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If you live in a community that is near any Cargill business, you may be eligible for one of the Cargill Community Scholarship Programs. Often, unknown scholarships that are available in a student’s local community are over looked as a possible source of funding for a higher education because students simply aren’t aware of them. This very well could be the case with the Cargill scholarship for high school students. Cargill hands out large amounts of relatively unknown scholarships each and every year and all high school students should take the time to apply if they default into the Cargill scholarship criteria. These can be easy scholarships for many high school students.

Cargill is an international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial & industrial products and services. Started in 1865, Cargill has 159,000 employees world wide in 68 countries. Cargill is an innovative company which has been prosperous at challanging economic, environmental and social problems head on.

The Cargill Scholarship Program includes three different scholarships – the Cargill Community Scholarship Program, the Cargill Scholarship Program for Sons & Daughters – High School Juniors, and the Cargill Scholarship Program for Sons & Daughters – High School Seniors.

To be eligible for the Cargill Community Scholarship Programs community scholarship, you must be a high school senior, and you must live in a community near a Cargill business operation. While the scholarship application must be signed by someone who works for Cargill, Cargill employees and their children are not eligible for this particular HS scholarship.

The amount of this scholarship for high school seniors award is $1000, and a $200 grant is given to each winner’s high school library as a bonus. This is a one time award and it is awarded to 350 students annually. Applications are usually due in February of each year, and the winners are notified in May. The application is usually available from the Cargill website in November of each year.

The other two scholarship types make up the rest of the Cargill Community Scholarships Programs, and these corporate scholarships are for the children of Cargill employees. The first one is the Cargill Scholarship Program for Sons & Daughters – High School Juniors. As the name implies it is awarded to high school juniors, and only ten of these scholarships are awarded annually. Students should apply during their junior year of high school, and applications are due in February.

The amount of this scholarship for high school juniors is $1000, for each year of college, up to four years. Any high school junior is eligible if they have a parent working for Cargill, and if they have taken the PSAT/NMSQT. Remember, that this is a renewable scholarship, meaning that you will receive $1000 for each year that you are in college, but there may be conditions such as maintaining a certain grade point average to remain eligible. Your parent will also need to remain an employee of the company to retain eligibility.

The second high school scholarship, the Cargill Scholarship Program for Sons & Daughters – High School Seniors, have the same guidelines and requirements, except that the student must be a senior when they apply. (40) of these scholarships are awarded each year, but they are one time awards, in the amount of $3000.

If you are eligible for either of these unknown scholarships for high school students for sons and daughters, you should apply for both – in your junior year of high school, and again in your senior year. These high school scholarships are not made available to graduate students.

If you are not eligible for these high school scholarships, or you do not win one, be aware that the Cargill Community Scholarship Programs have other options, such as internship programs or employee tuition reimbursement programs. Check with your high school guidance counselor or visit the Cargill Scholarship website to get more information about their scholarships and these other opportunities.

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