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Getting Unclaimed Scholarships by doing What Dogs Do!

unclaimed scholarships
Unclaimed Scholarships from

Getting unclaimed scholarships in an unconventional way is what is all about. If you haven’t heard about, don’t feel like your out of touch, because we haven’t either.

We have just now learned about them and you will too; so read below.

Do what your dog would do and rack up the easy scholarships from!

Just keep in mind that after reading this article, you will quickly realize why a dog is a man’s best friend! is all about equal access to a higher education and they feel their way of doing it is more beneficial for most students. They try and do this by reinventing the educational roadways in the manner students normally go about connecting to billions given out yearly in grants & scholarships for college. believes that scholarships & grants should be given out starting in 9th grade right on through 12th grade along a students journey, rather then awarded at the tail end of high school – which would be 12th grade.

They reverse the standard time tables of when scholarships grants normally take place in a students high school career. They feel these awards are to be given out automatically as ‘micro-scholarships’ from 9th-12th grades.

By awarding along the way,’s feeling is that this approach will create more transparency and motivation for students, so they can realize a guaranteed amount of money to be used on their college tuition in the last year of high school.

This approach may be starting to take hold because over 100 higher education institutions are presently collaborating with them on this type of unconventional over time easier gathering scholarship program.

Also, approximately 22,000 students are registered users of; but don’t let that number discourage you from signing up yourself because the amount of registered users has little effect on how awards are placed.


How to get Scholarships


Unclaimed scholarships are automatically given to registered students for their achievements right through grades 9-12 who perform well in high school. This will give students an incentive to keep on doing well in school by realizing immediate fulfillment for their good deeds – so to speak.

This is similar and almost identical to the Pavlov’s dog experiment – Pavlov rang a bell and gave the dog food. Then after a few bell ringing repetitions, the dog’s started to salivate in response to the bell.

In the same vein students should start to salivate once they win their first award and will continue to want to keep on doing more good achievements to garnish even more awards throughout their high school careers.

Well; you get the point I’m sure. I’m not saying that students are in any ways dogs, but Pavlov makes a very good point on how animals as well as human beings tend to think; which is you can can influence both their behaviors in WHICH behavior you reward.

Reward bad behavior and you get more of it. Positively reward good behavior and you will get more of that too.

This is exactly what does, and it’s working!

Students can get started for free by going to the website and creating an account. Once their, students will see the listing of all participating colleges who in turn post their goals and assignments which students can win.

A student will then enter into the system all of their accomplishments and they will start to see what their unclaimed scholarships & grants will be in terms of their earnings.

When a student is ready to attend college they can at that time redeem all of their micro-earnings they accumulated over the years.

Easy scholarships range in the amount from $250 to $1000 depending on the specific task accomplished. has produced a product that is definitely worth taking a look at by all students entering into 9th grades, and even ones already in 12th grade – it’s never to late to try!

Read more at scholarships.

Unclaimed Scholarships for Driving while Drinking or Buzzed

Unclaimed Scholarships
Unclaimed Scholarships for Drinking, Driving or Buzzed Students

When it comes to unclaimed scholarships, the drinking, driving or buzzed students scholarships may take the cake for the most unusual simply because it may at first appearance of when initially reading it someone may think to themselves “what’s this world coming to today that scholarships are handed out for driving drunk or buzzed?”

Actually; the drunk driving buzzed scholarship is awarded for ‘Admitting’ to driving drunk or buzzed and writing about it. It’s an essay scholarship you can say –  if it sounds better to you.

I have to admit that I dropped everything to read about it the moment I saw those words – Driving Drunk or Buzzed Scholarship offered to Colorado students!

I said to myself:

NO –  this can’t be true!

This is not right!

This is awful!

This can’t be happening – financial aid awarded for driving drunk?

Come on!

I must do something about this!

This will promote more student drinking (as if there isn’t enough of it already)!

Colorado is one of the states which legalized marijuana and I also thought that “Now they want to make driving while drinking or getting stoned OK too?

It may appear at first that Colorado wants to revert back to the Wild Wild West days –  when just about anything goes!

And yes, there are pro’s and con’s with just about everything in life especially when it comes to legalizing a controlled substance (or one that can make people make choices which they normally would not have if they were not using it).

Only when I did my research on this unusual scholarship that I started to agree with the reason behind this driving and drinking scholarship for Colorado students.

“No” our editors did not smoke anything  to tell you we agree with whats behind this drunk driving buzzed essay scholarship either.

The angel is in the details that’s all; and after I tell you a little more about it you may agree with us too. So here’s the long and short of this unique drug or alcohol induced scholarship program.

Unclaimed Scholarships for Drunk or Buzzed Students

The unclaimed scholarship for driving while drinking or buzzed is for $1,000 and any US citizen can apply who will be attending a higher education school in the US. May 1st is deadline for submission of student essays in which students are to write about their buzzed driving habit.

The scholarship is sponsored by Christian Schwaner, a private defense attorney in Colorado Springs. He officially called it the ‘First Step Scholarship. He launched his financial award purely in an attempt to help lessen the vast number of high school students who drive while under the influence of alcohol, or high on drugs.

Mr Schwaner got his inspiration for creating such an award being a defense attorney representing multitudes of young drivers who made the mistake of driving intoxicated or high on drugs. He feels that this unusual scholarship will help students admit their mistakes once they start researching the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and this will help them to not do it any longer.

He states in his own words:

“I was trying to find what might be something that is a light-bulb moment for these kids, ” Schwaner said. “Self-admission and self-education are very powerful tools.”

Rep. Mark Waller, R-Colorado Springs, agrees with Mr Schwaner’s idea and has stated that “it has the potential to be “incredibly powerful” in reducing drunken driving”.

I agree with Mr Schwaner because it may be like having a watershed moment for many younger drivers who start driving today, which many people need in the first place to truly change ones behavior on just about anything in life; especially drugs and alcohol.

Apparently statistics indicate that the average person drives nearly 80 times before they are arrested for drinking and driving. Now if after the 3rd to 10th time kids start to do some heavy thinking about how dangerous it is to drive a motor vehicle while intoxicated; then life’s can be potentially saved from this.

If this programs helps many young drivers admit their mistakes of driving while under the influence and how much pain and suffering it can cause in other Peoples life’s, and then go and educate their peers and others about this then it will become a highly touted program that has no equal of its kind.

Students who drive while under the influence must realize that having a driver’s license is a privilege to drive a motor vehicle in the USA and that by having a driver’s license they are subject to the laws which clearly state that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and can be subject to losing ones drivers license or imprisonment.

Unfortunately, many young (and other) drivers learn this the hard way and kill innocent people while doing recreational drinking and or drugs and then jump in a car.

Hopefully, there will be many other scholarship sponsors who offer these same type of awards which calls attention and educates the dangers in order to reduce motor vehicle operated deaths caused by younger drivers believing it is OK to drink, or use drugs and then drive.

*Have we changed your mind about the Driving while drunk or buzzed scholarship program?

Please leave us a comment about this highly controversial student award below!

Ferris State and their Unclaimed Scholarships are Easy to Get

Unclaimed Scholarships are Easy to Get
Ferris State and their Unclaimed Scholarships are Easy to Get

Ferris State, located in Big Rapids Michigan has unclaimed scholarships that are worth a look for those who fall into the category.

Unclaimed scholarships are easy scholarships, because at Ferris you are awarded unusual scholarships just by applying!

You do nothing else to get them, but just apply to Ferris State!

They will automatically tell you what awards you qualify for!

From the year 2012 Ferris State university has offered scholarships and grants to more than 4800 students, all totaling around $21 million. This statistic basically means that the population of students benefiting from the financial aid is close to a third of the total student population. The large amount monitory awards is a sign that unclaimed scholarships are given out at Ferris.

There are lots of financial aid programs that are being run by the school and other well-wishers in order to make it possible for the students to go through their education without financial constraints.

Ferris State University is a school of inspiring hope in the younger generation. The school through the activities and programs available aims at giving students the equipment and tools that they need to craft their lives for the future.

It seeks to ensure that the students who graduate through the institution are able to handle the life challenges that they will encounter on their way as they work their way to successful careers and purposeful lives. There are a variety of programs that are offered to help students get through and complete their education.

The University runs a comprehensive financial aid program that is aimed at providing students the ability to enjoy their studies without having to worry about any financial obligations coming in their way.

There are a number of unique scholarships that are available to students enrolled in the school and those who are just coming in through their freshman year.

Transfer and international students also are able to enjoy financial support through a variety of programs that have been set up in the school to help with this particular plan.

Ferris Youth Initiative (FYI) Scholarships Grants

The Ferris Youth Initiative (FYI) is specifically aimed at helping young people find purpose in their lives. This is in recognition of the fact that there are so many opportunities out there for the young people to take advantage of. In particular, FYI aims to help the young students who have limited financial resources so that they can be able to get none but the best education so far.

In particular, young persons who age out of the foster care systems and orphans are the major beneficiaries of FYI, with a view to making the world a better place, just as the founder Woodbridge N. Ferris had envisioned.

Ferris State Great Lakes Scholarships are really Unclaimed Scholarships

The school also has the Great Lakes Scholarship which is offered to non-resident students in particular provinces in the country. Such students are therefore in a good position to enjoy in-state tuition fees which are normally lower than what they would have had to pay if they were enrolled as out-state students. This again is a disguised unclaimed scholarship given out to increase declining enrollment.

To be considered for this the students have to at least be residents of the particular states or provinces that are eligible.

*However, it is important to note that if you are eligible, you will not even need to apply for this unclaimed scholarship. This is because it is awarded automatically.

Easy scholarships are just this – you don’t have to apply or them; they are awarded automatically!

Ferris State Transfer Scholarships Unclaimed

The school also has transfer scholarships for students who have transferred from other institutions. The Transfer Academic Excellence, Phi Theta Kappa, Transfer Academic Achievement, and the Non-Resident Transfer and International Transfer scholarships. These are unclaimed many times.

Ferris State Outside Scholarships may be Unused – So apply!

Apart from these the school also offers a number of scholarship opportunities which are not managed by the institution, but are awarded and managed by other external parties. Even the war veterans have a chance of advancing their education through the institution through a number of scholarship programs dedicated entirely to them; the FSU Military Veteran Scholarship Program and the Michigan National Guard Tuition Grant.

There are a number of benefits that the students who are registered through these scholarship programs get to enjoy which they might not have been able to if they were on their own.

Mostly, there is the fact that the students will be able to complete their college education, besides which they are offered the perfect academic guidance and support services to help them through the system.

The school is all about character building and offering students the life skills that they need in order to be ready for the line of work that they want to venture into.

Unclaimed scholarships from Ferris State offer students the opportunity to accomplish this.

Unclaimed Scholarships from College of the Ozarks

unclaimed college scholarships
College of the Ozarks

There are 100 % unclaimed college scholarships offered from the College of the Ozarks located in Point Lookout, Missouri. They are very unusual in how they handle their ‘free tuition program.

Many students have never heard of Ozark college, but it’s worth taking a look at if you are unsure how you will be paying for your college, and if you do not want to use any student loans at all to finance your higher education.

We don’t blame you either since our philosophy is (and always will be) that all who want to attend college should be able to, and at no cost!

This private four year college is situated on a 1000 acre campus too, so it’s no small educational facility. There is a 13 to 1 student / faculty ratio which is outstanding to say the least.

It’s an evangelical Christian school which has a total of approximately 1400 students with a liberal arts curriculum. The campus does have a Christian environment were NO drugs or alcohol are allowed on or off campus for those who attend, keeping with their reputable ‘stone cold sober’ college mantra living. They want real deal Christian students. So for those students looking to attend college to party down, it’s well advised to look in another college direction. It won’t be happening here. I’m sure this is a good thing though.

All students who attend the College of the Ozarks DO NOT pay tuition, IF they can demonstrate financial need, so they do not offer unclaimed scholarships to all who apply, just the ones who really need it.

Ozark college is unique because they are on a mission (which is the same as ours) to eliminate student loans, or student loan dept in every way possible. In fact you are not allowed to have any student loans and attend the College of the Ozarks – well sort of. They stopped accepting those students who wanted student loans. This is unheard of today and is hard to believe, but it’s true.

The College received a 355 million dollar endowment and will even help students with dental and medical and or/other unexpected needed expenses when necessary.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

You are most likely thinking there must be some type of catch if you go to this school and not pay for it. Well there is, but it’s not all that bad because the Ozarks make it all part of your program, and all students have to do it too.

You see, Ozark college is also known as Hard Work U.

Have we scared you away yet?

OK – Then keep on reading. It’s really all good! We promise.

Their unclaimed scholarships work like this:
At College of the Ozarks students work in campus jobs connected with the university in some way. They can work in the housing, maintenance,OR the cafeteria sections of campus. Some students can work landscaping/agricultural and other related areas. The Ozarks college also have a working hog and cattle farms, gardens, lodging along with a restaurant. This is a lot to choose from, so most students should be happy with their work choice. We would be.

You might be thinking that since you have to work and attend college at the same time that it would be too much to handle.

Not so!

The Ozarks weave your classes together with your college courses as seamlessly as possible. They understand this delima, and do it in such a way to insure your college success.

The way it works out is that students work part-time during the school year. Many then work 40-hour per weekly jobs during summer to cover the cost of room & board. Others work in nearby towns located near campus, which is a major tourism attraction specializing in music along with really good theatrical shows.

Sounds enticing doesn’t it?

It is that’s why!

This new way of offering unclaimed scholarships to new students may some day be the norm for future students because college may not be affordable at the pace college tuition seems to increase every year – without fail!

The educational platform which the College of the Ozarks offers is unparalleled today. They go out of their way to insure students succeed by financially paying for college, in their field of study, and the college experience itself with their Christian campus setting!

Students who attend here are thrilled that they have no student loans to pay off after graduation – and are virtually debt free from attending college!

Does it get any better then this?

No, it really does not.

Ask yourself the below questions which will help you decide if Ozark college is for you.

Unsure about how you will be paying for college?
Unsure about where to attend college?
Want to meet new like minded friends in a Christian environment?
Want to change your life for the better?
Want a top notch education?
Want some job experience and attend college at the same time in an orderly fashion?
Looking for some top easy scholarships?

Look into the College of the Ozarks unclaimed scholarships. They are waiting for you. All you have to do is apply.

How Unclaimed Scholarships become Unused

Unclaimed Scholarships
Unclaimed Scholarships

The term unclaimed scholarships is used to refer to scholarships which students who have , or had the qualifications to apply and win a scholarship never took the time to apply; or did apply and win, but never followed through with accepting it.

This usually happens with the winning student having a last-minute abrupt ‘change of plans’ in regards to their college careers. Their winning scholarships then become unused!

Unusual circumstances tend to come into play at the final buzzer (so to speak) and everything suddenly changes for the student.

For instance the below unusual events may occur in regards to a scholarship becoming ‘unclaimed’ or ‘unused’:

* A student applies and wins a scholarship, but also wins another one too. The first scholarship may have a restrictive clause that prevents the student from accepting it IF they win another scholarship of equal of higher value. The student never responds and the first award becomes unclaimed. * Student applies and wins a scholarship, but the scholarship is only for the student to attend a particular college ONLY. The student overlooked this fact before applying, or never really knew this was the case. Many scholarship criteria cause’s detail’s like this to be hidden, or buried sometimes. Nevertheless; the student does not even respond back to the scholarship sponsor once getting the award letter in the mail which states this fact, and which cause’s the student to feel it was a scam in the first place. * Student applies and wins a scholarship. The scholarship may be for students who only will be studying in a certain field ONLY. The student changes his field of study at the last-minute and proceeds to attend a college with his/her new field choice – which was not the one which he applied for. * Student applies and wins a scholarship, but also wins many others at other schools who then decides to take the OTHER financial offers and could care less about the first one. * Student applies and wins a scholarship and just decides college is not what he wants to do at this time. Maybe it’s because the student met a significant other and feels that he/she may lose them IF they attend college (bad choice if they do!). Higher education plans are put on hold to see if things will work out (they never usually do at this stage in life) with the relationship. Another unclaimed scholarship!

Unclaimed Scholarships becoming Guaranteed Scholarships

Another classic unused scholarship scenario is the scholarship is never awarded because all the applicants did not meet the criteria for winning.

This one is more common than most think. This is how an unclaimed scholarship is obtained quickly. Sometimes these unclaimed awards are converted to guaranteed scholarships suddenly, or rolled over to the next quarter or year to be given out.

For those who are wondering what a guaranteed scholarship is, it’s an award given out to students who match up with the criteria exactly, such as ACT scores, GPA and other distinguished accomplishments.

Many times GPA and ACT scores are never used, but other specific past accomplishments ONLY. This becomes a paperwork shuffle only, with no evaluation of applicants whatsoever.

These guaranteed scholarships are quick and easy – IF you match up with the stated scholarship criteria! Students should apply to those awards which they match up well to. Your chances of getting one is greater because of this.

Our best advice which most never do!

Best unclaimed scholarship advice is to go into the FinAids office to see what is available for you. Just don’t think a list of scholarships,  but all other forms of student aid. It may be special grants, such as need based financial aid given out ONLY by the college itself with a criteria that fits you perfectly.This is the only way to find out what the college itself has available.

They will tell you on the spot many times if you fit in one of their student financial aid programs. They will tell you to fill out many particular forms. If they do, fill them out and turn them in ASAP.

This is how it’s best done!

Of all the advice given out, this may be the best which many times is never followed through on, and produces the most student financial aid for students. After all, the best unclaimed scholarship is the one you apply for and get – whatever it may be called!

QuestBridge Scholarships are Unique

questbridge scholarships
QuestBridge Scholarships Unique

QuestBridge scholarships are unique in that they are provided through a partnership with QuestBridge, a non-profit organization that works to connect motivated students from low-income families with unusual scholarship and educational opportunities at some of the best colleges and universities in the country.

Along with matching students with scholarships, QuestBridge also works to assist students in locating their first jobs as well as professional experiences and gain entry into graduate schools. QuestBridge provides the College Prep Scholarship as well as Quest for Excellence Awards and the National College Match. All applicants are required to complete an application in order that their unique and outstanding strengths and achievements can be best matched with opportunities that will fit their needs.

The College Prep Scholarship offers a three-fold advantage for low-income high school juniors. First, this QuestBridge scholarship is designed to assist students in recognizing that a top-level education is possible, regardless of their low-income background. It also works to prepare them for the college admissions process and provides them with practical knowledge regarding how they can gain admission into leading universities and colleges around the country. Students are provided with the potential to receive multiple awards that range from summer programs at top colleges and universities to full scholarships as well as individualized college admissions counseling.

Applicants to the College Prep Scholarship may also receive all-expense paid visits to campuses and invitations to the College Admissions Conferences at schools such as Stanford and Princeton. More than 1,500 awards are provided through the College Prep Scholarship program. While many students may believe it is impossible to attend a selective private college due to a lack of financial resources, the reality is that attending a top-tier private college may actually be less expensive than attending a state or community college. Financial aid packages at many of the leading colleges and universities in the country can cover 100% of a student’s financial need.

The unique QuestBridge Scholarships help to prepare students to make the most of advantages available to them. High school juniors who have a strong academic background and an annual family income of less than $60,000 should consider applying.

The National College Match program is designed to assist low-income students who are high-achieving with the ability to gain admission into some of the best universities and colleges in the country. Through a single application, students are able to apply up to as many as 31 colleges that partner with QuestBridge and be selected for admission as well as a full 4-year scholarship. As such, this program not only saves time, but also offers a wealth of educational and financial opportunities. The application process for this program begins in August. Applications must be received by the end of September.

The Quest for Excellence Awards Program was initiated as a way to offer organizations and individuals the opportunity to create personalized awards. Through this program, students are able to complete a portion of the college application process while also applying for awards, prizes and/or scholarships. This program is specifically for students who are in their junior and senior years of high school. The overall goal of the Quest for Excellence program is to enhance the educational exploration of students with an array of interests and diverse backgrounds. A variety of different awards are given out through this program, including expense-paid visits to partner colleges, iPads and laptops. Along with the prizes, one of the great benefits of this awards program is that it features highly specialized, focused categories that allow students to apply on the basis of their specific professional interests, ethnicity, geography, talents and other individual qualities; which may include being the first in their family to attend college. The deadline to apply for this awards program is March 27, 2012.

Students who attend a QuestBridge partner college will also be part of the Quest Scholars Network. This national network allows members to access internships, leadership opportunities and much more. The QuestBridge Scholarships are unique and a great financial aid tool to help students seamlessly towards a solid all around college path and career. They should be considered by all those who fit their scholarship criteria.  Don’t let them become unclaimed scholarships because of their divergent  scholarship elements!

What are Unclaimed Scholarships?

unclaimed scholarships
What are Unclaimed Scholarships?

There is sometimes a common perception that there are millions of dollars available in unclaimed scholarships for students who are willing to search out such funds. There are also many people who state that a large percentage of the unclaimed scholarship money is only a myth and that such funds do not actually exist.

The truth of the matter regarding unclaimed scholarships may actually exist somewhere in the middle of these two viewpoints. Below we explore what are unclaimed scholarships.

Unclaimed Scholarships are Unusual Scholarships

Unrewarded scholarship funds do appear to exist to some degree. Unclaimed college scholarships may primarily stem from rather restrictive unknown scholarships that have an extremely small pool of eligible scholarship applicants. Such unusual scholarships might include those that are only offered to applicants who meet a rare set of characteristics. Due to this, these unclaimed scholarships may result in left over funds that are not issued annually because eligible applicants did not apply for those unusual scholarships.

Employer Sponsored Scholarships are Unclaimed

There are also often claims that billions of dollars in scholarships went unclaimed over the previous year. Although it would certainly be nice if this were true and students could simply claim those unclaimed scholarships, this type of statement is often based on older estimates regarding unused tuition benefits offered by employers that the general public simply would not be eligible to receive. According to the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, approximately 85% of the funds that are referred to as unclaimed scholarships may actually be employer-paid education benefits. Many businesses offer to pay education benefits to employees as a way of enhancing the quality of their workforce.

Unclaimed Scholarships may be Hard to Get

It would appear that unclaimed scholarships may be available but they do not appear to be available in the easy to obtain and abundant numbers that are typically reported. If you do have an unusual talent or a rare set of characteristics it might be possible that you are eligible for some obscure scholarship funds which other students would not be eligible to receive, but it would be best not to count on such unclaimed scholarship funds to fund the entire cost of your education. This is particularly true when you consider the fact that there are other ways you can fund your education, including numerous easier scholarship programs that are not based on a restrictive set of eligibility criteria.

Never Pay Fees to Get Unclaimed Scholarships

Students trying to find unclaimed scholarships may actually come across a number of different claims. One of those is that by paying a small fee you will be provided with a comprehensive list of scholarships for which the student is eligible. Such claims also frequently include the claim that the unclaimed college scholarships come from a large database. The reality is that students should never feel as though they need to pay to receive a database of scholarship information, even for unclaimed scholarships. The best and biggest scholarship databases are actually available with no need to pay to receive the information. The number of unclaimed college scholarships claimed to be available by some services can oftentimes be misleading due to the fact that individual sponsors may actually offer hundreds of different types of scholarships.

Check for Unclaimed Scholarship Money at the College You Attend

Prospective scholarship applicants that do want to make certain they do not miss out on any unclaimed scholarships may wish to check with the institution they plan to attend regarding any obscure scholarships that may be issued directly through that institution.

Unclaimed scholarships that are available to a small pool of applicants are sometimes offered directly through a college or university. Applicants to that school or students who are already attending that school may have a better opportunity to receive those limited or restrictive scholarships than the general population.

Applying for scholarships is certainly a good way to pursue an advanced education and also to help defray the costs of a higher education. There are many scholarships that are available that offer awards to thousands of deserving students each year. While unclaimed scholarships may not exist in the numbers and amounts that are frequently reported,there are unclaimed scholarship opportunities that do exist for eligible students.

Weird Scholarships for Girls

Weird Scholarships for Girls

There are some weird scholarships for girls out there! They are very interesting and unusual scholarships for girls who are looking for student aid. Plus, they usually don’t have nearly the same number of applicants as other scholarships. If you are a female looking for a creative way to earn money for college, then you definitely want to see if you qualify for any of these odd girl scholarships.

Many girls think being tall isn’t so great, and at times it can be embarrassing to tower over boys. However, the Tall Clubs International Scholarship can change their minds. This weird girl scholarship doesn’t require you to have a certain GPA. Instead, it is open to those that are over 5 foot, 10 inches. There is an essay requirement about what being tall means to the individual. The winning essay will be awarded a scholarship of $1,000. The applications are accepted from January 15th through April 15th.

To be fair though, many girls wish they were taller than they really are. The Little People of America Association offers an unusual scholarship for girls that are under 4 foot, 10 inches. You can also be the sibling of someone that is of short stature as well. The scholarship amounts vary from $250 to $1,000. Applications are taken from January 1st through April 1st.

There are numerous scholarships out there for girls that are outgoing, into sports, and more. What about those that don’t enjoy those types of activities? Among the weird scholarships for girls is the Gertrude J. Deppen Scholarship Fund. This is offered to girls that aren’t active but that also have made a pledge not to use drugs or alcohol. The applications are taken from December 30th through April 15th. There are five scholarships of $1,000 each offered. Many girls find applying for this unusual scholarship to be a great opportunity because they seldom get very many applications.

On the flip side of that though are weird scholarships for girls that excel at athletics and at being a good role model. The Body by Milk scholarship offers 25 unusual scholarships annually of $7,500 each. Along with the application, a photo of you with a milk mustache has to be included. Applications are taken from January 1st through May 31st with winners announced in June. Applicants need to show they excel in sports, they have lots of community involvement, and they have a high GPA.

Make it with Wool is one of the fun, weird scholarships for girls. It is offered by the American Sheep Industry Association. They offer a scholarship of $2,000 for the best sweater and $1,000 for second place. The judges look at the style of the sweater, the design, overall quality of the work, and creativity. All sweaters must be submitted by January 1st. Winners are announced in late February.

Seeing double or triple can be more common on college campuses than before. Many schools offer twin or triplet girls half price tuition for the second and third individual. However, both or all three have to agree to attend the same college to qualify for such a weird scholarship for girls. If you fall into this category, you should start talking to your siblings and finding out which schools offer such unusual scholarships for girls you can all benefit from.

Perhaps one of the most well known of all weird scholarships for girls happens to be the Duck Brand Duct Tape Scholarship contest. It is held each spring, around the time of prom for most high schools. The applicants have to create a formal dress out of duct tape. First prize is $2,500, second prize is $1,000, and 3rd prize is $500.

The American Fire Sprinkler Association has a drawing where you read the Fire Sprinkler Essay on the AFSA scholarship website and then take their test. There are multiple questions and a open book test. For each one answered correct, you get to deposit into a drawing up to ten entries. These are fun because it’s the luck of the draw.

Glamour has a scholarship for girls which is weird in a way because they are all about fashion and not education. Nevertheless, you must be a junior in college located in the US or Canada. The awards are very good which includes a first place $20,000 scholarship towards your tuition and there are nine $3,000 scholarship awards. Kudos to Glamour for their weird scholarships for girls!

AARP also has what I would classify as strange scholarships for girls too because AARP is all about programs for senior citizens such as how to get the best deal for your burial plot and/or best nursing homes to consider and so forth. In other words, end of the road programs and not beginning of the road educational assistance for going back to college – but they do! Only consider AARP scholarships if you’re 40 or older.

If your a Mom you may have access to many unusual scholarships. There are Mom scholarships available that may be considered on the odd scholarships for girls side of the fence. There are programs most girls haven’t really heard about but are well worth looking into simply because they are specifically geared towards Moms going back to school. Strange financial aid is the same as normal aid – green.

These weird scholarships for girls continue to grow all the time. Make sure you check out the details and requirements so that you don’t overlook any part of what you need to provide. Getting money for college with one of these scholarships will also make a very interesting story to tell!

Other Unusual Scholarships for Girls

Weird Scholarships for Odd and Strange Talents

Scout Scholarships for Girls are Unknown

The Search for Bizarre Scholarships

Bizarre Scholarships

Bizarre scholarships often hide in places that go unchecked by those looking for financial aid. These sorts of strange scholarships are very useful as many of them have very few applicants, increasing your chances of receiving the scholarship. However, you’ll need to have your entire arsenal with you, because some of these are a little odd. Mind you, most of the odd scholarships listed here are for specific interests, qualities, or attributes, so in many cases, you can simply be yourself! When it comes to affording school, every bit counts, so take a look at some of these, and find out if you qualify for some of these fun scholarships:

Tall Clubs International Scholarship: If you’re over 6’2”, you can apply for a scholarship from Tall Clubs International (TCI). You can get $1,000 towards expenses by simply writing an essay explaining “What Being Tall means to Me”.

Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest: If you have a gift for calling ducks, you can snag yourself between $200 and $1,500 for school. The scholarship delivers to first, second, and third place callers, so try your hand at this one and maybe you can get some extra college cash.

Potato Industry Scholarship: If you want to study potatoes, or something related, you can apply to get $2,000 toward your college education. The National Potato Council may be looking for your help…

The NCTA Help Santa Find the Perfect Real Christmas Tree: This odd scholarship can deliver between $5000 and $10000 to students ages 6 to 16. A winning essay can land a weird scholarship that can really put a dent in tuition.

Excellence In Predicting the Future Award: This one definitely falls into the bizarre scholarships category, though it may be just the title that’s a bit shocking. If you’d like to study economics and focus on the prediction market, you can snag yourself some valuable funds.

Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (Sammy) Award: Are you a student-athlete with a 3.2 GPA or higher? If so, you could get a $7,500 scholarship, a spot in a “milk mustache” milk commercial, and a trip to Disney World. Not bad, huh?

Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck on Prom Contest: If you feel like heading to prom in an outfit made of duct tape, you and your date could get a $3000 scholarship. So, fashion is more than just impressing your friends, these days…

Common Knowledge Challenges: Do you know a whole lot of “useless” information? You can get between $250-$3,000 from this bizarre scholarship that awards money for retaining a bunch of common knowledge.

Carnegie Mellon University Bagpipe Scholarship: This one will have quite a few applicants, but if your uncle (or anyone else) taught you how to play the bagpipes, it’s finally paying off! The award reaches $7,000 per year to those willing to major in playing the bagpipes.

American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship: Do you have some time to read an essay regarding fire sprinklers? If so, do it, then take a ten question exam. It can land you $2000 in scholarship money.

OP Loftbed Scholarship: How about one of the easiest exams you’ll ever take? This scholarship asks you to answer things like “What will you text your best friend next?”, and if you can handle that, $500 may be yours for the taking.

There’s no doubt that weird scholarships come from many places, skills, or physical features that many never imagined. While grades and community service usually play a factor, knowing how to speak “Klingon” or being incredibly short (or tall) can help you afford college without taking out expensive loans. A simple search can generate results that even guidance counselors can’t help you find. When you land one of two of these wacky scholarships in accordance with standard grants or academic scholarships, you won’t need to stress about money while studying for class. There are far more bizarre scholarships than we can list here, so stay diligent, and remember one thing…if you think of it, there’s probably a strange scholarship for it out there somewhere. You just have to find it!

Agnostic and Atheist Scholarships

Agnostic/Atheist Scholarships

Do you know there are Agnostic and Atheist scholarships and many Christians especially would think they shouldn’t give these unusual and unknown scholarships to Agnostic and Atheist people because it just supports their views even more. The fact is there are specific unheard of scholarships for nearly every interest, belief and activity you invest in, including atheism and agnosticism. Atheism is typically defined as disbelief in a god or higher power, while agnosticism does not necessarily deny the existence of a higher power but asserts that since religious claims are unknowable and improvable, humans can not characterize and define religions or that higher power. Many of these unknown scholarships are not specifically called atheist or agnostic scholarships, so you may have to poke around for them a bit more but there are still quite a few out there. Many of the Atheist scholarships listed here are sponsored by PFund which is an organization which serves as a resource for many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals and groups. The following will give you a good start in applying and learning about these types of unusual scholarships.

American Atheists’ Youth and Family subgroup funds several scholarships for active community and school participation. The Chinn Scholarship is a $1,000 grant to an outstanding gay/lesbian Atheist. Current college students as well as high school seniors with a 2.5 GPA in academic subjects may apply for the Atheist scholarship. The award is based on the applicant’s activism and a 500-1000 word essay. The deadline for application is January 31 and in addition to the monetary award, students receive a free trip to the American Atheists’ National Convention.

The American Atheists Founders’ Scholarship grants a first place award of $2000 and runner-up prize(s) of $1000 to atheist students. Similarly to the Chinn Scholarship, current college students or high school students entering college next year are eligible as long as they are Atheist, can demonstrate activism and a 2.5 minimum GPA. The application deadline is January 31, 2011 and decisions will be made regarding decisions by March 1, 2011.

The Silverman Secular Humanist Scholarship is available to students who are secular humanists studying at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Founded by Herb Silverman, who is also a retired math professor from the college and the president of the Secular Coalition for America, the Agnostic scholarship honors academic effort and financial need in a student who offers promise in the area of critical thinking and is a secular humanist. This is a $1700 renewable scholarship as long as a 3.0 GPA is maintained.

The Mark Twain Scholarship for Atheist students is available to freethinkers who completely reject anything that inhibits any type of freedom, be it religious or otherwise. Recipients must attend a secular university or college and major in one of the following areas: arts and humanities, applied arts, education, science, social sciences, mathematics, engineering or law. An essay is also required for this $300-$500 scholarship. The deadline for one of the eight Agnostic scholarships is December 31 of each year.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sponsors several essay contests for Atheist college scholarships annually. All of the following contests reward several winners with the same monetary amounts per placement: first prize – $2,000, second prize – $1,000, third – $500, fourth – $300, and honorable mention – $200. The 17th Herbert Bushong essay contest honors free thinkers in the area of religion and offers several awards based on essay responses. The 32nd FFRF Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Competition is for students in North America under the age of 25 and rewards students for choosing reason over faith. Conversely, the FFRF Brian Bolton Graduate/Mature student essay competition is specifically for graduate students and adult students over the age of 25 and this year the essay topic is a focused piece on the separation of church and state.

As you can see many of the unknown scholarships deemed atheist or agnostic champion freethinking and science and reason over faith. Due to this, be prepared with evidence of activism in your school and out, be ready to explain your rationale and beliefs (of lack thereof), and be equipped to write persuasively on a related topic, as many of these Agnostic Atheist scholarships are essay based.

Where to Apply for Left Hand Scholarships Grants

Left Hand Scholarship

There is one unusual left hand scholarship grant offered by only one college that we could find. There may be other obscure left handed scholarships offered by radio stations or certain clubs but this would be one time promotional offerings only – here today gone tommorrow. Nothing that we can really print here as being offered yearly on a consistent basis for college students.

There are many different unusual scholarship opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds. While the bulk of available scholarships are largely based on demographics such as ethnicity or gender, others border on the strange such as scholarships for tall people. In the category of unusual, left hand scholarships grants exist for that small 10% of the population which does not use their right hand in day to day activities. Though again, the only confirmed left handed scholarship is offered at Juniata College, if a student is left handed and interested in that school it is certainly something they should consider applying for. Besides; more and more left handed people are asking ‘Where can I apply for left hand scholarships’. Here we answer it.

A Catholic university by design, Juniata College offers a wide array of degree programs from fields in science to those in the humanities. Not only for undergraduate students, the college has many post undergraduate programs as well as fellowships for those who show incredible academic promise. Accredited well, the school is certainly a viable choice for many students looking into higher education. Because college funding is very often an issue for students coming into post secondary education, it is a wise course to consider what universities offer with regards to financial aid when considering options. The only college to offer a left hand scholarship, students should certainly consider this opportunity when considering their school choices.

The unusual left hand scholarship in question here is the Mary Francis Buckley Left Handed Scholarship which provides anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 to a number of students from sophomores to seniors. Eligibility to this weird scholarship for left handers requires that all applicants be current students at Juniata College with strong academic marks and history. Applicants must be at least sophomores and the program is not available to those who are enrolled in post undergraduate studies. Of course the most obvious requirement is that a student is a left hander, but that is certainly not enough.

On top of the left handed requirement, students must also be able to demonstrate a capacity to lead. Examples of leadership can include clubs or organizations, or perhaps living by example and participating actively in local community service projects. This is an important aspect to the application process for the left hand scholarship as it not only allows a student to display their own personal merit but also allows them to be set apart in application considerations. Though only a small portion of the population is a left hander, it is likely that many other students attending Juniata will have the same physical attribute.

Because only a small number of these scholarships for left handed people are awarded every year, the leadership qualification will allow applicants to really indicate to the selection committee the relative worthiness of their application through excellent merit. The deadline for applying to the Mary Francis Buckley scholarship for left handed students is April 1, the same date that all applications for financial assistance are due at Juniata College.

While getting access to the Juniata College scholarships for left handers should not be the only determining factor in deciding to head off to Pennsylvania for college, it is certainly something to consider. Beyond that particular scholarship, Juniata College is considered a great place to go to school boosting a relatively small student population at 1,526 allowing more face time with professors. The school has produced a number of notable alumni including William Phillips, a 1970 Nobel Laureate in physics. They are in good academic standing and are accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges, a readily recognizable and trusted source in the United States.

While none of these things should absolutely convince a student to attend Juniata College, every option should be considered. Though other left handed scholarships may exist, they are not very notable and official records tend to indicate the Juniata College is the only place in the United States which provides a unusual scholarship based on dominant hand use. Certainly such a left hand scholarship grant should not be the end of a student’s search, and in order to better maximize their potential for financial aid students should apply to as many programs exist as they are eligible. A good scholarship list would be a good start.

Unusual Scholarships for Undocumented Students

Undocumented Student Scholarships

Scholarships for undocumented students are, in many cases, a necessity for who have not legally registered as citizens or residents in the country they reside in. Many unique scholarships are available for legal residents only, making finding financial aid for undocumented immigrants at times incredibly difficult. Fortunately there are some unusual college scholarships for undocumented students available through various programs which help get around this problem for those interested in pursuing a degree from a college.

While not all of these undocumented student scholarships are specific, their lack of residential requirement makes them open to all students from a diverse background. Most of them are available specifically to migrant students or workers, so the application pool is not going to be so large as to be daunting. Though there are not nearly as many scholarships for undocumented students as there are for residents of a given country, this should not deter those interested in higher education from seeking financial aid.

Since students loans often require citizenship or valid tax identification numbers, undocumented students are going to have a harder time finding student loans which would otherwise help offset the need for undocumented scholarships. Because of this, undocumented students should seek out migrant oriented minority scholarships and apply to as many for which they are eligible, maximizing their chances for financial aid in the long run.

One of the best college scholarships for undocumented students out there has to be the Chicano Organizing and Research in Education (CORE) Que Llueva Café Scholarship. Their third annual minority scholarship specifically targets undocumented students who have not yet entered college but are interested in higher education. In their first year, CORE gave out up to $7,000 to needy students and then up to $9,000 in their second. CORE constantly tries to give out as much money as they can, though they are limited by the amount of donations to their migrant scholarship program which they receive. They strive to increase their amounts every year and though awards have not been announced for 2011, it is expected that they will either maintain previous amounts or go above them. Though targeted at undocumented students, the CORE scholarship requires that all applicants be of Chicano or Latino descent. Students must have been born outside of the US, but reside in the country without the legal consent of the government. All students must be enrolled in high school or have attained their GED and are enrolling in college for the first time at the moment of applying. On top of these factors, students must also demonstrate a financial need and show academic strength in their transcripts. When submitting their applications, students should submit a personal statement outlining their individual story and detailing their academic interests while also submitting at least one letter of recommendation. The deadline for the CORE scholarship is Febraury 25, 2011.

Another unusual scholarship for undocumented students would be the Migrant Farmworker Baccalaureate Scholarship. This program offers migrant workers who have already spent some time in college up to $2,000 in financial aid. Students must show a recent history of movement for migrant work, academic achievement, a sincere financial need and be able to provide an example of the successful completion of at least one year of higher educational studies. When applying for the program, applicants should find three letters of recommendation, write a personal essay indicating why they are seeking the migrant scholarship, and provide a Migrant Education Certificate of Eligibility. The deadline for this program is July 1 every year.

Students should always keep their eyes peeled for additional scholarship opportunities because there are many out there beyond those listed in this article. It is important to find and apply to as many undocumented student scholarships as possible, less you find yourself denied for a few you applied to and left without much some needed financial aid. It can be difficult at times to be both undocumented and a student in the United States, or anywhere for that matter, so making higher educational goals more easily attainable by finding decent unusual scholarship programs should be a top priority.

The Big Dig Scholarship Is Unusual

Big Dig Scholarship
The Big Dig Scholarship

There is such a great variety of unusual scholarships available out there and not all of them are your typical run of the mill scholarships. Take The Big Dig Scholarship for example. This is a unique scholarship you will really dig; pardon the pun. The Dig scholarship is offered by and yes it will involve some digging; but we will get to that later. This is one of those Big scholarships just waiting to be claimed by the right person and it will not be unclaimed if you apply to it. If you are in your 12th grade of High School or in your Freshman or Sophomore year at a college or university then sit up and take notice. This may be one of the Big scholarships you are looking for.

Let’s not beat around the bush; but get right to the meat of this Dig scholarship. offers the $3,000 Big Dig scholarship annually to the applicant, which best meets the criteria suggested. The deadline for applying for the Big Dig Scholarship this year is June 1, 2011. Now that we have that out of the way let’s explore the Dig scholarship itself. This Dig college scholarship is decided upon an essay. As mentioned earlier you must be a senior in High School with intent to enter college or already studying during your first or second year of post High School education from an accredited college or university. Other than that; as long as you submit your essay as directed by the June 1, 2011 deadline then you have meant the requirements of eligibility.

The Big Dig Scholarships requires an essay of 500-1000 words to be submitted on the subject chosen by You may not be surprised to learn that this Big scholarship revolves around digging. You may have heard about people who bury time capsules for their family or community to dig up hundreds of years in the future so that they will know how people were living today. These capsules would be filled with various products of major interest today.

The Big Dig Scholarship is based on that principle. The applicant will have to bury an item that can be found in stores today and is valued at less than $500. Once this is done; the applicant will then proceed to writing their masterful essay of 500-1000 words on the item they nestled snuggly into the earth. In this essay the item that was buried will have to be described and it should be listed where that item can be found in the retail industry today.

In addition, the applicant must also present the cost of the item. Once this is completed it is time to get down to the good stuff. The applicant must then explain why they chose that item for burial. Keeping in mind that the item buried must have the potential of gaining in value over the centuries; describe why they are so certain the item they buried will. These essays are judged for being original and filled with meaningful content. It is also important that the essay is written properly using punctuation and grammar. To break it down; the content depth will be 50% of the grade, Originality 35%, and punctuation, spelling, and grammar 15%. If you can write the best essay; you can win this unusual Dig Scholarship and it pays a nice size stipend to boot.

The Big Dig Scholarship is a fun and rewarding opportunity to do something very interesting for the future and at the same time obtain a $3,000 award from the scholarship provider, which is All the applicant has to do is follow the simple directions and then submit their essay and application prior to June 1, 2011. The process is simple and straight forward and that is always a positive when you are pursuing any Big scholarship. If you are interested in applying for the Big Dig Scholarship based on the essay aforementioned; are in your senior year of High School and college bound, or in your first 2 years of college or university study; then this highly unusual scholarship may be waiting for you.

Doodle 4 Google Contest for Scholarships

Doodle 4 Google
Doodle 4 Google

The 2011 Doodle 4 Google Scholarship Contest is a great method to try to find funding for your child’s education by offering a unique scholarship way to start thinking about what they want to do with their life. As of January 19, the 2011 Google 4 doodle theme considers the future of the entrant by asking, “What I’d like to do someday…” posing an important question, the answers to which those just starting college are not entirely sure of themselves. Starting this year students across the entire k-12 educational spectrum may submit entries. By engaging young students in this way, Doodle 4 Google contest gives children an honest chance to consider what they are interested in doing, imagining a future where they have accomplished their goals in education. Despite the relatively small pool of winners, every student participating in the program gets to work through their future career choices and dwell positively on what is to come.

Some parents may worry that thinking about college for a young child may be too much too soon, but in reality it is never too early to start thinking about your child’s future. Of course burdening your child with thinking long and hard about their future may do more harm than good, making them worry about something years away. Doodling for Google, however, is a fun and game-like way to accomplish this goal. In many ways Google’s doodling scholarship is asking children to have fun with their imagination, encouraging them to think about and then draw a picture of what they would like to do. There are no wrong answers to the question, no pressure to think deeply or worry about their choices. Maybe they want to do something as fantastic as being the first person on Mars, or something more practical like being a doctor. It offers a rare opportunity for parents to see what their children think about the future, and for a child to explore that future while being creative in the process.

As with many unusual scholarships, it is easy to get lost in the details, worrying that if your child doesn’t perform the absolute best that they won’t win one of the very few awards available nationally. Winning the Google Doodle Contest is only half of the point in this competition though. If you make it about winning or losing, you risk pushing your child into a direction which turns them off to schooling. Rather, this is about the fun involved in the process, the excitement of considering the future and its endless possibilities.

When applying to scholarships, the odds are frequently against you getting the award. This should never deter you from entering your name as a candidate, and, unlike many other corporate scholarships, Doodle 4 Google offers a chance to reflect positively on your child’s future, exploring potential outlooks. Regardless of winning, this process should hopefully encourage your student to think of a bright future, inspiring them to imagine themselves in terms of what they may become.

The national winner of the Doodle for Google Scholarship Contest will receive $15,000 towards their future college education along with a trip to Google’s New York offices, a laptop, a Wacom design tablet and a t-shirt displaying their doodle. Three other national finalists will be awarded $5,000 to be used at the school of their choice, a Wacom design tablet and a t-shirt featuring their doodle as well.

Entire k-12 schools can enter this program or just an after-school program may enter as well. Parents of students whose schools have not entered the Doodle 4 Google competition may enter their child individually. However students attending a school which has entered the contest are encouraged to participate through their individual school’s program.

The competition ends on March 16, 2011, so find out if your school is participating already and, if they are not, enter individually. The Google Doodle winners are judged and choosen by Google’s very own excutives which will take place May19th at the New York Google offices which is a yearly special occurrence. Please do take the time to apply for all those who may qualify for the Doodle 4 Google unusual scholarships.

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Unusual Lint Center Scholarships for National Security Studies

Unusual Scholarships for National Security
Lint Center Scholarships for National Security

If you have an interest in security, and you plan to attend college, you need to be aware of the Lint Center for National Security Studies Scholarship Program. This program includes several different unusual scholarships and all of these opportunities can be applied for through the website. This field is not for most students but just the few who have a sincere desire in our national security.

The Lint Center for National Security Studies exists for the purpose of increasing awareness of national security and to attract more young people to a career in national security. The center works to provide educational opportunities for those who want careers in security, including counterintelligence.

Through the center, you can apply for the Jim and Anna Hyonjoo Lint Scholarship, the Quest for Knowledge Scholarship, the Army Staff Sgt. Richard S. Eaton Jr. Scholarship, the Mr. Jack McCoy Scholarship, the Lee and Byun International Relations and Cultural Awareness Scholarship, the Virginia and Frank Misselhorn Memorial Scholarship, and the Ben Franklin Scholarship.

The Jim and Anna Hyonjoo Lint Scholarship is awarded in the amount of $1500, and applications must be received by the end of July each year. This unusual scholarship is designed for those who are serious about a career in National Security in the United States. The Virginia and Frank Misselhorn Memorial Scholarship is available in the amount of $500. The deadline occurs at the end of July each year, and the award is made to students who are pursuing an education and career in the field of Alliance Building, Counterintelligence, and National Security.

The Quest for Knowledge Scholarship also has a deadline that occurs at the end of July each year, and is awarded in the amount of $500. The purpose of this scholarship is to honor Spec. Christopher J. Coffland. This award is made based on the results of an essay, which must either pertain to Intelligence Analysis or a General National Security essay. Preference is given to those who write the Intelligence Analysis essay.

The Army Staff Sgt. Richard S. Eaton Jr. Scholarship is awarded in the amount of $1000, and preference is given to students who are studying in a national security related field. The Mr. Jack McCoy Scholarship is awarded in the amount of $500, and the winner is selected by a winning essay. The Lee and Byun International Relations and Cultural Awareness Scholarship is awarded in the amount of $500. All of these unique scholarships must be applied for by the end of January each year.

The Ben Franklin Scholarship is a new scholarship offered through the Lint Center. It is worth $500, and is awarded to an individual that will honor the legacy of Benjamin Franklin. Those who are eligible will be studying in fields related to Economic Security, food security, health security, and environmental security. The deadline for this scholarship occurs twice each year – in July and in January. Other niche scholarship opportunities are expected to become available through the Lint Center, as they relate to the study of National Security in the near future.

For more information concerning any of the unusual scholarships offered through the Lint Center for National Security Scholarship Program, you should visit the website at:

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Special Scholarships are Unusual Scholarships

Special Scholarships are Unusual College Scholarships
Special Scholarships

When it comes time to start applying for unusual special scholarships, you will find that you are incredibly busy. You will also find that the ‘standard scholarships’ are highly competitive, and you may have to get creative in your search. You need to know how to find those truly unusual special scholarships that are really unknown scholarships to most college students.

Special scholarships are any unknown scholarships that are more targeted, and that fewer people are eligible for or apply to. These may be the hardest scholarships to find, for all intents and purposes, once you find them they are the easiest to win simply because fewer people are eligible for them.

To find these special college scholarships, you have to start thinking outside of the box, so to speak. For example, you may have been searching for scholarships that are based on your academic achievement or your talent as a musician. You may do better to search for some unknown scholarships that are based on your intended course of study and future career. For example, if it is your intent to work in the field of aviation maintenance, you should search for scholarships for aviation maintenance. The more you can narrow down your intended career or course of study, the better your chances will be of winning the special scholarships that you apply for.

You also need to combine attributes when searching for special scholarships. For example, if you will be studying engineering, and you are a woman, you should search for scholarships for women who will study engineering. When you do this, you will find the Michael Baker Corporation Scholarships for Women and Minority Engineering Students. Combine as many attributes that apply for you when you are conducting your searches for special scholarships.

Don’t forget the strange scholarships. These are special scholarships that have little or nothing to do with your academic achievement or field of study. Instead, they pertain to some physical characteristic or strange ability that you may possess. For example, the Tall Clubs International Scholarship is awarded to men who are taller than six foot, two inches, and females who are five feet, ten inches tall. The Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship is available to those students who are left handed for a left handed scholarship. Do you have an awesome apple pie recipe? If so, you could win $25,000 to pay for college from the Culinary Institute of America. You may even find unusual special scholarships that are awarded only to people with your last name, but you won’t know this if you don’t look.

There are special scholarships for disabled students who because of their disabilities are eligible to apply to them. For instance students who are hearing impaired can apply to deaf scholarships by the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Just think of a disability and most likely there may be an unheard of special college scholarships for it.

Then there are the special education scholarships which are for designed for teachers who will be teaching students who have many special challanges or disabilities such as ADD or physical disabilities. There are also special needs scholarships for students as well.

There are also the special forces scholarships which are specifically military related scholarships such as the air force, army, navy, marines or ROTC. This field of study is not for every one but a perfect fit for some.

Also consider certain jobs. Many fast food restaurants offer unknown special scholarships to their high school employees to help pay for college. If you work as a golf caddie, did you know that you are eligible for the Evans Scholars Foundation Scholarship? If you are entering a medical field, you can apply for the Tylenol Scholarship, which awards between $5000 and $10,000. If you are under four feet, ten inches tall, you qualify for the Billy Barty Foundation scholarship for short people.

When you start thinking outside of the box or the mainstream when you search for unusual college scholarships, and you search for special scholarships instead, you will easily find a mountain of special scholarship funds that you are eligible for simply because of whom you are, what you look like, what your interests are, what your abilities are, and more. In fact, if there are enough unique or special things about you, you could fund a four year education with unique special scholarships.

Big Scholarships for College are Unusual

Big Scholarship for College
Big Scholarships

When you think about college scholarships for yourself, you are probably hoping for some big scholarships – or those that award large scholarship sums of money. Unfortunately, most of the scholarships that you will be eligible for and win are small awards. This doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t know about and apply for the really large scholarships if you qualify. These are unusual scholarships because the awards are so large and definitely not the norm when it comes to student scholarship aid. Less then 1% of students will be able to qualify and win a big scholarship.


First you need to understand that big college scholarships come from a wide range of sources. Many colleges offer their own unusual scholarships, and some colleges offer scholarships that are worth more than other colleges. The biggest scholarships offered by colleges will come through the departments. For example, if you are an English Major, you need to seek out large scholarships that are available through the English Department at the college that you attend. Most of these unusually large scholarships are not available for entering freshmen, because you have to prove your value to the department head to be eligible.

The next place you need to turn to for large scholarships is corporations. Because corporations typically have more funds available than small businesses, they can offer larger scholarship awards – and they offer these big scholarship awards to keep the publics opinion of their company fairly high. People tend to not like big corporations that make lots of profit without reinvesting at least a portion of that profit back into communities.

Examples of corporate scholarships that are quite large include a $25,000 Target scholarship;  $25,000 Discover Card scholarship; $20,000 Coca Cola scholarship, a full ride Rhodes Scholarship $20,000 Dell scholarship and the massive Robert Byrd Scholarship Program. This is just a small sampling of the large corporate scholarships that are available through big corporations. Each corporation will have their own eligibility requirements, and their own selection process.

While you are seeking large college scholarships, make sure that you keep your eyes open for fellowships as well. Fellowships award stipends – and you can typically spend your stipend in anyway that you wish. These stipends can be as little as a few thousand dollars, or as high as $45,000. Of course, there will be other requirements that you must fulfill as the winner of a fellowship, such as research work.

It is vital that you understand that the unusually big scholarships are typically not available to average students. In most cases, you must possess some special skill, score very high academically, show true athletic promise, or prove yourself to be extremely civic minded. If none of this applies to you, your search for large scholarship awards may be futile, and you may be better off spending your time applying for numerous smaller obscure scholarships. Many community based local scholarships are quite large, but again you must have shown your value to your community and meet other requirements in order to be considered.

Overall, some of the largest scholarship awards are from athletic scholarships. The big scholarship typically offer the student what we call a ‘full ride.’ This means that the entire cost of the student’s education is covered along with living expense and book. These large scholarships are typically made through the college that the student will be attending – and playing sports for. If getting big scholarships interests you the most consider the above and see if you may fit the criteria to apply.


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The Big 33 Scholarship is Unusual and Large

Big 33 Scholarship

Are you looking for funds to help pay for your college education? Even if you are not a football player, you need to be aware of the Big 33 Scholarship a large and unusual scholarship program which is funded by the Annual Big 33 Football Classic and other sponsors of the program. It’s hard to believe that you could win this Big scholarship without actually being an athlete, but you definitely can. This is why it’s an unusual scholarship and at the same time an extremely large scholarship in terms of the number of Big 33 scholarships awarded every year.

The Big 33 has given away approximately $3,900,000 since it started awarding Big scholarships in 1985. The mission of the organization is to produce the best possible high school football game in the United States and to showcase the talents of students and communities, and to raise funds for academic scholarships and other charitable activities. Winners of the Big 33 scholarships are invited to attend the game and the week long festivities that are centered on the game.

Although the Big 33 has only been awarding these unusual scholarships since 1985, it has actually existed for more than fifty years. The game has been played since 1957, and it features the best high school football players in Ohio and Pennsylvania. It is considered to be the Super Bowl of High School Football. Many well known NFL stars have played in the game, as high school students, including Tony Dorsett, Orlando Pace, Joe Montana, and Joe Namath. In every Super Bowl game, there has been at least one Big 33 Alumnus member playing, which says a great deal about the importance of this game from a professional standpoint.

The game occurs in June or July each year, and the activities include cheerleading exhibitions, the Big scholarship awards ceremony, youth clinics, visits to local hospitals by the players, and numerous other activities. The game is played in Pennsylvania, and the players from Ohio stay with families who agree to be host families. It is the proceeds of the game and other fund raising activities and donations that fund the Big 33 college scholarship program.

In order to be eligible for the Big 33 Scholarship, you must be a well rounded student, showing that you have academic excellence, and that you are involved in extracurricular activities. You must also be a high school senior enrolled in a school in Ohio or Pennsylvania, but the school can be private or public as long as it is accredited. Additionally, you must have a GPA of at least 2.0 and you must plan to attend college at an accredited institution. Although the Big 33 scholarship is awarded by a football organization, this is not an athletic scholarship, and you do not have to be an athlete to apply or to win the award. You must also plan to be a full time student and a citizen of the United States.

The Big 33 Scholarship Foundation awards a minimum of 150 scholarships each year, with a maximum of 200 scholarships, but last year, 214 scholarships were awarded. The smallest award is $500, and the largest scholarship award amount is $4500. If your a high school senior this is one large and unusual scholarship that could be an easy scholarship to win simply because so many are doled out each year. Don’t get passed up and apply if you fit the criteria. For more information go to the Big 33 Scholarship program. The application process opens in October, and ends in February each year.

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Unique Hospitality Scholarships for College Students

Unusual Hospitality Scholarships for College
Hospitality Scholarships

Hospitality scholarships are for studies like chefs, hotel management and so on. It’s a field not for everyone but those who have a unique interest in this type of career which is growing each year that passes. There are all kinds of unusual scholarships available to students from all walks of life today. There are unusual scholarships that are available for just about anything that you want to study. These include even hospitality college scholarships a sometimes misunderstood career choice because it’s so varied but can lead to an exciting adventurous career. Let’s look at a few of these unique scholarships in hospitality which you may be able to apply to.

The Young Australian Entrepreneur Scholarship has just reached its deadline but the 2011 applications will soon be available. This is to assist young students who have chosen hospitality as their chosen field. These hospitality scholarships are worth $27,000. They are intended for students in Bachelor of Business for hotel management or Bachelor of Business in International Restaurant Management. You must be an Australian Citizen or have permanent residency. You must be at least 17 ½ years old and have completed high school. You will need to write a 500 word essay covering your goals. The deadline is October 31st of 2010.

The James Beard Foundation is also a hospitality scholarship. They offer a unique scholarship for a student that is interested in getting their MBA in International hotel and restaurant management. There is one for full award which is $11,400 and a partial for $4,500. The criteria for these are as follows, a student must have documents of educational history, documents of any other grants or scholarships they may have received, work history, Federal Tax Income Forms, Statement of Culinary Goals and a personal and professional reference. The deadline varies for these unusual scholarships in hospitality.

The AAA Five Diamond Hospitality Scholarship is a $5000 scholarship. It is for students who attend a AH&LF 4-year Hospitality Management program. The criteria for this hospitality scholarship are based on academic records, hospitality work experience, financial needs and any extracurricular activities. The school selects the nominee. The deadline for this scholarship varies each year.

The American Academy of Chefs with the honor society of the American Culinary Federation also offers unusual culinary scholarships to high school students, college students and chefs all over the place. The deadline for these applications has not been announced yet. They do have hospitality scholarships for two schools also. These are Culinary Institute of America which the application deadline is May 1st – but you can apply for next years classes. The other is for the Johnson & Wales University and this deadline is December 1st.

The American Rental Association is also offering unique scholarships in hospitality. They give out a total of 23 scholarships a year. There are ten scholarships of $2,000 each to college-bound applicants, there are ten scholarships of $1,000 each for vocational/technical applicants. There are also two hospitality scholarships of $2,000 each for graduate-level applicants and one hospitality scholarship of $3,000 to the top applicant. These are for degrees in the rental industry of hospitality. This can be for high school students getting ready to go to college or undergraduates. The deadline was May 1st, 2010. But you can apply next year.

For more information on these unique hospitality scholarships or scholarships in hospitality.

Unusual Random Scholarships are little Known

Unusual Random Scholarships are little Known
Random Scholarships

It takes more than a high GPA to get a little known random scholarship; many sponsors are looking for someone who is well-rounded and is involved in school activities in the community. If all you have is a fantastic GPA, it may not be enough to get the unusual random college scholarship you need. Get involved in some type of school activity rather it be sports, music, art or even a school club. If you are involved in activities outside of school list those on your random scholarship application as well – church activities, boy scouts, girl scouts, dance, you will be surprised at what it might take sometimes to get you into college with some type of unusual random scholarship.

When completing an application make sure to complete the application completely; do not leave anything blank, if you are to write an essay along with the application, keep going over and over the essay making sure it is complete. And then there is the interview; come prepared to your interview, trying to get a random scholarship is no different than any other scholarship, be prepared.

There are many different little known random scholarships available depending in what you are going to school for. There is a Young Soloists award available to musicians who are disabled, the applicant has to be under 25, and live in the US, if you live somewhere other than the US you must be under 30. This random scholarship amount is for $5,000.

Did you know there is a unusual random scholarship available if you are interested in earning your parapsychology degree? This degree means you are interested in ghosts, paranormal etc. In order to be considered for these random scholarships you must be attending college and be studying parapsychology and you will have to have writing and recommendations from those who know about your work in this field, the award is $3,000.

Interested in working for the FDA, if so there are three random scholarships available, the award is for $1500 and the applicant must be attending school and be in their third year of study and have a GPA of 3.0. You must also apply by Feb.1st of the current year.

You can also get random scholarships from McDonalds; yes they have their own little known scholarships, McDonalds scholarships gives awards to student employees, one student is chosen to receive $1,000 and another $5,000 is awarded to the McScholar of the year, this award goes to the student who is committed to their school, community and work. They also have a Ronald McDonald Scholarship which is worldwide.

Here is a unique random scholarship that is a surprise. If you love beef; The American Angus Association gives out $5,000 scholarships. This association also gives out additional unknown scholarships; known as the Angus Scholarships.

More random college scholarships can be found in journalism scholarships and poetry scholarships which can be applied to by just about anyone. If you win one of these awards you can normally use the prize money any way you want to in paying for your college education.

There are random LGBT scholarships for LGBT students who are looking specifically for this too. You must be a LGBT student to qualify along with being a strong supporter of the LGBT community and be able to document it.

College random scholarships are even available to our dear old Moms. Yes that is correct, there are mother scholarships for Moms who want to return to college to finish out their education. There are many sponsors of these scholarships today which never existed a few years ago – with online education making it easier for Moms working through a college education.

Guaranteed scholarships are random and are being looked at more closely by college bound students because they are one of the easy scholarships to get if you fit the qualifying criteria – no interview or essay is required either. Normally, if you have high SAT/ACT/GPA scores and prove it your in the scholarship money. Easy as that!

There are many random disability scholarships for the disabled which include ADD, depression scholarships, diabetes scholarships, Lupus scholarships, Multiple Sclerosis scholarships and hundreds more that covers just about any disability today.

Random Christian scholarships cover the varied major Christian religions and even the lessor known Christian churches. Your church is a great source to inquire for random monies to be used for college. You must be a member and have been involved with your church for some time to access this great student financial resource.

Random cheerleading scholarships are great for those who want to cheerlead in college and get paid to do so. This is a niche scholarship indeed but it does deserve mention because the athletic department seems to be very involved on allocating these awards and it appears all colleges do have them now.

Random music scholarships are lucrative and many colleges themselves have funds available for students who are musically gifted. If you have been involved in plays, theater productions and/or musical events of some kind and you document this then you have a strong chance in accessing musical related aid from a college or a private music scholarship sponsor.

Latch on to one of the fastest growing industries today with loads of random agriculture scholarships. The food business is exploding and projected to grow even more in the future with no let up in site. It’s a small wonder why more students don’t jump head first into this fast paced economic opportunity which will lead them to mega stable careers all of their working lives. People must eat every day and they do!

Have you always wanted to design buildings because that’s your burning passion? Well then you may want to investigate some of the many architecture scholarships which tend to fly under the radar because they are little known about. Architecture college scholarships have strong scholarship suupport from the architectural community. Maybe it’s because people are always waiting for the next great building design – like they do with new models of cars.

Another nice random college scholarships are culinary school scholarships for the students who are born to cook wildly delicious meals. This field is for the truely food passionate individuals who can’t see themselves doing anything in life but cooking to satisfy others. Thank God for these students!

Do you know what a DAAD scholarship is?  They are publicly-funded independent organization of higher education institutions in Germany. This is our top random scholarship because no one has heard about it unless you live in Germany. The program is very impressive.

The Big 33 Scholarship is a very big and unusual scholarship program funded by the Annual Big 33 Football Classic. You don’t even have to be an athlete to win either which is strange because this program seems like you would have to be in order to enter.

Did you know there are ‘twin scholarships‘. If you are a twin then you can apply to the scholarships for twin students and the competiton isn’t as severe as other programs because of the smaller number of applicants who apply.

Special needs scholarships exist for the disabled and also for children of disabled parents too which makes this program a solid one in scope but obscure in nature.

As you can see there are many unusual and little known random college scholarships that you would not even think about that are available today. One of the best places to look is: random scholarships and your local newspaper, talk to a counselor at school, and search various organizations, your employer or your parent’s employer. There are so many unknown random scholarships and grants available with different requirements; so just keep looking until you find the right one for you.

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