How to Find Unclaimed Scholarships for College

Unknown and Unclaimed Scholarships for College
Unclaimed Scholarships

Are you looking for unclaimed scholarships for your college? Everyone’s heard that each year a pretty good amount of money goes unclaimed or unused. But how can one get one of these unclaimed scholarships. Where can you find them, what are their requirements and why don’t many students apply for them?

The thing is that most of these unclaimed scholarships are given away for weird reasons or have odd requirements so they remain unused scholarships because no one can seem to match the criteria. Nonetheless, if you need support to get yourself though college, then you should take a look at them and see if any of these unspecified scholarships can be right just for you.

For example, if you enjoy nudist, you can get a scholarship offered by the American Nudist Research Library. All you have to do to get $1,000 is write a short essay and be a part of a nudist organization for at least three years. I can see how a nude scholarship can easily go unclaimed. No wondering here.

You can even get a scholarship for being left-handed. But in order to apply for this little known scholarship you must study at the Juniata College in Huntingdon. This may be little too restrictive for most students.

Other unheard about scholarships are available for tall people. Girls that want to apply for one of these height scholarships must be at least 5’10”, while boys must measure 6’2″ or more in order to qualify.

The following tips will help you to find an unclaimed or unknown scholarships that you can get and that suits you best:

• Assess your hobbies, your talents etc and then search for scholarships that are related to what you’re interested in. Figure out some unique feature or assets you might have that are required in order to get an unclaimed scholarship.
• Secondly, you need to do some research on the eligibility criteria. Apply accordingly based on the criteria and make sure that not many people know about the scholarship.
• You can also search for these types of unknown scholarships with the help of Google. Try searching for unclaimed, or unknown scholarships and you might find one that you’d be guaranteed to get.
• Don’t wait too long before searching for these undisclosed scholarships since you may miss the submission dates. It is recommended to start your research ahead of time.
• Most businesses and corporations award money to the students to maintain a positive image in the community. Check with these businesses and try to get funds suitable for you.
• You can also check with your financial aid office at you college. There are chances of getting some pointers with regard to finding unclaimed scholarships.

If you really want to get money for your education, then you will have to work hard in searching for the obscure, unknown and unidentified scholarships. You just need to be a detective and investigate to unlock that secret money even if you have to call the colleges directly. To keep you interested in doing this daily; remember that if you find financial aid for yourself you just got reimbursed for all your hard research work.

Finding an unclaimed student loan scholarship.

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