Are Art Scholarships and Grants Easy Scholarships to Get?

Art Scholarships Grants

If you will be entering college as an art student, you will most likely be looking for ways to help fund your education and one of the biggest and best ways to fund your education, of course, is through art scholarships and grants, but are they easy scholarships to get? Finding this funding, and securing it, takes a little time and patience, and of course information that will lead you in the right direction.

The first thing you should do is to narrow down your form of art – specifically. Will you be studying visual arts? What about graphic arts or architecture? Will you be a performing artist? What about being a chef – culinary art or the fine arts?  There is animation art today as well as art history? Fashion design is also an art because some people are just gifted for this. All of these are forms of art, and all have various art scholarships and grant opportunities. This may not be easy to do because art students sometimes don’t see the difference among the many catagories of art fields available today. They see it all as just art!

The next thing to do is to apply for all federal grants that you are eligible for. This is done by filling out the application form that is available through all financial aid offices and online. This is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA application. All other financial aid, including scholarships, is usually based on the results of this application. It is important to note that while many easy scholarships are need based, not all are. The FAFSA will also quickly tell you what federal grants you qualify for.

Put together a portfolio of your work. This portfolio may be essential in applying for various art scholarships and grants. Provide as much detail as possible regarding each work of art in your portfolio, and make several copies of the portfolio if possible.

The first art scholarships that you should apply for are those that are specific to your form of art. An example of this is performing arts scholarships, such as the Princess Grace Awards Program, which awards anywhere from $5000 to $25,000 to students who are studying in the fields of theater, film, or dance.

Following this, you should apply for all the easy art scholarships in general, or those that cover various art forms that include yours. Also pay special attention to general scholarship opportunities that are available only for those in your age group, grade, or your standing in college.

For example, if you are seventeen or eighteen years old, and you plan to study any form of art in college that falls under the heading of visual arts, literary arts or performing arts, you should apply for scholarships through the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts Young Arts Program. This organization awards approximately $500,000 annually, and this includes $10,000 and $5000 awards, all-expense paid trips to Young Arts Week, master classes with world renowned artists, and more. The potentially easy scholarships awarded total $3 million annually, in addition to the $500,000 paid in monetary awards. It appears those who apply have a good chance at winning one.

Along with art scholarships and grants, you also need to check into fellowship opportunities, such as those offered through the Kress Foundation. These fellowships include Institutional Fellowships, Travel Fellowships, Conservation Fellowships, Fellowships in Art Museums, and Responsive Fellowships. These fellowships not only offer you unique educational opportunities, but also provide lucrative stipends in amounts ranging from $10,000 to $30,000.

Art college scholarships and grants can be easy scholarships to get because there are so many different forms of art fields existing today and many art scholarships to apply to. The above are just a few of them and many more exist. If you are above average and meet all the other art scholarship criteria you should apply to as many as you can.

Free Art Scholarships for College

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