Special Scholarships are Unusual Scholarships

Special Scholarships are Unusual College Scholarships
Special Scholarships

When it comes time to start applying for unusual special scholarships, you will find that you are incredibly busy. You will also find that the ‘standard scholarships’ are highly competitive, and you may have to get creative in your search. You need to know how to find those truly unusual special scholarships that are really unknown scholarships to most college students.

Special scholarships are any unknown scholarships that are more targeted, and that fewer people are eligible for or apply to. These may be the hardest scholarships to find, for all intents and purposes, once you find them they are the easiest to win simply because fewer people are eligible for them.

To find these special college scholarships, you have to start thinking outside of the box, so to speak. For example, you may have been searching for scholarships that are based on your academic achievement or your talent as a musician. You may do better to search for some unknown scholarships that are based on your intended course of study and future career. For example, if it is your intent to work in the field of aviation maintenance, you should search for scholarships for aviation maintenance. The more you can narrow down your intended career or course of study, the better your chances will be of winning the special scholarships that you apply for.

You also need to combine attributes when searching for special scholarships. For example, if you will be studying engineering, and you are a woman, you should search for scholarships for women who will study engineering. When you do this, you will find the Michael Baker Corporation Scholarships for Women and Minority Engineering Students. Combine as many attributes that apply for you when you are conducting your searches for special scholarships.

Don’t forget the strange scholarships. These are special scholarships that have little or nothing to do with your academic achievement or field of study. Instead, they pertain to some physical characteristic or strange ability that you may possess. For example, the Tall Clubs International Scholarship is awarded to men who are taller than six foot, two inches, and females who are five feet, ten inches tall. The Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship is available to those students who are left handed for a left handed scholarship. Do you have an awesome apple pie recipe? If so, you could win $25,000 to pay for college from the Culinary Institute of America. You may even find unusual special scholarships that are awarded only to people with your last name, but you won’t know this if you don’t look.

There are special scholarships for disabled students who because of their disabilities are eligible to apply to them. For instance students who are hearing impaired can apply to deaf scholarships by the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Just think of a disability and most likely there may be an unheard of special college scholarships for it.

Then there are the special education scholarships which are for designed for teachers who will be teaching students who have many special challanges or disabilities such as ADD or physical disabilities. There are also special needs scholarships for students as well.

There are also the special forces scholarships which are specifically military related scholarships such as the air force, army, navy, marines or ROTC. This field of study is not for every one but a perfect fit for some.

Also consider certain jobs. Many fast food restaurants offer unknown special scholarships to their high school employees to help pay for college. If you work as a golf caddie, did you know that you are eligible for the Evans Scholars Foundation Scholarship? If you are entering a medical field, you can apply for the Tylenol Scholarship, which awards between $5000 and $10,000. If you are under four feet, ten inches tall, you qualify for the Billy Barty Foundation scholarship for short people.

When you start thinking outside of the box or the mainstream when you search for unusual college scholarships, and you search for special scholarships instead, you will easily find a mountain of special scholarship funds that you are eligible for simply because of whom you are, what you look like, what your interests are, what your abilities are, and more. In fact, if there are enough unique or special things about you, you could fund a four year education with unique special scholarships.

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