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Did you know that Target stores has a Target scholarship to help pay for your high college tutition? It should not be one of those unclaimed scholarships either. A very good reason is if you shopped there over the years, you most likely contributed to this target scholarship fund many times over. Especially if you visited Target on a regular basis like I do. It’s a great store with great prices! Nevertheless, you may want to apply for target scholarships because they are nice and generous on the amount of the award they offer.

Apply for Target scholarships

The increased technology evident in today’s society means that young persons seeking jobs must be adequately prepared to enter the workforce after high school graduation. This means that many more graduates will decide to compete for college degrees or educational certificates. This competition allows colleges to increase tuition each year, and require students to find additional monies to assist them to pay for educational expenses.

Target and cfda scholarship and awards

Many websites offer free scholarship searches to students. Target scholarship affiliates, for example, offer several helpful awards to young students. One of the more unusual scholarship funding efforts underwritten partly by Target is the CFDA/Teen Vogue Scholarship. This scholarship offers awards to high school graduates who demonstrate exceptional talent in fashion design and seek to pursue a four-year degree in that field. The top winner is awarded $25,000 and is designated as the year’s Target Fashion Scholar. Five additional Target scholarships of $5,000 each are awarded each year.

Target has dedicated $250,000 annually to the maintenance of this program. Furthermore, each winner receives a sewing machine and several books about fashion design. The top winner will be provided with several opportunities to visit Target’s design headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Target scholarship opportunity

If you are an individual with excellent fashion sense and are considering pursuing a career in clothing design, consider taking advantage of this unique and incredible target scholarship opportunity!


UNCF Community Leaders Scholarship Program

Another scholarship opportunity provided by Target is a new United Negro College Fund, or UNCF scholarship. This award, designated as the Target/UNCF Community Leaders Scholarship Program, offers $5,000 each to eight UNCF college juniors who demonstrate additional financial needs. These students must have proven themselves committed to improvement in their home communities. Apply for Target scholarships by using their free scholarship applications; available online for students who attend UNCF member universities and have maintained a 3.0 grade point average (GPA). Award winners will be designated as Target Community Leaders.

Target Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)

Recently, Target was also responsible for endowing another minority scholarship fund. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) received enough monies from Target Corporation to offer 50 additional HSF scholarships. This minority scholarship provider requires students to maintain a 3.0 GPA, to be a legal citizen or permanent resident of the United States, and to have a Hispanic ethnic heritage.

In addition to these requirements, HSF Scholarship students must attend an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree program at an accredited college in the 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the Virgin Islands. Students pursuing their first undergraduate degree in most public relations or business-related fields may apply. Graduate students who apply must be studying business administration or management. Some awards are also available for pharmacy scholarships. The amount of each Target scholarship varies, but awards range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Apply for Target scholarships


Target Corporation has been responsible for several scholarship funding ventures. Students who meet the criteria for these scholarships can apply online without charge. If you might be eligible for a Target scholarships, do not let the opportunity for funding part of your college education pass you by. Filling out the Target scholarship application may save you years of paying back college loans! Do not let any one these great unique scholarships go unclaimed.

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  1. Target scholarships are one of the better ones and the restrictiions are not impossible to meet. Worth pursuing.

  2. You will find working with Target Headquarters on Target college scholarships is a nice experience and they are very helpful in dealing with you. They make a special effort on this it seems, compared to other places offering scholarships. It’s almost like they want you to win one of their Target scholarships so you will tell other people about the nice experience you had with them. Nevertheless; this does work and you feel even better about shopping there. More companies should operate like them!!!

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