Oil Can Henry’s Scholarships may go Unclaimed

Oil Can Henry Scholarships may become Unclaimed Scholarships
Oil Can Henry Scholarships

Oil Can Henry’s scholarships could be unclaimed scholarships if not enough applicants apply for them or even if there are no qualified applicants for each of their (80) plus locations. This is what their scholarship guidelines indicate. It’s a straight up and fair to all scholarship program which should be considered for those high school seniors graduating in one of Oil Can Henry’s participating communities. It’s not a nationwide type program by any means. You don’t have to even major in a particular field of study in college to receive this corporate scholarship. In fact you are eligible for the Oil Can Henry Scholarship Program even if you plan to attend an accredited vocational-technical school or two year community college. This is very generous of Oil Can Henry’s scholarship program.

Oil Can Henry’s was started in 1978 and now has approximately (85) locations scattered throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington. They provide the standard variety maintenance services for your vehicle which all car drivers must have done in order for your car to continue running smoothly. Oil Can Henry’s seems to pleasing many customers with their services and they are giving back to their communities with their corporate scholarship program. This is nice to see because companies that do give back to those who support them seem to keep doing well. People remember these things nowadays.

Oil Can Henry’s awards a $1,000 scholarship for each of their (80) plus locations. That’s $80,000 or more in potentially unclaimed scholarships if not enough high school seniors apply. There will be (3) finalist per location too, so many students do get a fair look before they present the final $1,000 scholarship at each location.

The criteria to apply is simple – be a graduating senior in a community Oil Can Henry’s has a presence and the second criteria is that you must be planning to attend college or a vocational-technical school full time for the full 2010 – 2011 school year. there is an application to fill out which must be turned in by April 7. A good academic record along with proven leadership skills is considered when evaluating the winners. Oil Can Henry’s looks for someone who also has work experience and participated in school as well as community functions. Financial need is not considered. An essay will also need to be turned in with the Oil Can Henry’s scholarship application. All standard scholarship requirements for this are the best way to accurately pick scholarship winners. It all paints a clear picture of what the applicants are all about.

Scholarship Management Services administers Oil Can Henry’s Scholarship program which does scholarship management for many corporations today and they pick scholarship winners without regards to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability or national origin. They are impartial on selecting corporate scholarship winners for Oil Can Henry’s which is exactly the way they want it.

If you go to Oil Can Henry’s website you get a strong sense that this company operates their business based on good old fashioned principles of honesty and integrity and who earns their trust from their customers. It’s a place I would feel very comfortable taking my vehicle in, especially in a pinch. You can see why Oil Can Henry’s wants to give back to the community with their scholarship program because you sense they really care.

Don’t let the Oil Can Henry’s scholarship program become unclaimed scholarships which never are awarded. If you know of a graduating senior in the OCH community tell him/her to get an oil change at OCH and inquire into their scholarship program or visit – Oil Can Henry’s Scholarship application and apply. It’s easy to do and fun to win.

Oil Scholarships may go Unclaimed

For any questions about the Oil Can Henry’s Scholarship Program direct them to:

Oil Can Henry’s Scholarship Program
Scholarship Management Services
One Scholarship Way
Saint Peter, MN 56082
Telephone: 507-931-1682

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