public charter schools, can be used for any college the student choose’s to attend.

They do not have to stay in their state or region to be awarded monies for college. It’s also a last-dollar scholarship. This means it covers any remaining expenses students have, such as books, room and board which is left unpaid; after other financial aid is taken into account.

Endowment Unclaimed Scholarships Criticized

Many people, including those analysts who study high rising college cost, criticize plans that subsidize the cost of college. They would rather have efforts focused on getting to the root problem of the business model of higher education that has caused costs to skyrocket.

But it’s very clear many communities feel they cannot sit and wait for some type of change to come from somewhere else; because it may never come at all.

Example of Endowment Scholarship

Peak to Peak is a charter school in Colorado has an Endowment scholarship program to ensure students with financial need to get into college, as well as finish college with a four-year scholarship.

Peak to Peak received a $1 million donation and was able to create an endowment to permanently put in place their unclaimed scholarship. There was a total of (6) students from the graduating class of 2014 who were awarded scholarships from their pilot program.

The struggle to make college affordable for all students has caught the attention of schools & communities, along with politicians nationwide. The Endowment college scholarship funds are one way to instill a college paying program that actually works – if set up and run properly.

It’s one of the best unclaimed scholarship programs today, and students looking for help in paying for their education should start to immediately look into all types of educational Endowments and apply to them.

These Endowments don’t have to come from charter schools, but can come directly from the place who funds the Endowment. This is an ideal way to find unclaimed college scholarships.

Unclaimed Scholarships for Driving while Drinking or Buzzed

Unclaimed Scholarships
Unclaimed Scholarships for Drinking, Driving or Buzzed Students

When it comes to unclaimed scholarships, the drinking, driving or buzzed students scholarships may take the cake for the most unusual simply because it may at first appearance of when initially reading it someone may think to themselves “what’s this world coming to today that scholarships are handed out for driving drunk or buzzed?”

Actually; the drunk driving buzzed scholarship is awarded for ‘Admitting’ to driving drunk or buzzed and writing about it. It’s an essay scholarship you can say –  if it sounds better to you.

I have to admit that I dropped everything to read about it the moment I saw those words – Driving Drunk or Buzzed Scholarship offered to Colorado students!

I said to myself:

NO –  this can’t be true!

This is not right!

This is awful!

This can’t be happening – financial aid awarded for driving drunk?

Come on!

I must do something about this!

This will promote more student drinking (as if there isn’t enough of it already)!

Colorado is one of the states which legalized marijuana and I also thought that “Now they want to make driving while drinking or getting stoned OK too?

It may appear at first that Colorado wants to revert back to the Wild Wild West days –  when just about anything goes!

And yes, there are pro’s and con’s with just about everything in life especially when it comes to legalizing a controlled substance (or one that can make people make choices which they normally would not have if they were not using it).

Only when I did my research on this unusual scholarship that I started to agree with the reason behind this driving and drinking scholarship for Colorado students.

“No” our editors did not smoke anything  to tell you we agree with whats behind this drunk driving buzzed essay scholarship either.

The angel is in the details that’s all; and after I tell you a little more about it you may agree with us too. So here’s the long and short of this unique drug or alcohol induced scholarship program.

Unclaimed Scholarships for Drunk or Buzzed Students

The unclaimed scholarship for driving while drinking or buzzed is for $1,000 and any US citizen can apply who will be attending a higher education school in the US. May 1st is deadline for submission of student essays in which students are to write about their buzzed driving habit.

The scholarship is sponsored by Christian Schwaner, a private defense attorney in Colorado Springs. He officially called it the ‘First Step Scholarship. He launched his financial award purely in an attempt to help lessen the vast number of high school students who drive while under the influence of alcohol, or high on drugs.

Mr Schwaner got his inspiration for creating such an award being a defense attorney representing multitudes of young drivers who made the mistake of driving intoxicated or high on drugs. He feels that this unusual scholarship will help students admit their mistakes once they start researching the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and this will help them to not do it any longer.

He states in his own words:

“I was trying to find what might be something that is a light-bulb moment for these kids, ” Schwaner said. “Self-admission and self-education are very powerful tools.”

Rep. Mark Waller, R-Colorado Springs, agrees with Mr Schwaner’s idea and has stated that “it has the potential to be “incredibly powerful” in reducing drunken driving”.

I agree with Mr Schwaner because it may be like having a watershed moment for many younger drivers who start driving today, which many people need in the first place to truly change ones behavior on just about anything in life; especially drugs and alcohol.

Apparently statistics indicate that the average person drives nearly 80 times before they are arrested for drinking and driving. Now if after the 3rd to 10th time kids start to do some heavy thinking about how dangerous it is to drive a motor vehicle while intoxicated; then life’s can be potentially saved from this.

If this programs helps many young drivers admit their mistakes of driving while under the influence and how much pain and suffering it can cause in other Peoples life’s, and then go and educate their peers and others about this then it will become a highly touted program that has no equal of its kind.

Students who drive while under the influence must realize that having a driver’s license is a privilege to drive a motor vehicle in the USA and that by having a driver’s license they are subject to the laws which clearly state that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and can be subject to losing ones drivers license or imprisonment.

Unfortunately, many young (and other) drivers learn this the hard way and kill innocent people while doing recreational drinking and or drugs and then jump in a car.

Hopefully, there will be many other scholarship sponsors who offer these same type of awards which calls attention and educates the dangers in order to reduce motor vehicle operated deaths caused by younger drivers believing it is OK to drink, or use drugs and then drive.

*Have we changed your mind about the Driving while drunk or buzzed scholarship program?

Please leave us a comment about this highly controversial student award below!

Easy Unclaimed Scholarships Grants from Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Easy Unclaimed Scholarships Grants from Oklahoma
Easy Unclaimed Scholarships Grants from Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Unclaimed scholarships are easy scholarships and students who endeavor to study and work hard in Oklahoma but come from humble backgrounds and might not be able to or comfortably afford college need not worry because of the availability of various levels of unclaimed scholarships grants within the state through which they can apply and receive financial aid.

Supported and administered through the Oklahoma Legislature, students from as early as 10th grade can start applying for financial aid so that they can be able to achieve their dreams.

When the student is applying for financial aid, one of the main factors that the award committee looks into is the student’s family financial background. Students who are eligible for this award are those who come from families whose financial income is equal to or less than $50,000.

As you proceed through high school and into college, students who apply for these unclaimed scholarships grants are encouraged to work hard and maintain particular grades so that they are eligible for renewal whenever due.

Easy Unclaimed Scholarships with the Academic Scholars Program

This program has been around since 1988 and was instituted by the Oklahoma state governor and legislature to ensure that bright students in Oklahoma are supported through college or university so that they can achieve their dreams.

The program caters to the student’s room, boarding, tuition, incidental and book fees for 8 academic semesters. Depending on the institution that you are attending, the value of the award will vary.

The value will also depend on the student’s qualification status.

Automatic qualifiers get $5,500 per academic year to those students who have been accepted into Oklahoma State University, the University of Oklahoma and the University of Tulsa.

In the event that you are attending any other institution, you are eligible for $4,000 while those students who are attending two year colleges in Oklahoma are awarded $1,800. Students who attain the 99.5th percentile in their SAT or ACT automatically qualify.

For renewal purposes, the applicant needs to maintain an average 3.25 GPA every academic year, make sure that they complete 24 semester credit hours, or at least 30 semester credit hours in the event that they are opting for summer funding, and be enrolled in the institution of learning on a full-time basis.

Regional University Baccalaureate Easy Scholarship Grant

Through this program, there are 11 participating public universities within the state that offer promising students financial aid for four academic years.

Applicants to this program have to be residents of Oklahoma and must have an ACT score of at least 30. The score will be for tests that are administered only on the national test dates.

Alternatively, an applicant can also be considered if they are ranked as national merit semifinalists or as commended students.

The scholarship award is $3,000 per academic year apart from which the student will also enjoy a waiver as a resident tuition student from the college or university within which they are enrolled.

Applications are often made directly to the institution within which the student is applying, and for the same reason therefore the deadlines will also vary.

Chiropractic Education Scholarship Grant Program

This easy scholarship grant program is administered through the Oklahoma State Board of Chiropractic Examiners and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. It is aimed at helping those Oklahoma resident students who wish to pursue careers in chiropractic procedure at accredited schools that are not within the confines of the state of Oklahoma.

The funding for this program is determined through legislative appropriation, and because of this the annual award varies from one academic year to the other.

However, the maximum allowed student benefit is $6,000 for every successful applicant.

George and Donna Nigh Public Service Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1999 and is offered to students who are outstanding in their academics and seek to pursue careers in the public service. Through the Nigh Institute, colleges and universities are allowed to nominate a single recipient for the scholarship every academic year, who will be awarded $1,000 towards their education.

These unclaimed scholarships & grants are awarded on an annual basis, apart from which they are not renewable. Read more at Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

Easy to Get Scholarships – Trinity College of Biblical Studies Tuition Free Online Bible College

Easy Scholarships from Free online tuition
Free Online Tuition

When it comes to easy scholarships found online which may go unclaimed because students simply don’t know about them; you must seriously consider online study for college. Once such place has them and you have to ask the following questions:

Do free Christian scholarships exist?

Are there scholarships for online schools?

Can students find free online tuition?

Yes to all of the above!

Trinity College of Biblical Studies is a free Bible college that is run online so that the individuals who wish to learn a thing or two are able to do so without worrying about having to pay steep school fees through their education.

Over the years there have been a lot of institutions that have come up to help in making college education a viable alternative for students, especially those who are not able to afford normal college education.

Indeed the cost of education has since gone high up, and with this in mind there are so many students who have been locked out of school. Through Trinity College of Biblical Studies, the students are able to appreciate quite a number of advantages that perhaps they would not have been able to achieve through any other means.

Supervised Internship

When you are registered for this learning opportunity, one of the biggest challenges that students often worry about is whether or not they will be in a position to secure an internship. This is due to the fears that students naturally have as to the nature of online education. At Trinity College of Biblical Studies you are guaranteed that you will not only be able to secure an internship, but you will actually be able to get a supervisor on the same to guide you through it all.

Bachelor’s Degree

It is not uncommon to come across students who wonder whether or not they will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in their online course. Trinity College of Biblical Studies does offer programs which lead up to graduation level. You will therefore be able to take up courses and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Theology, Biblical Studies or Divinity from the institution. This therefore makes it possible for you to venture into the real world and put your learned skills to use.

Studying at your own pace from these online easy scholarships!

The fact that you are able to determine how you want to go about your studies is one of the other benefits that you will come to appreciate when you choose to enroll with Trinity College of Biblical Studies. You can decide how many classes you want to take, at what pace you want to study and make sure that you have a class schedule that fits into your system, and not one that will disrupt your system. Therefore you do not have a lot of undue pressure applied.


Just in case you were wondering, you will also be able to write your thesis paper just as you would do with any conventional class system. You can of course choose not to do this, but what would be the need? It is therefore a very good idea for you to consider getting to enroll in Trinity College of Biblical Studies because you will also get to write your thesis paper and submit it to be considered by a lecturer or tutor.

The study programs that are available here are progressive because they are accelerated study programs. Because of this you will be able to do so much within a very short time. This is therefore a very good way of getting to learn something in a short time, or in the event that you want to prepare for a course you will be taking in future at a particular university, it wouldn’t hurt for you to start by getting a primer here.

For all who attend Trinity College of Biblical Studies along with tuition free scholarships.

For those students who are deeply involved in theological spheres, there is a good reason to enroll with Trinity College of Biblical Studies; you will be able to attend the pilgrimages to the Footsteps of Paul.

You will also be able to get on the pilgrimage to The Holy Land.

*These are opportunities that come once in a lifetime, and for someone who is religious, you would be well in your desires to want to attend these. Besides, the pilgrimages are low cost, and highly subsidized.

The Kalamazoo Promise Scholarships should never go Unclaimed

easy scholarships
The Kalamazoo Promise Scholarships

If you are a resident in Kalamazoo there is no reason for you to worry about financial aid anymore, thanks to the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarships, which are provided to allow students get free tuition in the universities that are found in the state of Michigan.

These easy scholarships should never go unclaimed because they are free college tuition!

In as far as eligibility is concerned this scholarship program is available for all the students that attend Kalamazoo Public Schools (KPS). In line with the availability of the program to students who go to school within the region, it also follows that the applicants must also be living within the boundaries of the KPS.

Kalamazoo Promise Scholarships Eligibility Requirements

For you to be eligible for the scholarships you must also have achieved all the high school years that are necessary. One of the main reasons why students are often encouraged to apply for these college scholarships is because of the fact that the scholarships are offered in perpetuity.

Therefore you can be sure that even after you have applied, so many years later on your kids and their kids might also be able to apply for consideration.

The promise is often a scholarship aid that covers a 4 year period, or up to the time that you graduate with your bachelor’s degree, or until you attain 130 credits, whichever of the three will come first.

The scholarship program is also flexible in the sense that from the day you graduate from your high school education you are allowed up to 10 years to use the Promise award. Apart from that, you are free to start and stop it at any given time.

Those who receive the unclaimed scholarship need to understand that it goes basically towards taking care of tuition fees and other fees that are deemed mandatory. As soon as you start your senior year, you can apply for consideration.

Apart from that, in the same year you can use the appeal process to secure further financial aid in the event that you are going through some challenges, including but not necessarily limited to custody issues, loss of a parent or guardian or even those who are placed under foster care.

In the event that you have already started on the Kalamazoo Promise but you need to leave and return later on, your attendance will be calculated from the date when the most recent enrollment process was held. Therefore you need to take these dates into consideration.

The benefits that are awarded to students applying to the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship program are graduated on a sliding scale because the aim in the long run is to make sure that all the attendees are able to get the maximum benefit possible from the program.

One of the main reasons for this is to encourage the families of the students who live within the predetermined region to make sure that they decide early enough to enroll their students into the program, and to ensure that they keep their kids into the program all the way until they graduate.

When you are being accepted into any college, it is not necessary for you to fill in a FAFSA form. However, you have to take note of the fact that it is virtually impossible for you to apply for any scholarship or financial aid in any university or college without filling in and submitting one.

Besides, the financial support available through the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship is not listed in the FAFSA form. Therefore you will not be disqualified from applying to other financial aid programs by virtue of the fact that you have applied to and are receiving Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship as is the case with a host of the other financial aid programs.

Once you have received the award, it is important that you maintain some predetermined academic performances to be considered for subsequent disbursement. Students must attain at least a 2.0 GPA and also be enrolled as full time students in the institution within which they applied and were accepted.

Unclaimed college scholarships will never be found with the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarships. This program is about as financially strong for student aid as it gets!

If there are easier college scholarships out there; please let us know in the comment section found at the bottom of every webpage on this site.

We are truly impressed with this program and salute the people that made this possible!

What do Unclaimed Scholarships, Lifetime scholarships and Online Scholarships have in Common?

easy scholarships
Unclaimed Scholarships, Lifetime scholarships and Online Scholarships

Unclaimed scholarships can come in the form of free online scholarships and lifetime scholarships; or free college education – all from DiUlus Institute!

You can make a good case that they are easy scholarships indeed!

Are students just not buying this form of education yet; or are they unclaimed college scholarships period?

Is there such a thing as a free education, or lifetime scholarships?

And is it worth very much if there is?

Let’s examine this closer..

In a world where tuition and the cost of education keeps sky rocketing every other academic year, a lot of people and institutions have come to embrace the internet as a means to making sure that they will be able to get access to the education that they need in an affordable way.

This has since led to the rise and propagation of online learning, and distance learning programs conducted through the internet.

Are these programs unclaimed awards or are they lifetime scholarships?

The DiUlus Institute is one of the institutions that provide this kind of learning platform for students all over the world. From this institution you will get a free college education, more like a lifetime scholarship to study whichever course that you want to.

The institution has been around since the year 2003 and has since developed as a result of interactions and partnerships with other colleges and universities.

How does The DiUlus Institute survive?

The institution is run thanks to support from well-wishers who donate to it to ensure that it stays open and enables students to keep learning.

Therefore in the event that you believe the cost of a normal education is rather prohibitive, you have no excuse to miss out on this learning opportunity that only requires you to have your computer on and an active internet connection.

Currently there are thousands of Massive Open Online Courses from which students can learn and fashion their own degree plans according to what they want to achieve in life. These are often provided by and through different colleges and universities all over the world.

If Home schooling is recognized, why not free college tuition from lifetime scholarships?

This process works through the home schooling platform, enabling all interested parties to learn and become aware of the world around them.

One of the most notable things about this home schooling approach is that it is a model that has gained traction and success over the years and as a matter of fact it has been a success for more than 2 centuries in the United States.

Through this program, individuals (students) who wish to achieve the same goals that they would achieve by going to the conventional colleges and universities will be able to see their dreams come true.

The provision of free education at college level is one of the most encouraging things about this learning process, which a lot of students have come to learn to take advantage of.

How to get the most from these unclaimed lifetime scholarships

Of course you need a lot of dedication and self-discipline for you to be able to go through this learning process and make it out successfully, especially when you take into account the number of and the level of distractions that you can come across from time to time.

Even while going through this program, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that this institute is more of a guide. It is a guide through which you are able to find and meet your desired objectives. This is indeed because of the fact that the environment provides a means to accessing an education platform which is not restricted as the normal avenues.

Wherever you are, as long as you have the desire to learn you will be able to get the knowledge you want from institutions that are well-recognized all over the world. You will even be taught by some of the best educators the world knows to date.

Will Free Lifetime Scholarships and free tuition be wave of the future?

This education platform has enjoyed a significant growth experience over the years, and what started with a few institutions coming together to make education available to students all over the world soon turned into tens than hundreds of institutions and at the moment thousands of learning institutions all over the world are partnering to ensure that financial challenges do not hinder any strong-willed individual from accessing an education.

As a matter of fact, it is worth noting that an individual who makes good use of the things they learn and puts them into practice is much better in the job market than one who only has papers to boast from high-end institutions, and nothing practical to bring to the workplace.

All in all they are about the easiest scholarships we ever wrote about!

Read more at DiUlus Institute.

An Unclaimed Scholarship to Die For

Unclaimed Scholarship
An Unclaimed Scholarship to Die For

The unclaimed scholarships sponsored from the ABFSE are to die for; because they are sponsored by American Board of Funeral Service Education.

Yes; I had to mention it that way because they are pretty good educational scholarships which may be classified in the unclaimed scholarships category.

The competition for them will be small compared to larger well known scholarship programs such as the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarships; which doles out close to 200 scholarships every year and has tens of thousands applicants applying to them.

The ABFSE will not get that many applicants at all; for reasons you clearly can understand why. There is not too many students who would even consider going into this profession, so for those who are – you got to apply to these educational awards quickly – if you haven’t already.

About the  ABFSE  and their unclaimed scholarships

The ABFSE as described by their own words, “serves as the national academic accreditation agency for college and university programs in Funeral Service and Mortuary Science Education”. They go back as far as 1940, but became official in 1962.

*Both the US Department of Education & the Council on Higher Education Accreditation recognize the ABFSE as the only accredited agency for academic programs that prepare funeral service professionals.

There membership is comprised of 58 accredited institutions, the National Funeral Directors Association, National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association, International Cemetery; Cremation and Funeral Association and many Funeral Service Institutions.

The ABFSE is an outstanding resource center for students wanting to get into Funeral service. They can guide you through the steps necessary to get started in this industry.

ABFSE Funeral scholarships

The unclaimed scholarships by ABFSE range from $500 to $2,500. Students can apply every year from March 1st to September 1st online making these programs easy scholarships to apply to. You simply go to there website and apply through their scholarship application form.

*Applying online is the best way to apply when it comes to educational awards because applying to these scholarships are fast and easy!

In order to apply, students must have already completed one or more terms of funeral service study; or mortuary science education. This will rule out many students,but this is done to weed out those who aren’t serious about this type of business and will be applying to just get the money and then run in a different direction. After all, it’s not for everyone.

Students must also be US citizens.

Why go into the funeral business?

The Funeral business is good for those considering it. In fact; the national averages state that there are more jobs open then there are certified funeral directors to accept them.

Normally people go into this type of business when they’ve been exposed to this work either through family; or other personal experience. It’s not exactly something you read about in a book and decide you’d like to go into it, like being a teacher or a lawyer.

Many Funeral directors spend most of their time working directly with families, rather then working on preparation of bodies. This may come as a surprise to many, but is true. Funeral service is a human service business.

Why the ABFSE scholarships are Unclaimed

This is why the ABFSE funeral scholarships may be a very good unclaimed scholarship, and one that very few will apply for. This fits one of our descriptions for unclaimed college scholarships – where the applicants are far and few between making these awards very attainable for the few that apply for them.

Easy to Apply Unclaimed Scholarships from Community Foundations

Easy to Apply Unclaimed Scholarships from Community Foundations
Easy to Apply Unclaimed Scholarships from Community Foundations

Many times unclaimed scholarships are those easy to apply scholarships that come along unexpectedly; mostly by stumbling upon them, in which you apply to them and are awarded very quickly.

You may know right off that you qualify enough to apply for them by quickly glancing at the qualifying guidelines and intuitively feel that you can win.

Many times students don’t apply because they feel it may be too difficult to win.

*Bingo – unclaimed scholarship!

If you feel that way then everyone else does. You may get mediocre candidates applying to them and then they go on to win those seemingly hard awards.

All along it could have easily been you who should have won – if you had only applied!

Finding the time to apply is key because most educational awards do take time filling out their applications; and there are so many hours in the day if you work and attend school presently.

Community Foundations offer Easy to Apply Unclaimed Scholarships!

An exciting new unclaimed scholarship opportunity was discovered by our staff that may give applicants more of a chance at winning awards because they may be under the radar.

Less students apply to them because of this, which in turn dramatically increases your odds for winning.

These easier scholarships; unclaimed by those who should actually apply for them and win (but don’t because they don’t know about them), are offered through lessor known about Foundations.

One in particular is the Winston-Salem Foundation. It’s a 94 year-old community foundation encompassing 1,300 funds. These funds were created by many charitable individuals and organizations which serve the purpose of improving the quality of life in a particular area; or even beyond that in other areas too.

Their mission is to invest in their community by making philanthropy & its benefits available to all. They go about this by:

  • Assisting individuals & organizations with their charitable giving
  • Making grants to nonprofit organizations
  • Providing financial aid to college students
  • Offering community leadership on many local issues

One such way that they help designated areas is by providing scholarships to college students! In 2013 the Winston-Salem Foundation had assets of 359 million and provided 576 students with about 1 million in scholarships – that’s $1700 each in easy scholarships!

I’m sure, since it is a Foundation which has a purpose of helping people, has a more liberal scholarship criteria then the norm would, making applying easier, and awards given out even more simpler to attain.

In fact, the Winston-Salem Foundation is the 45th largest community foundation in the US, so there are many other Foundations for students out there to target for student financial aid.

One way to search for them is by state – IE….’Michigan community foundations’. This will keep you busy to see how many unclaimed scholarships you can find to apply to at these various Michigan foundations, or other states you search for.

You can do this for the state you presently reside in. The Winston-Salem Foundation focuses on the quality of life in Forsyth County, so you may want to narrow your search to Foundations in specific counties.

I’m sure the competition for these awards will be a whole lot thinner then other well known scholarships in which thousands of applicants apply to every year.

You may even run across other scholarship opportunities from community based organizations which have yearly educational scholarship awards in which you can also apply to. The applicant pool should also be thin here as well, increasing you odds at winning one.

Applying to Foundation scholarships are usually not as rigid as applying to your standard scholarships. Writing a good essay could be the key which hits on all the points they are looking for could easily land you some unclaimed college scholarship money.

You may be the perfect candidate according to the Foundations criteria; but if you can’t write about it well, then you may not be considered as a winner – so make sure it’s a nice read!

Unclaimed scholarships from community Foundations may be the best type of unclaimed scholarships going right now, so get your easy college scholarships by searching for them and applying to their educational philanthropy scholarships, and their benefits available to all!

To read more go to Winston-Salem Foundation scholarships.

Unclaimed Scholarships from many Colleges

Unclaimed Scholarships for College
Unclaimed Scholarships for College

Unclaimed scholarships for college are found at many college’s today, but you may have to apply to the colleges first to see them; and apply later then normal too.

Thats when the magic happens – after you apply and get to see your financial award letter.

These are the easy scholarships for college!

You sit back after you submit your online application and FAFSA to colleges you’re intersted in and wait for the colleges to work up your award letter.

Certain unclaimed scholarships for college are those financial awards you really don’t know about until after you have submited your application. They are given away to those who fall into a certain qualifying standard which colleges establish for themselves and can even change during the year so as to include more students for various reasons – which are usually based on low enrollment.

Remember; colleges need student enrollment to survive, and keep yearly federal student financial aid coming in from the government. So when enrollment is down they go into survival mode; which means they lower the qualifying gates to entice more students to attend.

They do this by lowering qualifying GPA’s for scholarships, grants and ACT scores. They may even create programs such as Opportunity Grants (which may mean someone with a 20 or below ACT and/or 2.00 GPA’s.

In other words they are allowing students in who previously didn’t qualify; and awarding them great financial aid packages!

This is all good as far as we are concerned on this website because our motto is that all higher education should be fully subsidized for any student who wants to attend college in order to better themselves in life.

When people do graduate form college, they enrich everyone around them, including themselves, and this tranlates into a better world for all of us.

Now; how do I know this?

I’m speaking from recent experience here. Let me give you a personal example of how it worked for me.

It just so happens that my twin children applied to a few colleges; and one with a 3.95 GPA, and a 28 ACT score got a financial aid award equal to my other child who had a 2.94 GPA and 20 ACT.

Now I might add that the 20 ACT score child applied to many colleges to find that; but he was persistant. We both tried to find colleges with falling enrollment over the last two years.

He also applied to colleges longer (into July) – which is the time that many falling enrollment universities start to lower their qualifying standards. This is the time they start to panic and will put every student just about in one way or another with all kinds of newly formed grants, scholarships and financial aid awards.

The alternative for them is possible extinction simply because operating cost can sink any ship – even colleges if there’s no captain on board overseeing their financials.

Remember colleges are a business, and students are the product that produce their revenue to sustain them. In fact these procedures are most likely already in place; which is why the 20 ACT got the same as the 28 ACT in the story above.

It might have taken longer to get, but this is how unclaimed scholarships can be gotten.

If students aren’t picky about where to attend college, then the above can happen to just about anyone.

Apply to universities and colleges with falling enrollments, and later might be better then sooner.

Unclaimed scholarships = easy scholarships.

This is how I accidentally ran across, and got unclaimed college scholarships with my two darlings – and you can too!

What a pleasant surprise!

Eastern Michigan Unclaimed Scholarships and Grants may be the Easiest

Eastern Michigan Unclaimed Scholarships may be the Easiest
Eastern Michigan Unclaimed Scholarships may be the Easiest

When it comes to unclaimed college scholarships, Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti MI, may be tops on the list for students looking for easy scholarships at this time.


This university is looking to increase declining enrollment; which is a common problem nowadays with most colleges as competition heats up for students looking for the best financial aid for themselves, and who want to have as little student loan debt as possible upon graduating.

This is a recipe for easy scholarships for college; in the form of unclaimed college scholarships!

If a student applies here, they may be pleasantly surprised at what their financial aid letter is giving them. The only way to find out what yours will be is to apply and find out for yourself.

Every year Eastern Michigan gives out scholarships in millions of dollars to students who are either needy financially or those who have performed well above expectations. It is always a good thing to encourage exemplary performance by rewarding the students who have outdone themselves accordingly.

Founded in 1849, Eastern Michigan University (EMU) is located in Ypsilanti Michigan, just 35 miles from Detroit. The university holds more than 23,000 students annually and offers a variety of courses, from degree programs to honors programs.

The university is a very good choice for any student who would love to study in an environment that enables free thinking, and cultures the student to become a responsible member of the society when they graduate.

There are different types of scholarships that the school awards students every year, and all of them depend on different selection criteria. Scholarships are not only available for continuing students, but freshmen also are able to enjoy scholarships when they are enrolled into the school at the beginning of their studies.

Due to the fact that freshmen come from different schools that have different grading systems, the selection criteria for awarding scholarships have since been updated to cater for GPA, ACT and SAT result scores.

Therefore all the students who are coming to the school have a fair playing field when it comes to the selection criteria, and no one is locked out if they meet all the criteria required.

The exclusive awards are normally given to one student only. Such awards are highly competitive, and include the Presidential Scholarship award, which caters for full tuition, full room and boarding facilities. For you to be considered for this scholarship, you must have been registered for and competed in the Presidential Scholarship Competition (PSC).

Another exclusive scholarship award is Regents Gold Scholarship, which is also very competitive. In terms of the allocation, this scholarship award only caters for tuition, and to be eligible you must have been registered for and competed in the Presidential Scholarship Competition (PSC).

The Emerald Scholarship is not competitive, and students are automatically considered for this award once they have been registered or enrolled in the institution.

The award is normally variable, and lies between $1500 and $4500. Students who are applying for this scholarship must make sure that they are very good in as far as merit based selection is concerned because the selection procedure depends on your scores in the GPA, SAT and ACT tests.

The EMU Education First Opportunity Scholarship (EFOS) is also another exclusive scholarship that is awarded to students. There is no competition involved, and students are eligible for award once they are enrolled at the university.

The amount offered caters for full tuition after federal aid, state aid and any other EMU aid has been factored in. In order to be selected you must satisfactorily complete and submit the FAFSA, you have to be eligible for Pell Grant, be a resident of Michigan or Ohio and obtain a minimum GPA of 3.0or ACT of 20 points.

These are not the only awards available at the institution. Others include the National Scholars Program, which is also automatic, and provides up to $15,600.

It is important to note that this award normally pays only the difference between the out-of-state and the in-state tuition for the students that are qualified to apply.

However, in the event that you are from Michigan or Ohio, your fees are normally levied as in-state tuition so you are not eligible to receive this award. You must however attain a 2.75 GPA, SAT of 950 points and ACT of 20 points to be considered for successful award of the scholarship.

Come Home to Eastern (Come Home to Michigan Award) is also another award (clearly an unclaimed scholarship) that is normally given to students on automatic basis as long as they have been registered and enrolled at the institution. You will however need additional verification besides the predetermined qualification requirements in order to make sure that you are eligible for the $15,600 award.

As you can see, Eastern Michigan Scholarships and Grants are being offered in a generous fashion at this time from this public university.

See what your Unclaimed scholarships will be!

Look into applying here because this college is being aggressive in attracting incoming students with their unclaimed scholarships and grants and financial aid.

Students may find that Eastern Michigan scholarships may be the easiest scholarships they ever will get!