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Unclaimed Scholarships for College Viewpoints

Much information on the internet indicate that unclaimed college scholarships can actually help you find a scholarship which was not awarded. That if a student is thinking of helping themselves out in paying for their college tuition themselves, then all they need to do is search for: ‘student unclaimed scholarships’ online and apply for them, […]

Understanding what Unclaimed Scholarships Are

There are many definitions of what unclaimed scholarships are, and there really is no one answer that is correct. Unclaimed scholarship monies are unused student aid.

Are Union Plus Scholarships going Unclaimed?

There is plenty of great value offered through Union Plus Scholarships, so don’t let them go unclaimed if you are part of a union. This organization is dedicated to helping with funding for college due to the fact that it can help people towards a more secure future. The funds are offered for union members so […]

National Space Scholarships Grants College and Fellowship Program

The National Space Grant Scholarships College and Fellowship Program was implemented in 1989 which may go unclaimed because it’s so unknown.

Imagine America Foundation (IAF) Scholarships go Undiscovered

The goal of the IAF is to identify various types of unclaimed Imagine America Foundation Scholarships that students may need.

Unknown Scholarships for Women

Female students who are seeking financial assistance to complete their education, may be surprised to find there are a number of unknown scholarships for women.

Boren Scholarships and Fellowships little Known

The goal of the little known Boren Scholarships and Fellowships is to give students the chance to learn about languages in other parts of the world.

Collegiate Inventors Competition Scholarship

The Collegiate Inventors Competition scholarship is a type of national award program that recognizes and rewards discoveries, research and innovations.

Unclaimed Scholarships are Little Known

Most scholarships everyone is aware of them, so focus on little known scholarships because these are the ones that could turn out to be unclaimed scholarships.

Home School Scholarships for HomeSchoolers

There are actually home school scholarships for HomeSchoolers available but most are unknown scholarships.

Unknown Scholarships for Women Fund Educational Pursuits

Funding a college education can be an expensive undertaking, but these unknown scholarships for women can help lighten the student financial load for women.

What are Unclaimed Scholarships?

What are unclaimed scholarships for students who are willing to search out such funds and does unclaimed scholarship money really exist?

Scholarships for Illegal Immigrants or Undocumented Students

There are some unknown scholarships for illegal immigrants or undocumented students. Some are private illegal immigrant scholarships.

Guidelines about Unclaimed Scholarships

It can be tough to know what to think about unclaimed scholarships. Unclaimed scholarship money may have been out there and you didn’t get to use it for college.

Many Club Scholarships are Unknown

There are plenty of clubs which offer club scholarships grants out there. They tend to be unknown scholarships unless your a member of that particular club.

Unused Scholarships are Unknown Money

There may be millions of dollars in unused scholarships; money that piles up every single year because the sources of the scholarships are unknown about.

Easy Scholarships are Unknown to Most Students

Easy scholarships from some well known places are unknown to many students.

The Siemens Scholarship Program

The Siemens scholarship program is provided every year through a partnership between Siemens and the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

Agnostic and Atheist Scholarships

There are Agnostic and Atheist scholarships and many Christians especially would think they shouldn’t give these unusual and unknown scholarships to unbelievers.

Subway Scholarships are Little Known

The fast food Subway scholarships are one example of corporate businesses that seek to encourage its workers to further their education via Subway and beyond.


Subway Scholarships

Many businesses offer little known corporate scholarships to current or former employees and often extend eligibility to employees’ family members. The fast food Subway scholarships are one example of businesses that seek to encourage its workers to further their education and pursue their dreams at Subway and beyond. Corporate scholarships are becoming more and more common and while once underutilized by students searching for scholarship money, awareness of these is growing. Even smaller companies are starting to offer scholarships. Not all companies require employment with the business for eligibility, so you should still investigate this type of scholarship. Many corporations, like Subway, offer college scholarships for a variety of reasons: to promote education and their business, to enrich the lives of community members, even as advertisement or a public relations move. If you have worked at a large company or franchised corporation, you should definitely inquire about corporate scholarship opportunities as they may not be highly publicized.

Fred DeLuca, Subway’s founder values education. In fact, the idea for the Subway Corporation was born directly from DeLuca’s own desire to further his education past a high school diploma. As a 17-year old high school graduate in 1965, he did not have the money to continue on to college. Instead, he and family friend Peter Buck opened a submarine sandwich shop as a means to earn the money needed. Within 10 years they had more than financed their futures, having opened 16 stores in Connecticut with many more to follow. Subway had been born from dedication, hard work and dreams – all of which the owners hope for and expect from their employees. The Subway scholarship was a natural way to invest in all of those things and for DeLuca and Buck to give back to Subway employees.

Subway employees and their children are eligible for a subway college scholarship if a few requirements are met. Employees must have worked for Subway for at least 15 hours a week for six months and parent employees with children seeking a scholarship must work for a minimum of 30 hours a week. Students must be attend an accredited two- or four- year college anywhere in the world and maintain a 2.75 or higher GPA. Offering these unknown scholarships coincides with Subway’s emphasis on family. They seek to build strong relationships between all employees, the community, and the business, as individuals within a family must. The Subway Corporation wants to help take care of the people who have helped to make Subway a success.

Most Subway scholarships are $1000 and are distributed to the college of choice in two semester increments, during the student’s freshmen year. It is important to check the fast food scholarships by Subway specifically available in your state of residence, as some states may have Sub scholarships that range up to $3000. For instance, Subway of South Carolina offers a $3000 obscure scholarship. All the fast food scholarship applications are accepted between the months of September and November with a winner being announced in late November or early December. Recipients are chosen based on the perceived ability of the applicant to succeed in their chosen area of study and on his/her academic merit. It does not matter what that subject matter is as long as the student seems dedicated to it and able to succeed in it.

Since Subways are now franchised, the remote scholarship in a given city or area may have more specific criteria, based on the employers interests or decisions. Many Subway scholarships are even named after an influential former/current employee to serve as an honor to that individual and a statement about the type of individual being sought for recognition. When searching for the correct little known scholarship from Subway for you, make sure you find the award affiliated with the Subway in which you were employed or at a minimum, the state Subway Scholarship Committee in which you reside. You can email Subway at [email protected] to find out which affiliates you can contact for your area, or use the contact information below to call them direct. Some affiliates will even provide scholarships for students who have no affiliation with the company whatsoever and who are looking for student aid.

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