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Possibilities to get Unclaimed Scholarships

Unclaimed Scholarships
Possibilities of Unclaimed Scholarships
Unclaimed scholarships for college students can be really worth a lot of money. The good thing about these college scholarships is the fact they are less known, and may sound weird to you at first, but could possibly be the easy way to have some extra money for ones college degree and financing.

It is actually easy to learn about these unknown scholarships, and submit an application for them. You just have to go into your college admissions office to inquire about them, or if you’re a senior in high school; talk to your counselor. Your teachers and education counselors could be very useful. Tutorials concerning how to claim these scholarships are provided on the web. As you now learn how to sign up for scholarships, the major part to target here is the proper way for you to fill out a scholarship application form. It’s tedious, but fully necessary in landing any financial aid.

Only a few private scholarships ever go unclaimed. The scholarships or grants that typically go unclaimed accomplish this simply because they can’t be claimed. Truly the only scholarships which are unclaimed can’t be claimed because of prohibitive eligibility criteria.

For instance, the Zolp scholarship from Loyola University in Chicago is ideal for a Catholic student in the university who happened to be born having a surname of Zolp. Many years there is are few students who qualify, but the most of the years there is none. You can’t replace your name to qualify, because the Zolp surname must show up on your birth record as well as your baptism certification.

Unclaimed Scholarships by Burger King

When you think of scholarships you don’t think of Burger King, but they are a 800 pound gorilla when it comes to student aid for college.

A Burger King Scholarship is generally referred to as “BK scholarship” among people. Before you start the application process, you have to be conscious regarding the eligibility criteria and specifications in order to apply. The eligibility criteria for these awards are not so difficult. Firstly, you must have the minimum GPA of 2.5 in conjunction with work knowledge greater than 15 hours each week for any part-time job. Your application process is usually simple and easy. You simply make an application by filling in an internet profile registration form online. The website of Burger King consists of the complete information you need linked to the scholarship program administration.

Each year, a whopping 700 deserving individuals acquire prize money of $1000 each under the program. It doesn’t make a difference if students attend school in the area, or through an accredited college in the United States.

Odd Scholarships for Strange Talents

Do you think you’re a fashion-forward individual?

Do you like being bit sticky?

In case you answered yes to each of the above queries, here’s a simple way to earn $3,000 for school: See your senior high school prom dressed up completely in duct tape. The Duck Tape Scholarship is offered to U.S. citizens 14 and older who attend their spring prom dressed up in complete attire or accessories made up of duct tape. Submit an application having picture of yourself as well as your date. Those who win are picked for their very own originality, craftsmanship and sum of Duct Tape used.

How often has your mother disparaged your spare time activity, calling it a total waste of your time and effort as well as brainpower Very well, now’s the time to provide evidence that she’s wrong. The Skateboard Scholarship by Patrick Kerr grant honors one $5,000 scholarship or grant as well as three $1,000 scholarships to high school students that are skate board activists. Those who win should have the minimum Grade point average of 2.5 and remain enrolled as full-time students towards the fall after commencement.

If aiming pool is your interest, you could also take the amount of money. The Scholarship Billiards Competition by Barry Lefkowitz honors $1750 in scholarship and grant each term to University of Akron learners that can win a pool competition. In fact golf players (see: Evans Scholars Foundation) as well as bowlers their very own funds, which range up to $10,000 per year in scholarship assistance.

The Gertrude J. Deppen Scholarship Fund is actually allocated for undergraduate college students coming from the Mount Carmel that are attending the Bucknell University. You can get this scholarship if you are a graduate of Mount Carmel public senior high school and have stayed in Mount Carmel for a minimum of 10 years.

*The above article was contributed by a college student who has first hand knowledge of friends applying and winning the above scholarship awards.  She also won some herself!

She also recommends the below awards for the top paying scholarships of today!

Buick Achievers Scholarships Program
American Legion Oratorical Competition
Siemens Scholarship Contest
Teens Drive Smart Video Contest Awards

University of the People Tuition Free Scholarships – Weird or Ahead of Their Time!

weird scholarships
UoP Tuition Free Scholarships

Maybe the UoP tuition free scholarshipsare just plain weird; or they are ahead of their time and this is just a glimpse of what future college student aid will be like. As the first tuition-free, non-profit university operating online the University of the People offers a unique and rewarding opportunity for students to attain the college education they desire with their tuition free scholarships. This is so strange in todays times that it does not seem possible, but with tuition cost rising out of the reach of most students heading off to college, we may see more of these types of college programs being accepted by accredited educators to make this the accepted standard – and the norm. Let’s see how it works.

Students who enroll in this school do not pay any tuition and are also not required to pay anything for study materials as they are completely free. There are modest fees which do apply at the school and range between $10 and $100. These fees are typically charged for taking tests as the completion of each course. Fees at University of the People are based on a sliding scale dependent upon the country in which the student lives. A nominal application processing fee is also charged when applying to the school. That fee may vary between $10 and $50 based on a sliding scale based on present economic situations in the applicant’s country or place of residence.

Students who are considering attending University of the People should understand that at the current time the school offers four degrees. Those degrees are: Associate of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Associate of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The school offers two programs; computer science and business administration.

The University of the People is in the process of applying to receive accreditation and may be offering degrees in the near future. Prospective students should be aware that until or if the school does not obtain accreditation, other colleges and universities may not accept academic credits from University of the People on a transfer basis.

The University of the People was established on the principles of peer-to-peer learning and e-learning, along with Open Educational Resources and open-source technology. UoPeople was specifically designed to offer access to an undergraduate degree program regardless of an individual’s geographic, societal or financial restraints. The school was originally founded in 2009 by Shai Reshef, an educational entrepreneur. To date, the University has partnered with New York University and Yale University. Students from 130 countries have been accepted at the University of the People.

The students of the university form its core as they all share common goals, which are to make a difference, become leaders and succeed in academics in order to create a better life as well as local community and ultimately, a better world. Through its unique approach, the University of the People offers an educational opportunity that provides students with the essential tools they need; whether they are beginning, changing or advancing their careers.

University of the People is able to offer tuition-free online learning a realistic option for students from around the globe through a groundbreaking educational philosophy. Qualified students who have graduated high school, have sufficient English skills and a computer and Internet access are accepted to the university. Courses are only offered in English. A large portion of the credo at the school is students assisting one another. Social networking plays a critical role. Students at the university are required to participate fully in discussions as well as answer questions that may be posed by students in forums and groups, in addition to faculty.

The student community at University of the People is divided into several classes or sub-groups consisting of between 20 and 30 students who participate in online courses. The learning week at the school begins at night between Wednesday and Thursday and will end the following Wednesday. Study units for classes are made available one week at a time. All courses at University of the People are 5 credit hours.

One of the most common questions about University of the People is how the school is able to offer a tuition-free or guaranteed scholarship. The school is able to do this by functioning on an extremely limited budget; but without sacrificing any educational quality. Instead a collaborative learning model is used while also taking full advantage of open-source technology, open educational resources and volunteer contributions from around the globe. Students are able to exchange ideas, share resources, discuss topics on a weekly basis, submit completed assignments and submit exams through online study communities.

The tuition-free learning environment at University of the People is supported by some of the most respected scholars in the world. That faculty is composed of both active as well as retired professors and other professionals. This is why they may NOT be viewed as weird scholarships being offered by a strange student aid institution, and becoming the slowly acceptable way of receiving a college degree and paying for it. It very well may be coming sooner than many of us think and it couldn’t happen sooner. Education should be free for all those who want it. Weird scholarships? We don’t think so – just a smart and financially acceptable way to pay for a higher education for those who want it.

Weird Scholarships for Girls

Weird Scholarships for Girls

There are some weird scholarships for girls out there! They are very interesting and unusual scholarships for girls who are looking for student aid. Plus, they usually don’t have nearly the same number of applicants as other scholarships. If you are a female looking for a creative way to earn money for college, then you definitely want to see if you qualify for any of these odd girl scholarships.

Many girls think being tall isn’t so great, and at times it can be embarrassing to tower over boys. However, the Tall Clubs International Scholarship can change their minds. This weird girl scholarship doesn’t require you to have a certain GPA. Instead, it is open to those that are over 5 foot, 10 inches. There is an essay requirement about what being tall means to the individual. The winning essay will be awarded a scholarship of $1,000. The applications are accepted from January 15th through April 15th.

To be fair though, many girls wish they were taller than they really are. The Little People of America Association offers an unusual scholarship for girls that are under 4 foot, 10 inches. You can also be the sibling of someone that is of short stature as well. The scholarship amounts vary from $250 to $1,000. Applications are taken from January 1st through April 1st.

There are numerous scholarships out there for girls that are outgoing, into sports, and more. What about those that don’t enjoy those types of activities? Among the weird scholarships for girls is the Gertrude J. Deppen Scholarship Fund. This is offered to girls that aren’t active but that also have made a pledge not to use drugs or alcohol. The applications are taken from December 30th through April 15th. There are five scholarships of $1,000 each offered. Many girls find applying for this unusual scholarship to be a great opportunity because they seldom get very many applications.

On the flip side of that though are weird scholarships for girls that excel at athletics and at being a good role model. The Body by Milk scholarship offers 25 unusual scholarships annually of $7,500 each. Along with the application, a photo of you with a milk mustache has to be included. Applications are taken from January 1st through May 31st with winners announced in June. Applicants need to show they excel in sports, they have lots of community involvement, and they have a high GPA.

Make it with Wool is one of the fun, weird scholarships for girls. It is offered by the American Sheep Industry Association. They offer a scholarship of $2,000 for the best sweater and $1,000 for second place. The judges look at the style of the sweater, the design, overall quality of the work, and creativity. All sweaters must be submitted by January 1st. Winners are announced in late February.

Seeing double or triple can be more common on college campuses than before. Many schools offer twin or triplet girls half price tuition for the second and third individual. However, both or all three have to agree to attend the same college to qualify for such a weird scholarship for girls. If you fall into this category, you should start talking to your siblings and finding out which schools offer such unusual scholarships for girls you can all benefit from.

Perhaps one of the most well known of all weird scholarships for girls happens to be the Duck Brand Duct Tape Scholarship contest. It is held each spring, around the time of prom for most high schools. The applicants have to create a formal dress out of duct tape. First prize is $2,500, second prize is $1,000, and 3rd prize is $500.

The American Fire Sprinkler Association has a drawing where you read the Fire Sprinkler Essay on the AFSA scholarship website and then take their test. There are multiple questions and a open book test. For each one answered correct, you get to deposit into a drawing up to ten entries. These are fun because it’s the luck of the draw.

Glamour has a scholarship for girls which is weird in a way because they are all about fashion and not education. Nevertheless, you must be a junior in college located in the US or Canada. The awards are very good which includes a first place $20,000 scholarship towards your tuition and there are nine $3,000 scholarship awards. Kudos to Glamour for their weird scholarships for girls!

AARP also has what I would classify as strange scholarships for girls too because AARP is all about programs for senior citizens such as how to get the best deal for your burial plot and/or best nursing homes to consider and so forth. In other words, end of the road programs and not beginning of the road educational assistance for going back to college – but they do! Only consider AARP scholarships if you’re 40 or older.

If your a Mom you may have access to many unusual scholarships. There are Mom scholarships available that may be considered on the odd scholarships for girls side of the fence. There are programs most girls haven’t really heard about but are well worth looking into simply because they are specifically geared towards Moms going back to school. Strange financial aid is the same as normal aid – green.

These weird scholarships for girls continue to grow all the time. Make sure you check out the details and requirements so that you don’t overlook any part of what you need to provide. Getting money for college with one of these scholarships will also make a very interesting story to tell!

Other Unusual Scholarships for Girls

Weird Scholarships for Odd and Strange Talents

Scout Scholarships for Girls are Unknown

The Search for Bizarre Scholarships

Bizarre Scholarships

Bizarre scholarships often hide in places that go unchecked by those looking for financial aid. These sorts of strange scholarships are very useful as many of them have very few applicants, increasing your chances of receiving the scholarship. However, you’ll need to have your entire arsenal with you, because some of these are a little odd. Mind you, most of the odd scholarships listed here are for specific interests, qualities, or attributes, so in many cases, you can simply be yourself! When it comes to affording school, every bit counts, so take a look at some of these, and find out if you qualify for some of these fun scholarships:

Tall Clubs International Scholarship: If you’re over 6’2”, you can apply for a scholarship from Tall Clubs International (TCI). You can get $1,000 towards expenses by simply writing an essay explaining “What Being Tall means to Me”.

Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest: If you have a gift for calling ducks, you can snag yourself between $200 and $1,500 for school. The scholarship delivers to first, second, and third place callers, so try your hand at this one and maybe you can get some extra college cash.

Potato Industry Scholarship: If you want to study potatoes, or something related, you can apply to get $2,000 toward your college education. The National Potato Council may be looking for your help…

The NCTA Help Santa Find the Perfect Real Christmas Tree: This odd scholarship can deliver between $5000 and $10000 to students ages 6 to 16. A winning essay can land a weird scholarship that can really put a dent in tuition.

Excellence In Predicting the Future Award: This one definitely falls into the bizarre scholarships category, though it may be just the title that’s a bit shocking. If you’d like to study economics and focus on the prediction market, you can snag yourself some valuable funds.

Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (Sammy) Award: Are you a student-athlete with a 3.2 GPA or higher? If so, you could get a $7,500 scholarship, a spot in a “milk mustache” milk commercial, and a trip to Disney World. Not bad, huh?

Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck on Prom Contest: If you feel like heading to prom in an outfit made of duct tape, you and your date could get a $3000 scholarship. So, fashion is more than just impressing your friends, these days…

Common Knowledge Challenges: Do you know a whole lot of “useless” information? You can get between $250-$3,000 from this bizarre scholarship that awards money for retaining a bunch of common knowledge.

Carnegie Mellon University Bagpipe Scholarship: This one will have quite a few applicants, but if your uncle (or anyone else) taught you how to play the bagpipes, it’s finally paying off! The award reaches $7,000 per year to those willing to major in playing the bagpipes.

American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship: Do you have some time to read an essay regarding fire sprinklers? If so, do it, then take a ten question exam. It can land you $2000 in scholarship money.

OP Loftbed Scholarship: How about one of the easiest exams you’ll ever take? This scholarship asks you to answer things like “What will you text your best friend next?”, and if you can handle that, $500 may be yours for the taking.

There’s no doubt that weird scholarships come from many places, skills, or physical features that many never imagined. While grades and community service usually play a factor, knowing how to speak “Klingon” or being incredibly short (or tall) can help you afford college without taking out expensive loans. A simple search can generate results that even guidance counselors can’t help you find. When you land one of two of these wacky scholarships in accordance with standard grants or academic scholarships, you won’t need to stress about money while studying for class. There are far more bizarre scholarships than we can list here, so stay diligent, and remember one thing…if you think of it, there’s probably a strange scholarship for it out there somewhere. You just have to find it!

Weird Scholarships for College the Wacky and Strange Way

Weird Scholarships for College the Wacky and odd Way
Weird Wacky Scholarships

The world is full of weird and wacky things. Be it any domain, you will find lots of strange stuff related to it. So what about education? Yes, you even have weird scholarships that you can apply to. Imagine anything unusualy weird and you could have a college scholarship existing for that category. Let look closer at these unusual scholarships which you should have fun applying to.

The Entomological Foundation has creepy weird scholarships for the study of entomology – or the studying of bugs. That’s right if your buggy about bugs this bug scholarship is for you. They have (4) different bug scholarship programs in which to apply to.

Are the old fashion type and like to knit, well the National Make It Yourself with Wool Contest is sponsored by the American Sheep Industry and they award an unusual scholarship in (4) categories. The objective of the ASI contest is to promote the beauty and versatility of wool fabrics and yarns. Sound like you?

DePauw University has what is called the Icy Frost Bridge Scholarship which is awarded to someone of good character and interested in constructive activities in addition to music. The main element in this weird scholarship is to be able to sing or play the National Anthem with sincerity. Just when you thought you heard it all in terms of wacky scholarships and then this one comes along. If you can sing I would apply for this strange scholarship because you may just be a natural sincere singer.

Do you have mental telepathy? Do you have psychic abilities that can be exhibited? The Parapsychology Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation which provides a worldwide forum supporting the scientific investigation of psychic phenomena. They have a odd scholarship called the Eileen J Garrett Scholarship in the amount of $3000 awarded to a person who exhibits this ability the most.

Their is a stupid or silly scholarship from the ‘Got Milk’ people which has a milk scholarship for the best milk mustaches. This funny scholarship is called the SAMMY program which stands for Scholars Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year. Twenty five $7,500 college milk scholarships will be awarded every year. Apply in November to take part of this cream of the crop milk mustache scholarship contest.

Another category of weird college scholarships for left handed people. Most things in this world are made for the right handed majority of people. Left-handed people often face difficulty while handling scissors or while writing with ink in a notebook. Well Juniata College offers a $1,000 scholarship for two left handed students each year because they just may feel being left handed is a disability. You can research about the Frederick and Mary F Beckley Scholarship to get more information on the above mentioned oddball scholarship.

Ready, aim and fire! The National Rifle Association has scholarships if you like shooting a gun and are good at it. NRA members who have attended a NRA basic firearm training course and qualified as a Pro-Marksman, Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert or Distinguished Expert “ are eligible in qualifying for a $5,000 gun scholarship. They award three every year. You have to do one more thing to be awarded this odd scholarship – submit an essay on ‘Why you became involved in the shooting sports’. I wouldn’t write about that you always wanted to shoot someone because your chances would most likely not be very good.

The next category is perhaps the weirdest of the weird scholarships. If you have been a vegetarian all through your life and have made efforts to promote vegetarianism in your school (how many people do you know who have done that?) and community you could win the $10,000 Vegetarian Scholarship from the Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG). One great way to get back your meat eating friends is by getting a better education than them! The competition would also be less, since there aren’t that many vegetarians these days as there are people who eat meat.

So why go through all that struggle for good grades and great SAT or GPA scores when you can just have fun applying and participating in some of the above wacky scholarships possibly getting some nice money that you can use to pay for your college education. It can be an adventure and it will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Win one of the many weird and unusual scholarships available today and enjoy your college experience without the headache of paying for tuition. Weird college scholarships for all doing it the wacky way that is!


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Unusual Scholarships Can Be Bizarre Fun

Bizarre fun unusual scholarships
Bizarre Fun Unusual Scholarships

The unusual stuff has always fascinated human beings. So it is even more fascinating for people to create something unusual. Below you will find information about some unusual scholarships that exist and that you can apply for if you want to and meet the requirements. The unusual scholarships are generally based on GPA. But the unique scholarships exist for every category.

To start out with in Pennsylvania there is a college called Bucknell University which offers the Gertrude Deppen Scholarship, and you can’t be an athlete. If you are you can’t apply. It seems that they are rewarding the scholarly type because there are not enough of them in their target scholarship criteria. This unusual scholarship is reserved for needy students who do not smoke or drink and who attend Mount Carmel High School. This scholarship rules out 99.9% of students so most don’t have a chance for it but I thought it was worth mentioning for all those who despise dumb athletes who get college scholarships to play sports with very low GPA’s. Hopefully this will make you feel better about college and those who receive scholarships while you have a hard time finding one.

David Letterman the late night talk show host has his own unique fun scholarship he awards through Ball State University in Muncie, Ind. Dave states that his scholarship is for the average student who has a genius inside like him. Just make a funny video and have fun doing it and if Dave falls out of his chair in laughter then you got your scholarship. The top award is $10,000 with two smaller awards for those who made Dave almost fall off his chair.

A few colleges offer unfamiliar college scholarships for twins and/or multiples. Parents of twins got to be happy with this scholarship because they can get a two for two on this bizarre scholarship program. Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti Michigan is one such college which does offer scholarships for twins. Known as a college for teachers their twin scholarship is called The Furlotte Twins Endowed Scholarship.

Another one is the short scholarship. In order to qualify for this unfamiliar scholarship you must be shorter than 4’10”. If you are, then you can download an application online from the Little People of America Scholarship website. LPA is a non-profit organization established by Billy Barty to help out people of short stature. It goes the other way too. There are scholarships for tall people too from the Tall Clubs International which awards scholarships based on height and a few other criteria.

Another unusual scholarship for inventions is given away through the Collegiate Inventors Competition. This potentially fun and uncommon scholarship seeks to encourage graduate and undergraduate students to work on new ideas, and technological innovations. The ideas submitted together with the applications should be practical and not patented. They might not have been commercialized but should not have been submitted in the previous year. They are judged for originality, inventiveness and the potential to impact the world. You don’t have to apply alone, a team of four can participate and the amount awarded to the winning team is from $5,000 – $25,000. An unknown and different scholarship for sure!

One of the most unusual and bizarre scholarships you’ll ever hear about is the one called Duct Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest. What do you have to do in order to get this stupid or maybe just a fun scholarship? You must attend the prom dressed in duct tape. Yep, that’s all it takes!

A more serious, but still unusual scholarship is the J.D Salinger Scholarship. This smart scholarship is given to those who exhibit brilliance (of the unusual kind of course!) in the field of writing. The winner gets a 4 year $25,000 scholarship per year and has the privilege to reside in the dorm room occupied by Mr. Salinger. I wonder if that brings luck or is inspirational or something. It is kind of unusual to want to study, live, breath and write in another man’s dorm room. Of course, the competition is also unusually tough. The candidates are required to be nominated by a high school teacher, and after that they’re evaluated based on their work of ten to 15 pages on various topics whether of fiction, poetry, nonfiction or hybrid genres, but who doesn’t want to fight over a nice inspiring scholarship?

So if you think you are gifted with the special characteristics needed for some of these bizarre and unusual scholarships why not give them a try. You can stand out as well as get some money for your education. Who knows, this might be an important step on your way to etching your name in history!

Weird Scholarships for Odd College Students

Odd scholarships for Unusual Talents
Odd Students & Weird Scholarships

Many students need to get financial aid be it a scholarship or grant in order to pursue a college education, and as many of them are special and unique, there are certain weird scholarships available to them. There really should be no difference in the applicants mind when applying for any financial aid whether it’s considered a strange scholarship or not because it’s all free money which will pay their tuition. A standard scholarship is basically received for grades or a great written essay, but the the so called unusual and odd scholarships might have some interesting topics to be addressed and they can be directed to certain categories of students who actually may have some odd talents which easily get them awarded a scholarship. Let’s look closer at this.

There are numerous weird scholarships that are given away for various reasons and purposes. For example, you could receive one for being tall, or for being left-handed, if you like potatoes or if you watch David Letterman. So which are the strangest scholarships one can apply for? Check out these top 5 odd scholarships listed below along with other unusual and unknown scholarships and remember they all do one thing – pay your college tuition so don’t be shy about applying to them if you feel you have a chance.

Strangest Scholarships

Strange scholarship no. 1 is one that is awarded for your last name. It’s actually a name scholarship. If your name is Van Valkenburg or something similar to it, you can get up to $1,000 without being tied down to a certain university. You can even get it if your mom, grandma, grand-grandma or grand-grand-grand-etc-ma had that name. No grades, no essays, no GPA, no creativity, just a name. Now isn’t this a strange scholarship?

Coming in second place for a weird scholarship is the Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship. You can get up to $10,000 just for hating carnivores and omnivores. The only thing you have to do in order to meet the requirements for this strange scholarship is to promote in your school, community, city while you’re in high school.

Weird scholarship number three is awarded for predicting the future! The Excellence in Predicting the Future Award addresses students that want to pursue an economics college education and is meant to encourage them to get involved in the prediction market. In order to apply for this $400 strange scholarship, you must be a registered user on Troy Studios website and participate in the Prediction Market. This small but unusual scholarship is awarded every two months.

The fourth strangest scholarship you can apply for is given away for students that like candy and are interested in confectionary technology. If you get the first scholarship, you will receive $5,000 from The American Association of Candy Technologists. On the other hand, this wacky scholarship has some tough requirements. You need to have a GPA score of at least 3.0, have a major in food/chemical/biological science or other related domains, choose to attend a college or university based in North America and be able to demonstrate you are interested in confectionery technology.

The fifth wacky unknown weird scholarships are given away by the Ball State University and amounts $10,000. So what’s the name of this unknown scholarship? It’s called the David Letterman Scholarship in Telecommunications. As Letterman himself stated, “Grades are not a criterion or condition for eligibility”. You can be an average student and still get this unusual scholarship for your creativity. So go ahead, be creative and get ten grand just like that!

Other Strange, Unusual, Strange and Weird Scholarships

You can bowl for scholarship dollars by being a good bowler. The USBC BOWLING SCHOLARSHIPS, sponsored by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), offers to the USBC Youth Members so they can earn college bowling scholarships to achieve their dreams and grow professionally. There are various bowling scholarships which members can subsidize their education for high school, college or university.

Can drinking wine get you a wine scholarship? Maybe or maybe not but there is a scholarship for wine if you are a connoisseur. It seems odd but there is scholarship money for this unusual culinary field of study.

The Patrick Kerr Skateboard scholarship program has money for outstanding skateboarding skills. Does it sound like you? Well this is not a dream you are reading about and you can go to college and skateboard having part of it paid for because you’re good at it.

There are even weird scholarships for milk. If you are planning to earn a degree in dairy production, marketing, or research, you may be interested to find about the unusual milk scholarship available through the DUIA. DHIA is short for the National Dairy Herd Information Association and they have scholarships for all you cow milk lovers.

Tea council of the USA Inc. has a tea scholarship of all things to help float tea lovers to college. There is one $15,000 tea scholarship and August 2nd is the deadline for applications.

Got beef? Do you like steak, hamburger or any red meat? The American farmers are serious about their livestock, and the National Jersey Youth Scholarships prove this easily. This scholarships foundation awards over $10,000 in cattle beef scholarships for agriculture students each year. Whether you’re a college freshman or planning to enroll in
graduate school, the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) offers plenty of chances to earn money for college.

What do bullets and scholarships have in common? It’s almost like oil and water but the National Rifle Association has women NRA scholarships called the Women’s Wildlife Management/Conservation Scholarship. They offer (1) year $1,000 scholarships to full-time college juniors or seniors having a minimum GPA of 3.0 who is majoring in wildlife management/conservation. November 15th is the application deadline so start taking aim for those NRA scholarship dollars.

Bah Bah black sheep have you any sheep scholarship dollars. Yes I do in the amount of $1,500 – for sheep-related graduate studies. The Sheep Heritage Memorial Foundation has this award for those students wanting to advance the sheep industry, lamb and wool. June 1st is the application deadline for all you sheep and wool lovers.

Love food, cooking and eating? Well then look no further then the The Culinary Institute of America which has a variety of culinary scholarships to apply too. You can eat your way through college for free.

Do you love french fries, mashed potatoes or any kind of potatoes? You’re in luck because the The National Potato Council offers (1) $5,000 weird scholarship to a graduate student pursuing advanced studies in Agribusiness for the purpose of improving the Potato Industry. June 15th is the potatoe scholarship application deadline.

In the end, you can see that nowadays there are many unusual weird unknown scholarships being given away for weird reasons. Nonetheless, as a student you will find them useful. So if you have some odd talent and fit into any of the above-mentioned strange unknown scholarships, go ahead and financially ease your way into college. If you don’t submit an application you will never have a chance at winning any scholarship.

Weird scholarships for college the wacky and strange way.

Weird Gay Scholarships by National Gay Pilots Association NGPA

NGPA Scholarships
NGPA Scholarships

The National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) Education Fund Scholarships, also known as the NGPA Education Fund, or NGAP-EF, offers gay scholarships to students who are working towards careers as pilots in the aviation field. However, there are certain stipulations that apply in order to be eligible for the scholarship program. One of these stipulations makes this fall into the weird scholarships category in today’s scholarship world – but in a good way.

The first stipulation is that you must have some level of community involvement, and preferably, that involvement will be in support of the gay community, including support of lesbians, gay, bi-sexual individuals, and transgender people. The community as a whole is known as the LGBT community.

The next provision of this gay scholarship is that you do not have to be gay to be eligible for National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) Education Fund Scholarships. Normally, you must be gay to receive a gay scholarship but the NGPA association opens this up to non gay students as long as they meet the other requirements. This makes the NGPA award into the weird scholarships classification because one would immediately think that you must be gay to even be considered for this scholarship for gay pilots. Maybe it’s because there is a shortage of gay pilots and/or the NGPA also try’s to have non gays garnish support for the gay community. Be that as it may this is a solid scholarship with fair qualifying criteria which doesn’t discriminate against non gays and there is something to be said about that. It still makes our weird scholarships list because of this unusual but fair to all qualifying caveat.

Other than your support and community involvement in support of the LGBT, and the fact that you must be working towards a career as a pilot, you must also be enrolled in an accredited school in a program of study for airport management, engineering, aerospace, aerodynamics, or a related field. Unlike many other scholarship programs, you do not have to be a citizen of the United States, and you do not have to be attending a school in the United States in order to qualify.

The funds awarded by the National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) Education Fund Scholarships cannot be used towards paying for private flying lessons, or private pilot certification. However, the funds can be used for tuition at a Government Certified Flight School.

When you apply for these weird scholarships for gay students, you must fill out the application, and provide information that documents your academic progress and achievements, your community work, any work experience that you may have, extra curricular activities that you have been involved in and of course your financial need. Any awards or honors that you have received should be included, and you will need a letter of recommendation as well.

Along with your Gay Pilots Association application you will also be required to submit two essays with your application. One of your essays must be about your career goals and objectives, and the second essay must be about your contribution to the LGBT community. Due to the large number of applications that are received, any application that does not have these two essays included will not be considered for the NGPA gay scholarships.

Examples of LGBT community service work include volunteering for an AIDS organization, the American Civil Liberties Union, or participating in other organizations that work to support the LGBT community.

If you are granted a gay college scholarship award by the NGPA, your award amount will be sent directly to your school. The numbers of awards that are given out each year, as well as award amounts, vary from year to year, but the average award amount is $3500 per gay scholarship.

Applications for the National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) gay scholarships can be obtained through the NGPA website, and they must be submitted by March 1st of each year. Winners of these awards are announced during the summer months, with the awards being disbursed for the fall semester following the announcement of winners. If these weird scholarships for gays; but fair to all seem that it may fit into your lifestyle then this gay college scholarship is worth exploring.

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Odd & Weird Scholarships
Odd & Weird Scholarships

There are hundreds of scholarships available for college students today and some of them are just outright weird scholarships for odd & strange talents. You can look them up on the Internet. Perhaps you know about the more popular scholarships and it could be that those are the only ones you apply for. You may be missing out on some lost opportunities if you have some sort of weird talent.

It is good to know that there are still people in the world with a sense of humor. There are some crazy scholarships today that will make you laugh or shake your head in disbelief but it just could be that you might qualify for one of them and make you a few extra dollars towards your college education.

Let’s take the Alice McArver Ratchford Scholarship for instance. To qualify for these weird scholarships you must be a female and be enrolled at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro. Students have to submit their FAFSA and must make their home on campus. The applicant cannot have a car or be married and cannot have won another scholarship. The student also needs to display a financial need. If you can meet the criteria you must submit your application by March 1st of the scholarship year.

Okay, prepare yourself for this one because this is one strange scholarship. The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest has a crazy scholarship for you. No, I am not quacking around. Stuttgart, Arkansas in the United States is home to this duck calling oddball scholarship contest. You can be a high school senior anywhere in the USA and qualify. The only other criteria you have to meet are, well, you have to be able to call a duck. The first prize is actually something to quack about. The winner will receive a $1,500 weird college scholarship. The second place winner gets to take home a $500 scholarship, while third and forth place finishers take home $300 and $200 respectably. Stop quacking up and give it a try.

Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana offers the David Letterman Scholarship for Telecommunications. The oddball aspect about this strange scholarship is that it is not based on academic performance. Your grades do not matter. What you do have to be is creative. First of all you have to be studying telecommunications as either a major or a minor. All you have to do is submit a creative project that displays your creativity. You do have to be in the first quarter of either your junior or senior year in college. Your submitted project can be written, in audio form, a short film or on videotape. If it is creative and you win you will receive $10,000 in weird college scholarships. Second place finishers receive a $5,000 award while the third place student gets $3,333. All submissions must be turned in by March 26th of the scholarship year.

There are many more strange & crazy scholarships available. We have covered but a few here. They might sound a little weird but they are just real scholarships for college students with odd talents. The way the economy has been, money for college is hard to come by. Every little bit helps. If you can find one of these weird scholarships where your talent matches up, then it may just offer a helping hand.

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Weird College Scholarships are out there if you just take the time to look for them and not be so fussy on what type of scholarship you are trying to get. Many people can be nailing down a college scholarship for some weird and unique characteristic they have, but don’t even think twice about trying to go to college on it. They become an unclaimed college scholarship because they are so unknown.

Are you good at duck calling?

Are you good at using duck tape?

Duck tape college weird scholarships

Are you tall?

Do you like to skateboard?

Do you have a name that is unique and a little odd?

Do you like milk and are an athelete?

Are you excellent at predicting the future? There is an award for this!

These are some of the weird scholarships that people can get to help pay for some of your school. They are unusual and uncommon, somewhat strange when it comes to thinking about scholarships, but they exist!
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