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Possibilities to get Unclaimed Scholarships

Unclaimed scholarships for college students can be really worth a lot of money. The good thing about these college scholarships is the fact they are less known.

University of the People Tuition Free Scholarships – Weird or Ahead of Their Time!

Maybe the UoP tuition free scholarships are just plain weird scholarships; or they are ahead of their time and this is just a glimps of the future.

Weird Scholarships for Girls

There are some weird scholarships for girls out there! They are very interesting and unusual scholarships for girls who are looking for student aid.

The Search for Bizarre Scholarships

Bizarre scholarships often hide in places that go unchecked by those looking for financial aid. These sorts of strange scholarships have very few applicants.

Weird Scholarships for College the Wacky and Strange Way

Weird scholarships that you can apply to – Imagine anything unusualy strange, odd or wacky and you could posssibly get a college scholarship existing for that category.

Unusual Scholarships Can Be Bizarre Fun

Below you will find information about some unusual scholarships that are bizarre, unique and fun which you can apply for if you meet the requirements.

Weird Scholarships for Odd College Students

Weird scholarships for unusual, strange and odd college students who have these wacky talents help pay for college tuition.

Weird Gay Scholarships by National Gay Pilots Association NGPA

National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) Scholarships, offers weird gay scholarships to students who are working towards careers as pilots in the aviation field.

Weird Scholarships for Odd and Strange Talents

There are many scholarships available for college students today & some are weird scholarships for odd & strange talents. These crazy scholarships pay tuition.

College and Weird Scholarships

Weird Scholarships for going to college!

Skateboard scholarships for college studentsmilk lovers college scholarship for milk loversCrazy and weird college scholarships

Weird College Scholarships are out there if you just take the time to look for them and not be so fussy on what type of scholarship you are trying to get. Many people can be nailing down a college scholarship for some weird and unique characteristic they have, but don’t even think twice about trying to go to college on it. They become an unclaimed college scholarship because they are so unknown.

Are you good at duck calling?

Are you good at using duck tape?

Duck tape college weird scholarships

Are you tall?

Do you like to skateboard?

Do you have a name that is unique and a little odd?

Do you like milk and are an athelete?

Are you excellent at predicting the future? There is an award for this!

These are some of the weird scholarships that people can get to help pay for some of your school. They are unusual and uncommon, somewhat strange when it comes to thinking about scholarships, but they exist!
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