The Unclaimed First Generation Scholarship

Unclaimed First Generation Scholarships
First Generation Scholarships

There is a great variety of unclaimed scholarships and grants available to various prospective students around the country. Every unclaimed scholarship is a little bit different. Some are based on the needs of particular groups of people. There are scholarships purposely geared towards the disabled. Scholarships also exist for musicians and athletes. You name it; there is probably a scholarship out there for it somewhere. There are also many unclaimed first generation scholarships for those students who are the first in their family to attend college.

All of these unclaimed scholarships are designed to assist prospective students with the skyrocketing costs of education. It seems to get harder and harder to chase down the American dream of a good college education. These various unknowned scholarships can make the financial journey a little easier; especially for that first generation prospective student. These students don’t have someone in the family, who has been through the process to guide them. If Mom and Dad never attended college and no older brother or sister attended college; then the student is more apt to be frightened, nervous or simply uncomfortable about the whole educational game plan. The process of registering for college can be a daunting experience. That is why there is a great need for the first generation scholarship – it makes for a smoother transition to college.

In most cases; the families that don’t attend college, don’t go because they cannot afford it financially. How many potential great minds have fallen to the wayside because they could not afford to pay for post high school education? There is not one basic scholarship for first generation students. These scholarships differ from sponsor to sponsor. They all have their specific criteria and requirements that have to be satisfied before the scholarship is awarded.

As with any scholarship there will be important paperwork that will have to be submitted. In most cases the student will always need to supply their academic records. In addition, recommendation letters are often required as well. Many first generation scholarships programs will ask for a personal statement explaining why the individual thinks they should be selected for the financial assistance. Since each sponsor bases their criteria on their own expectations; the prospective student has to be a wise and savvy shopper when searching for that good first generation scholarship.

There are literally hundreds of educational facilities across the country that offer some type of first generation college scholarship. The key to finding the right first generation scholarship is to take the time to do your research. Attending a college or university is part of the American dream. The competition for these unclaimed scholarships is as competitive as any unknown scholarship, anywhere. However, for those willing to fight for the American dream; there is hope. All a prospective student has to do is hop on the Internet and begin searching for the first generation scholarship that is right for their needs. The Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship or the Catawba College First Family Scholarship of North Carolina would be ideal places to start. Catawba College offers $14,500 in financial aid to the students chosen. Coca-Cola sponsors this type of scholarship in over 31 states, at over 400 educational facilities.

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