Converting Unclaimed Money to Easy Scholarships for College – 2

Finding unclaimed scholarships money to easy scholarships
Finding Unclaimed Money

This article is continued from Converting Unclaimed Money to Easy Scholarships for College…
If you do happen to find unclaimed money in other people’s names then you want to discuss this with them and ask them to assist you in paying for your education. If you are well liked, your parents or Aunts and Uncles will have no problem in giving you some or all of their newly found unclaimed monies since it’s for a good cause – your college tuition. If they went to college they will understand what you are going through and most likely give you all of their newly found unclaimed monies as sort of an easy scholarship. If your Aunt/Uncle never went to college themselves they will also be inclined to help you because this is always a deep seated desire which they never got to do and they would want you to have the opportunity!

Do you have neighbors who thought fondly of you and still do? Approach them on this. You can insert their name in the unclaimed monies search bar to see if they have any money coming to them and once you find out talk to them honestly about the situation and how you found they had unclaimed monies coming to them. You can even tell them that they can write the check out to your college for payment towards your tuition. In fact better yet drive them down to your college financial aids office and have them hand their check directly to the office making a payment on your behalf and having them (financial aid’s office) print out a receipt showing the payment was made towards your behalf and your balance remaining. You never know they may even pay more for you – this would be an unexpected easy scholarship surprise but not unlikely to happen either. Life works this way when friendships have aged over time. Afterwards take them out to lunch at a decent restaurant to show your appreciation. They will love you for it.

Some of you may be thinking that you can’t do this but you should. It’s a lot easier and more fun then applying to the many scholarships and fulfilling their requirements and criteria. This is a great way for getting easy scholarships to pay for your college on your terms the easy and fun way not to mention rekindling old relationships with Aunts, Uncles, neighbors and old friends. Remember that these are monies they most likely would never have claimed if it wasn’t for you discovering them.

There are many different approaches you can use in discussing with your parents, Aunts/Uncles, friends and neighbors your need of assistance in paying for your college tuition. Only you know which approach will work the best. I would first ask them if they had found money someplace would they give it to you for college expenses. If they say yes you’re a step away from your ‘do it yourself’ easy scholarships for college and one of the simplest ways of finding unclaimed scholarships.

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