The AusAID Scholarships Unknown to Most

AusAID scholarships
AusAID Scholarships

Have you heard of the ‘AusAID scholarships’? They are unknown scholarships and not many have, but if your from Australia you may have because the AusAID scholarship comes from there, and here’s the story behind it and how you can apply if you would like to study in Australia. There are many institutions that have grown to such power and enormity that even those working directly within and for them forget the mission and vision the company began with. Most of us don’t even want to acknowledge the fact that these corporate giants, these masters of the modern world, started out as downtrodden and humble meetings that began with, “I have an idea!” The AusAID Scholarships from Australia are one such institution.

This branch of the Australian Leadership Awards (shortened to ALA) remembers where they came from, and seek to promote goodwill and equal opportunities for all people in the world, while maintaining integrity and value for their currency. This is a thrust of the Australian Government that seeks to open and create opportunities for students all over the Asia-Pacific Region. AusAID is a government scholarship award.

The Initiative of the AusAID Scholarship

Launched back in 2009 by the Australian Leadership Awards, AusAID scholarships seek to maximize and support Australia’s relationship with other countries. It will unite other awards giving bodies such as their Department of Education and the Endeavor Awards under one recognizable, long-lasting standard. The AusAID’s goals are for the growth of its country and contacts, strengthening institutional and individual understanding, talents, and skills. They aim towards creating altruistic, noble, and willful leaders to govern the future. Aside from supporting those in their own country, AusAID also seeks to help exceptional students from other countries study and find their career in Australia. When their education and exposure in Australia are complete, the students are then sent back to their mother country to continue their personal growth and development there and to support their own country and government’s independence with his/her new knowledge.

The Benefits of Applying for AusAID Scholarships 2011

Aside from a fully paid tuition fee, as well as return travel from homeland to Australia and back, the scholar is fitted with a one-time 5,000 Australian Dollars (roughly $4,900.00 USD) allowance to establish him/herself in the country. This means books, insurance, and study materials will be paid for. Also, their Contribution to Living Expense (CLE) is a stipend to living expenses that will be determined by AusAID. Since 2009, those under this scholarship have received a total of A$25,000. Once the student gets their bearings in the country, and as soon as he/she is orienting into the immediate surroundings, a mandatory 4-6-week program will teach them of culture, history, and student life in Australia. This is even before their studies formally begin. There is also an Overseas Student Health Cover award, paying for a student’s basic medical costs, should they win the award. If the student is deemed to require English communication training, there will be English Pre-course training before entering the country, or during exposure.

Who Are Qualified for the Unknown AusAID Scholarship 2011?

Initial qualifications are based on countries who are supporters and members of Australian Development Scholarships. A short list of these includes Asia (Philippines, Bangladesh, China, India, Cambodia, Viet Nam), the Carribean (Haiti, Jamaica, Belize, Dominica, Trinidad & Tobago), the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iraq), and Latin America (Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Nicaragua).

If you live in one of these countries, you must not be engaged or married to an Australian or New Zealand citizen, and have no permanent residences in either country, as well as applying from outside Australia. Previous AusAID scholarships must be done 24 months before being eligible for application. For those who are familiar with English, you will still need acceptable test results from TOEFL and IELTS no longer than 24 months prior to applying. When it comes to unknown scholarships this makes the list because of it’s obscurity coming from one country. Not all will fit the criteria but someone will and this is why we featured it!

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  1. Hi is it possible for me to apply from Papua New Guinea? I have completed and graduate in Certificate in Business with the International Training Institute in Lae , Papua New Guinea and Iam accepted to do my Diploma in Business, majoring Accounting. Would it be possible for me to apply for this scholarship?..


  2. Hi is it possbile for me to apply from Papua New Guinea? I have completed and graduated in Certificate in Travel and Toursim with Kumul Training Institute in Papua New Guinea. I want to do Diploma Travel and Toursim would it be possbile for me to apply for this Scholarship?

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