Finding Unknown Local Scholarships for College

Finding Unknown Local College Scholarships
Local Scholarships

When you are looking for various ways to pay for your education, one source that you are likely to overlook is the unknown local scholarships. Believe it or not, there are numerous local college scholarships that are available in your area – some only to students that graduate from your high school. If you aren’t aware of these local scholarships, you most likely will not win one.

Local scholarships are usually very low in their award amount – but when you are trying to pay for an expensive education, every little bit helps, and in some cases, the awards are not small at all. You could end up winning numerous local scholarships as well, which could add up to quite a bit of money.

If you want to learn more about the local college scholarships available in your area, visit your guidance counselor. He or she should be aware of the unknown college scholarships that are available to you, and he or she should also have all of the necessary information regarding application deadlines and requirements. Your Chamber of Commerce may also be able to guide you towards local scholarships which area business’s have or sponsor.

Don’t just depend on your guidance counselor for local scholarship information. Make sure that you take the initiative yourself as well. Consider your local civic organizations and find out what unknown scholarships they offer. Also consider the employers of your parents and grandparents, and your employer if you work. You may be surprised at the little known scholarship opportunities that are available when a business owner knows that you intend to enter the same field that they are in, so make sure that you contact these business owners for scholarship opportunities as well.

If you are a member of a church, your church probably has local scholarship opportunities available to you as well. Talk to your priest or pastor to find out what is available. Most churches these days are part of a larger organization as well, and you may be eligible for unique scholarships through the religious organization.

If you or your family is not a member of the Elks you may want to consider it because they have many local as well as national Elk scholarships to apply to. People normally don’t associate the Elks Club with scholarships but they are a big supporter of college students and their education.

Make it a point to talk to different teachers as well. Not only will you need recommendation letters, but many teachers that teach within a specific subject will know of unknown local scholarship opportunities that apply specifically to you and your situation as well, and they may even be able to put in a good word for you.

Finally, do everything with the intention of making yourself eligible for local scholarships. Make sure that you get involved in your community, and in the field that you intend to study, on the local level. Everything counts – whether it is a paid position, an internship, or a volunteer position. Keep up with the things that you do, so that you have the information that you need when it comes time to fill out scholarship applications. Even local scholarships will have an application and selection process.

Believe it or not, a handful of obscure local scholarships can actually go a very long way towards paying for your college education, and it is vital that you do not overlook such opportunities. Find out what your community has to offer in terms of helping you to afford the cost of a higher education that may later benefit that community.

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