Unusual Random Scholarships are little Known

Unusual Random Scholarships are little Known
Random Scholarships

It takes more than a high GPA to get a little known random scholarship; many sponsors are looking for someone who is well-rounded and is involved in school activities in the community. If all you have is a fantastic GPA, it may not be enough to get the unusual random college scholarship you need. Get involved in some type of school activity rather it be sports, music, art or even a school club. If you are involved in activities outside of school list those on your random scholarship application as well – church activities, boy scouts, girl scouts, dance, you will be surprised at what it might take sometimes to get you into college with some type of unusual random scholarship.

When completing an application make sure to complete the application completely; do not leave anything blank, if you are to write an essay along with the application, keep going over and over the essay making sure it is complete. And then there is the interview; come prepared to your interview, trying to get a random scholarship is no different than any other scholarship, be prepared.

There are many different little known random scholarships available depending in what you are going to school for. There is a Young Soloists award available to musicians who are disabled, the applicant has to be under 25, and live in the US, if you live somewhere other than the US you must be under 30. This random scholarship amount is for $5,000.

Did you know there is a unusual random scholarship available if you are interested in earning your parapsychology degree? This degree means you are interested in ghosts, paranormal etc. In order to be considered for these random scholarships you must be attending college and be studying parapsychology and you will have to have writing and recommendations from those who know about your work in this field, the award is $3,000.

Interested in working for the FDA, if so there are three random scholarships available, the award is for $1500 and the applicant must be attending school and be in their third year of study and have a GPA of 3.0. You must also apply by Feb.1st of the current year.

You can also get random scholarships from McDonalds; yes they have their own little known scholarships, McDonalds scholarships gives awards to student employees, one student is chosen to receive $1,000 and another $5,000 is awarded to the McScholar of the year, this award goes to the student who is committed to their school, community and work. They also have a Ronald McDonald Scholarship which is worldwide.

Here is a unique random scholarship that is a surprise. If you love beef; The American Angus Association gives out $5,000 scholarships. This association also gives out additional unknown scholarships; known as the Angus Scholarships.

More random college scholarships can be found in journalism scholarships and poetry scholarships which can be applied to by just about anyone. If you win one of these awards you can normally use the prize money any way you want to in paying for your college education.

There are random LGBT scholarships for LGBT students who are looking specifically for this too. You must be a LGBT student to qualify along with being a strong supporter of the LGBT community and be able to document it.

College random scholarships are even available to our dear old Moms. Yes that is correct, there are mother scholarships for Moms who want to return to college to finish out their education. There are many sponsors of these scholarships today which never existed a few years ago – with online education making it easier for Moms working through a college education.

Guaranteed scholarships are random and are being looked at more closely by college bound students because they are one of the easy scholarships to get if you fit the qualifying criteria – no interview or essay is required either. Normally, if you have high SAT/ACT/GPA scores and prove it your in the scholarship money. Easy as that!

There are many random disability scholarships for the disabled which include ADD, depression scholarships, diabetes scholarships, Lupus scholarships, Multiple Sclerosis scholarships and hundreds more that covers just about any disability today.

Random Christian scholarships cover the varied major Christian religions and even the lessor known Christian churches. Your church is a great source to inquire for random monies to be used for college. You must be a member and have been involved with your church for some time to access this great student financial resource.

Random cheerleading scholarships are great for those who want to cheerlead in college and get paid to do so. This is a niche scholarship indeed but it does deserve mention because the athletic department seems to be very involved on allocating these awards and it appears all colleges do have them now.

Random music scholarships are lucrative and many colleges themselves have funds available for students who are musically gifted. If you have been involved in plays, theater productions and/or musical events of some kind and you document this then you have a strong chance in accessing musical related aid from a college or a private music scholarship sponsor.

Latch on to one of the fastest growing industries today with loads of random agriculture scholarships. The food business is exploding and projected to grow even more in the future with no let up in site. It’s a small wonder why more students don’t jump head first into this fast paced economic opportunity which will lead them to mega stable careers all of their working lives. People must eat every day and they do!

Have you always wanted to design buildings because that’s your burning passion? Well then you may want to investigate some of the many architecture scholarships which tend to fly under the radar because they are little known about. Architecture college scholarships have strong scholarship suupport from the architectural community. Maybe it’s because people are always waiting for the next great building design – like they do with new models of cars.

Another nice random college scholarships are culinary school scholarships for the students who are born to cook wildly delicious meals. This field is for the truely food passionate individuals who can’t see themselves doing anything in life but cooking to satisfy others. Thank God for these students!

Do you know what a DAAD scholarship is?  They are publicly-funded independent organization of higher education institutions in Germany. This is our top random scholarship because no one has heard about it unless you live in Germany. The program is very impressive.

The Big 33 Scholarship is a very big and unusual scholarship program funded by the Annual Big 33 Football Classic. You don’t even have to be an athlete to win either which is strange because this program seems like you would have to be in order to enter.

Did you know there are ‘twin scholarships‘. If you are a twin then you can apply to the scholarships for twin students and the competiton isn’t as severe as other programs because of the smaller number of applicants who apply.

Special needs scholarships exist for the disabled and also for children of disabled parents too which makes this program a solid one in scope but obscure in nature.

As you can see there are many unusual and little known random college scholarships that you would not even think about that are available today. One of the best places to look is: random scholarships and your local newspaper, talk to a counselor at school, and search various organizations, your employer or your parent’s employer. There are so many unknown random scholarships and grants available with different requirements; so just keep looking until you find the right one for you.

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