Unique Hospitality Scholarships for College Students

Unusual Hospitality Scholarships for College
Hospitality Scholarships

Hospitality scholarships are for studies like chefs, hotel management and so on. It’s a field not for everyone but those who have a unique interest in this type of career which is growing each year that passes. There are all kinds of unusual scholarships available to students from all walks of life today. There are unusual scholarships that are available for just about anything that you want to study. These include even hospitality college scholarships a sometimes misunderstood career choice because it’s so varied but can lead to an exciting adventurous career. Let’s look at a few of these unique scholarships in hospitality which you may be able to apply to.

The Young Australian Entrepreneur Scholarship has just reached its deadline but the 2011 applications will soon be available. This is to assist young students who have chosen hospitality as their chosen field. These hospitality scholarships are worth $27,000. They are intended for students in Bachelor of Business for hotel management or Bachelor of Business in International Restaurant Management. You must be an Australian Citizen or have permanent residency. You must be at least 17 ½ years old and have completed high school. You will need to write a 500 word essay covering your goals. The deadline is October 31st of 2010.

The James Beard Foundation is also a hospitality scholarship. They offer a unique scholarship for a student that is interested in getting their MBA in International hotel and restaurant management. There is one for full award which is $11,400 and a partial for $4,500. The criteria for these are as follows, a student must have documents of educational history, documents of any other grants or scholarships they may have received, work history, Federal Tax Income Forms, Statement of Culinary Goals and a personal and professional reference. The deadline varies for these unusual scholarships in hospitality.

The AAA Five Diamond Hospitality Scholarship is a $5000 scholarship. It is for students who attend a AH&LF 4-year Hospitality Management program. The criteria for this hospitality scholarship are based on academic records, hospitality work experience, financial needs and any extracurricular activities. The school selects the nominee. The deadline for this scholarship varies each year.

The American Academy of Chefs with the honor society of the American Culinary Federation also offers unusual culinary scholarships to high school students, college students and chefs all over the place. The deadline for these applications has not been announced yet. They do have hospitality scholarships for two schools also. These are Culinary Institute of America which the application deadline is May 1st – but you can apply for next years classes. The other is for the Johnson & Wales University and this deadline is December 1st.

The American Rental Association is also offering unique scholarships in hospitality. They give out a total of 23 scholarships a year. There are ten scholarships of $2,000 each to college-bound applicants, there are ten scholarships of $1,000 each for vocational/technical applicants. There are also two hospitality scholarships of $2,000 each for graduate-level applicants and one hospitality scholarship of $3,000 to the top applicant. These are for degrees in the rental industry of hospitality. This can be for high school students getting ready to go to college or undergraduates. The deadline was May 1st, 2010. But you can apply next year.

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