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Unclaimed Scholarships from College of the Ozarks

100 % unclaimed scholarships offered from the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri. Unusual in how they handle their ‘free tuition program.

How Unclaimed Scholarships become Unused

The term unclaimed scholarships is used to refer to scholarships which students who have the qualifications to apply and win, never took the time to apply.

QuestBridge Scholarships are Unique

QuestBridge scholarships are unique in that they are provided through a partnership with QuestBridge, a non-profit organization.

What are Unclaimed Scholarships?

What are unclaimed scholarships for students who are willing to search out such funds and does unclaimed scholarship money really exist?

Weird Scholarships for Girls

There are some weird scholarships for girls out there! They are very interesting and unusual scholarships for girls who are looking for student aid.

The Search for Bizarre Scholarships

Bizarre scholarships often hide in places that go unchecked by those looking for financial aid. These sorts of strange scholarships have very few applicants.

Agnostic and Atheist Scholarships

There are Agnostic and Atheist scholarships and many Christians especially would think they shouldn’t give these unusual and unknown scholarships to unbelievers.

Where to Apply for Left Hand Scholarships Grants

There is one unusual left hand scholarship grant offered by only one college that we could find. There may be other left handed scholarships offered by other…

Unusual Scholarships for Undocumented Students

Scholarships for undocumented students are a necessity for immigrants who have not legally registered as citizens or residents in the country they reside in.

The Big Dig Scholarship Is Unusual

There is such a great variety of unusual scholarships available out there and not all are typical scholarships. The Big Dig Scholarship is unique.

Doodle 4 Google Contest for Scholarships

The 2011 Doodle 4 Google Scholarship Contest is a great method to try to find funding for your child’s education by offering a unique scholarship way to do it!

Unusual Lint Center Scholarships for National Security Studies

If you have an interest in national security apply to the Lint Center for National Security Studies Scholarship Program and their unusual scholarships.

Special Scholarships are Unusual Scholarships

When applying for unusual special scholarships you will find that you are incredibly busy. Special college scholarships are unknown to most college students.

Big Scholarships for College are Unusual

Big scholarships for college are unusual scholarships because they are so large. Many large scholarships come from big corporations.

The Big 33 Scholarship is Unusual and Large

You need to be aware of the Big 33 Scholarship a large and unusual scholarship program funded by the Annual Big 33 Football Classic.

Unique Hospitality Scholarships for College Students

Unique Hospitality scholarships are for studies like chefs, hotel management and so on. It’s a field for those who have a unique interest in this type of career.

Unusual Random Scholarships are little Known

Getting the unusual little known random scholarships for college takes getting involved with outside school/community activities and not just a high GPA.

Unusual Scholarships for Twins – Siblings & Multiples

College is expensive for a family with twins so it’s important for those parents to learn about some unusual scholarships for twins, siblings & multiples.

Weird Scholarships for College the Wacky and Strange Way

Weird scholarships that you can apply to – Imagine anything unusualy strange, odd or wacky and you could posssibly get a college scholarship existing for that category.

VLIR Scholarship Programs are Truely Unique

Ever heard of the unique VLIR scholarship? VLIR is an acronym for Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad – The Flemish Inter University Council. VLIR UOS scholarship.

Unusual VLIR Scholarship Programs

VLIR Scholarship

Ever heard of the unique VLIR scholarship? VLIR is an acronym for Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad – The Flemish Inter University Council. The Belgium’s Directorate-General for Developmental Cooperation awards government scholarships to students from less developed countries. They can study in any one of 15 International Course Programs or choose any of the 6 available International Training Programs. These VLIR UOS scholarship awards target persons in responsibility in the community, school or social organizations within their developing countries and those pursuing Master’s qualifications with a suitable academic history. The VLIR scholarship program is intended to cover all related expenses for the student to study in Flanders, Belgium.

The Kingdom of Belgium is comprized of a federal state having (3) communities – Flemish, French & German. along with (3) regions Flanders, Wallonia & Brussels Capital. Education has gained it’s own independance and as a result the educational system in Flanders, Belgium is entirely different to that of Wallonia. One out of ten people in Belgium are a foreign national. Belgium is home to the worldwide organizations of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and the European Union (EU).

There are a maximum of 180 such VLIR scholarships awarded each year for first year International Course Program students. There are 70 possible VLIR UOS scholarships for International Training Program scholarships.

Included within the 2010 VLIR ITP (International Training Program) curriculum are courses such as Beekeeping for alleviation of poverty, Governing for development, ITP training in food safety and quality assurance, Political Economy of the Great Lakes, Scientific and Technical Information Management for Libraries.

The intent of the VLIR Scholarship Program is to disseminate new techniques among persons in responsibility in developing countries as well as to aid in mutual understanding and education of those who will become the future of those countries. The hope is that the assistance will result in better understanding and mutually beneficial long term associations and partnerships. Although the VLIR Scholarship programs are targeted toward students in developing countries they are open to any person wishing to apply that meets the scholastic requirements.

The applicant for a VLIR Scholarship should have a strong academic requirement that meets the specification of the institution at which they will be studying. They should also be below the age of 35 years. Residents of a developing country are the target population but the VLIR scholarship application process is open to any interested parties. Persons applying for a VLIR UOS scholarship must also be proficient in reading and writing English. Proficiency in English may be proven with a certificate of equivalency if formal instruction has not been undertaken.

The VLIR scholarships differ in parts from any scholarships in that there are multiple schools involved and that different schools host different programs of study. The student must meet both the unique scholarship requirements of the VLIR scholarship program as well as the admission requirements of the individual school.

These Belgium scholarships are awarded by a committee comprised of the host school, and staff of the VLIR UOS scholarship committee. Scholarship approval is based on the opinions of both factions of the committee. Scholarship applications for the VLIR UOS scholarship for 2011 can be submitted starting Oct 1st to February 1st every year. The steps are as follows. Apply on the VLIR scholarship website and complete the pre-screening application. You will receive a return email with a link for the host university where you must apply at their site. You will then send transcripts and a printed copy of your application form via postal mail to the address given you.

The VLIR Scholarship Programs are truly a unique study abroad scholarship program in every sense of the word to which it has no equal. It is best suited only for those individuals who welcome this type of a truely unique and one of a kind college experience and who happens to meet the VLIR scholarship criteria.