Law School Scholarships not Easy Scholarships to Acquire for Law Students

Scholarships for law school

Law Scholarships

In the simplest of terms, law school is expensive, and most law students need additional funds to pay for their education and their living expenses while they attend law school. For this, you need to be seeking out some of the best law school scholarships that exist, with the understanding that these law school scholarship programs are highly competitive. They are not easy scholarships to acquire.

With that said, not only should you apply for the best possible law school scholarships, but all of the lesser easy scholarships as well – those that have smaller award amounts. Many law students will only apply for the most lucrative scholarships for law school, making the lesser law scholarships less competitive.

If you are already in law school, you also need to be on the lookout for fellowship programs that exist for law students. Fellowship programs are almost always more lucrative than regular scholarships, because they come with a stipend. For example, as a female law student, you are eligible for the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation Selected Professions Fellowship Program, which awards $18,000.

Because law school scholarships are so competitive, you have to look outside of this field for random scholarship opportunities as well. For example, you may be eligible for scholarships that have more to do with your heritage, age, gender, minority status and less to do with your field of study. You may be eligible for strange or weird scholarships, where fewer people are actually eligible. You may be eligible for easy scholarships from any clubs or organizations that you belong to, through your employer, or from a wide range of other sources.

Many law students will have a law firm fund their education, with the understanding that upon graduation, they will work for the firm. This is not common, but it isn’t necessarily uncommon either. In most of these situations, the student already works for the law firm, in some capacity. In this instance, however, there really is no application process or competition. This potentially could be the easiest law scholarship to capture

You also need to take advantage of summer internship programs through various law firms. Many of these internships are competed for, and they also provide law scholarship funds. For example, the Arent Fox, LLP Law firm awards three $15,000 law school scholarships to first year law students each year, and each of those winners will also participate in the summer associate program through the firm, either in Los Angeles, Washington, or New York.

Do not overlook unusual scholarships that are not field specific. For example, the Baker & Hostetler Diversity Fellowship Program awards a $25,000 scholarship to people from diverse backgrounds, who intend to work in the future in diverse workplaces. As you can see, it is vital to determine what all of your qualifications are and then apply for all of the unknown scholarships that meet those expectations. Do not forget to include your heritage, your academic achievements, your activities, any disabilities that you may have or a close family member may have, and more. Also look into guaranteed scholarships which are fast and easy scholarships to apply to and secure.

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  1. October 13, 2010

    […] As mentioned, some Hemophilia Scholarships for disabilities are awarded to those with the disorder, if they live in a certain state. For example the Calvin Dawson Memorial Scholarship is for hemophiliacs who live in Florida, while the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan Academic Scholarship is available for those living in the state of Michigan only. Some of these scholarships are for specific majors. The Scott Tarbell Scholarship is for students majoring in computer science or math. The Michael Bendix Sutton Foundation Scholarship for those who are majoring in law. […]

  2. October 13, 2010

    […] Scholarship Fund is the fifth scholarship that is managed by the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund. These law school scholarships are awarded to an LGBT student who is attending Law School in the Philadelphia area. You must apply […]

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