The Unknown Elks Scholarship Programs

Elks National Scholarship
Elks National Scholarship

The Elks Scholarship awards have three different types of Elks National Scholarship Plans which are offered through the Elks National Foundation. They tend to be unknown scholarships because most people don’t associate the Elks Lodge with scholarships. Besides being one of the largest financial supporters of a college education you may be asking yourself “but who are the Elks and what are they all about”?

The Elks is a multi faceted organization dedicated to one goal, that of the betterment of our communities. There are few more worthy ways to better our future than to invest in the education of our future leaders and to that end the Elks National Foundation grants over 3.60 million dollars in Elks Scholarships across the nation per year. Even though the Elks National scholarships are distributed nationally all applications and funds go through the local Elks lodge making the process more personal and geared to the needs of the youth of the community.

The Elks were founded on the ideal of service to mankind. In a 1928 speech Elks President John F. Malley envisioned a mighty army for good united to serve mankind. Elks achieve this by investing in their communities. They invest time, money, effort and their focus is diverse. Youth of course are the promise of tomorrow and volunteers from the local, state and national level invest their time to further that dream. Community service, volunteering and furthering the goals of the group are a strong focus of all Elks members.

The Elks Scholarships

The Legacy Scholarships by the Elks benefit students of current Elk members in good standing and these scholarships vary in size. Normally up to 250 $4,000 ($1,000 per year for 4 years) scholarships are awarded annually for Legacy Elks scholarships. You can apply from September 1st of every year.

The Most Valuable Student Scholarships sponsored by the Elks award 500 scholarships across the nation ranging in amounts of $1,000 per year to $15,000 per year over a four-year period and are for students who excel both in character, charity and scholastic ability. You can apply September 1st online every year. You do not have to be related to a member of the Elks to apply for this Elk scholarship.

Emergency Educational Grants from the Elks are available to children of deceased or fully disabled Elks Members. These awards are from $1,000 to $3,000 yearly and they are renewable. You can apply anytime from July 1st to December 31st.

The two below Elk sponsored unknown scholarships are also offered to Scouts and can be applied to at your local Elk club lodge. They are restrictive in nature in that only scouts who have reached the highest level of scouting possible can only apply.

The Elks National Foundation Scholarship awards The Elks Eagle Scout Scholarships which are (4) $8,000 & (4) $4,000 scholarships. You must apply before February 28th. This Elks lodge scholarship is for those scouts who have reached a ‘eagle scout’ status to apply only. Must be a high school senior to apply.

The Elks Girl Scout Gold Award Scholarships are for those girl scouts who have reached the highest ranking possible in Girl Scouting – The Gold Award. There will be (8) $6,000 Elk club scholarship awards. Must be a high school senior to apply.

The Elks Scholarship Programs are for undergraduate study only. All scholarship funds are paid directly to the school except in certain conditions. If the scholarship funds are to be used against attendance expenses such as dorm rooms the student must have the University or college issue a certificate of attendance and that must be forwarded to the Chicago Elks, a check will then be issued to the school for credit for the student. All scholarship awards from Elks National Scholarship will also come with a certificate of award, except for the Emergency Educational Grants. You must be a high school senior to apply for the Most Valuable Student Scholarships and the Legacy Elks Scholarships. To apply to the Emergency Educational Grants Elk Scholarship you must be under the age of 23. It’s definitely worth becoming a member of the Elks even if you are not awarded an Elks Club Scholarship because of the many useful benefits which this club offers for families. To read more about joining go to the Elks Club.

Elks Scholarship checks are generally issued through the months of June July and August. Applications for an Elks scholarship must be made directly through the local Elks lodge and it will be forwarded to the national office to be evaluated.

Information concerning applications for the unknown Elks Scholarships can be obtained through the local Elks chapter or for more information about the Elks Scholarship programs an email can be sent to High school counselors or financial aid counselors at college will also have information concerning Elks Scholarship applications and requirements.

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  1. Chris. Poole

    I have a grandson going to the Univ. of South Carolina our cousin and her husband are Elk members in Ohio. I believe there was a scholarship offered to anyone going to that university and you did not have to be an Elk. Could someone please let me know. Thank you!

  2. admin


    I would contact the university to inquire about this. If you don’t have to be an Elk then the university will surely know.

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