Unusual Scholarships Can Be Bizarre Fun

Bizarre fun unusual scholarships
Bizarre Fun Unusual Scholarships

The unusual stuff has always fascinated human beings. So it is even more fascinating for people to create something unusual. Below you will find information about some unusual scholarships that exist and that you can apply for if you want to and meet the requirements. The unusual scholarships are generally based on GPA. But the unique scholarships exist for every category.

To start out with in Pennsylvania there is a college called Bucknell University which offers the Gertrude Deppen Scholarship, and you can’t be an athlete. If you are you can’t apply. It seems that they are rewarding the scholarly type because there are not enough of them in their target scholarship criteria. This unusual scholarship is reserved for needy students who do not smoke or drink and who attend Mount Carmel High School. This scholarship rules out 99.9% of students so most don’t have a chance for it but I thought it was worth mentioning for all those who despise dumb athletes who get college scholarships to play sports with very low GPA’s. Hopefully this will make you feel better about college and those who receive scholarships while you have a hard time finding one.

David Letterman the late night talk show host has his own unique fun scholarship he awards through Ball State University in Muncie, Ind. Dave states that his scholarship is for the average student who has a genius inside like him. Just make a funny video and have fun doing it and if Dave falls out of his chair in laughter then you got your scholarship. The top award is $10,000 with two smaller awards for those who made Dave almost fall off his chair.

A few colleges offer unfamiliar college scholarships for twins and/or multiples. Parents of twins got to be happy with this scholarship because they can get a two for two on this bizarre scholarship program. Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti Michigan is one such college which does offer scholarships for twins. Known as a college for teachers their twin scholarship is called The Furlotte Twins Endowed Scholarship.

Another one is the short scholarship. In order to qualify for this unfamiliar scholarship you must be shorter than 4’10”. If you are, then you can download an application online from the Little People of America Scholarship website. LPA is a non-profit organization established by Billy Barty to help out people of short stature. It goes the other way too. There are scholarships for tall people too from the Tall Clubs International which awards scholarships based on height and a few other criteria.

Another unusual scholarship for inventions is given away through the Collegiate Inventors Competition. This potentially fun and uncommon scholarship seeks to encourage graduate and undergraduate students to work on new ideas, and technological innovations. The ideas submitted together with the applications should be practical and not patented. They might not have been commercialized but should not have been submitted in the previous year. They are judged for originality, inventiveness and the potential to impact the world. You don’t have to apply alone, a team of four can participate and the amount awarded to the winning team is from $5,000 – $25,000. An unknown and different scholarship for sure!

One of the most unusual and bizarre scholarships you’ll ever hear about is the one called Duct Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest. What do you have to do in order to get this stupid or maybe just a fun scholarship? You must attend the prom dressed in duct tape. Yep, that’s all it takes!

A more serious, but still unusual scholarship is the J.D Salinger Scholarship. This smart scholarship is given to those who exhibit brilliance (of the unusual kind of course!) in the field of writing. The winner gets a 4 year $25,000 scholarship per year and has the privilege to reside in the dorm room occupied by Mr. Salinger. I wonder if that brings luck or is inspirational or something. It is kind of unusual to want to study, live, breath and write in another man’s dorm room. Of course, the competition is also unusually tough. The candidates are required to be nominated by a high school teacher, and after that they’re evaluated based on their work of ten to 15 pages on various topics whether of fiction, poetry, nonfiction or hybrid genres, but who doesn’t want to fight over a nice inspiring scholarship?

So if you think you are gifted with the special characteristics needed for some of these bizarre and unusual scholarships why not give them a try. You can stand out as well as get some money for your education. Who knows, this might be an important step on your way to etching your name in history!

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