Guaranteed Scholarships are Fast and Easy Scholarships

Guaranteed Scholarships
Guaranteed Scholarships

The truly fast and easy scholarships are the ‘guaranteed scholarships’, which are awarded by the college or university, or by certain organizations. This easy scholarship is guaranteed because the student has the guarantee that they will receive the scholarship, if they meet the criteria for the scholarship. This typically means that there is no interview or selection process, and there is no limit to the number of scholarships awarded each year. You must of course fill out all their required application & necessary paperwork to receive your guaranteed scholarship you are applying for, but other then that, you are pretty much pre-approved for the scholarship if your past accomplishments match the description of what it takes to be awarded the guarantee scholarship. You can tell by just reading the required guidelines if you fit or not.

You may be eligible for multiple guaranteed scholarships from the school that you are going to attend, and you should apply for all of them. However, in most cases, you will only receive one of these scholarships from the school, and this is usually the scholarship with the highest award amount.

For example, if you are a member of the National Honor Society and you were in the Boy Scouts, some schools have scholarships for both. If the amount of the scholarship for the National Honor Society is $1000, and the amount for the Boy Scouts scholarship is $500, you would win the National Honor Society guaranteed scholarship, but not the Boy Scouts scholarship. While this is how most schools award these guaranteed scholarships, this isn’t true for all schools, and it isn’t always applied to all scholarships that the school awards, so again, you should apply for every one of these fast & easy scholarships that you are eligible for if they are guaranteed.

Even though you are guaranteed to win a scholarship, based on certain criteria, this does not mean that you will continue to be awarded with the financial aid from the scholarship each year if you fail to meet certain criteria for the retention of the scholarship. For example, if your grade point average falls below a certain number, you may no longer be eligible for your guaranteed scholarship. This is where it stops becoming such an easy scholarship anymore. You must work hard to stay within the guidelines from semester to semester.

Although the type of guaranteed scholarships of this kind offered by each college or university differ, some honors or conditions that may make you eligible for these awards include being a member of the National Honor Society, being the Valedictorian or Salutatorian of your high schools graduating class, being a National Merit award winner, winning certain science fairs, being a Boy Scout or Girl Scout, being a Legacy student because one of your parents graduated from the school, having a sibling who attends or attended the school, having high ACT or SAT scores, having a high GPA, or having a parent who is a minister of a certain religion. Again, different schools offer different types of scholarships that are guaranteed.

As you can see, there is a wide range of memberships and circumstances that can make you eligible for all the various types of these easy scholarships, and again, the different guaranteed scholarships for each school vary. Although the stipends for these awards is usually fairly low – around $1000 on average – each guarantee scholarship that you are eligible to receive will help with your college tuition or other college expenses. It is important to note that there are deadlines for applying, and if you meet the eligibility requirements for these awards, you must apply for them by those deadlines – as these awards are not ‘automatic.’

Get connected with the easiest of scholarships with a guaranteed scholarship which will quickly help knock down your school tuition bill. Inquire at the college of your choice to see if they have any of these fast and easy pre-approved scholarships. The financial aids manager on staff should be able to offer you expert advice on what organizations participate with them in offering guaranteed type scholarships presently. If you have past noteworthy achievements, check directly with those who sponsored your achievements if they have scholarship programs that apply. A little phone work is all that may be necessary to find out.

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