George Mitchell Scholarship for Studying in Ireland

George Mitchell Scholarship
George Mitchell Scholarship

If you’re a student who is fascinated with Ireland look into the George Mitchell Scholarship to see if you qualify to apply fascinating scholarship for Ireland studies. US students who are looking into the possibility of studying in Ireland should know that this may be a good choice since Ireland has a heavy, reputable and long tradition in education. Moreover, through the US-Ireland Alliance, US citizens can benefit from a Mitchell scholarship program which can allow them to study in one of the higher education institutions in Ireland. Although competition is fierce, this George Mitchell scholarship for Ireland studies offers a magnificent opportunity for future American leaders.

On a yearly basis, only about five per cent of the US students who apply for Mitchell scholarships receive the awards. Each year, a number of 12 scholarships are offered to US students who want to study in universities from Ireland and Northern Ireland. Thus, since the number of students receiving Ireland scholarships of the Mitchell Program is low, the sponsors of the George J Mitchel scholarship also organize scholarship related enrichment and group activities so that students from the US can learn more about Ireland’s culture, politics and society.

The Mitchell Scholarship and the Irish Education System

Students who are interested in a George Mitchell scholarship should also know that the United Kingdom has universities that are amongst the oldest ones in the world. Moreover, these are under the close observance of the Quality Assurance Agency, a British organization that supervises and ensure high academic standards. The Northern Ireland educational institutions are thus, one of the best in the world.

The academic year in Ireland lasts from September to June and is split either into three terms or two semesters. Students who are studying in Ireland with Mitchell scholarships benefit from living accommodations in on-campus developments, either in apartments they share with other students, or in a Hall of Residence individual room. Universities in Ireland offer Bachelor, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in various fields ranging from humanities and don to technical, scientific, mathematics and engineering disciplines.

Facts about George Mitchell Scholarships Program

The Mitchell Scholarship Program offers American citizens of ages between 18 and 30 the possibility of pursuing graduate studies in higher education institutions in Ireland. The Mitchell scholarship is available for any field of study offered by any of the nine institutions located in Ireland and Northern Ireland: Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, University College Cork, University College Maynooth, NUI Galway, University of Limerick, The University of Ulster, The Queen’s University of Belfast and the Dublin City University.

With regard to value, the amount of Mitchell scholarships varies depending on each institution at which a US student chooses to pursue the 1-year graduate study this Ireland scholarship offers. The award amount covers university tuition, housing and living expenses stipend and international travel to and from the US, without offering any form of financial support for student spouses.

Eligibility for the George Mitchell Scholarship for Ireland Studies

In order to be eligible for this program, a student needs to be a US citizen, aged between 18 and 30, with a bachelor degree and studying or working in a field of study offered by Irish universities. Although the Mitchell scholarship does not require a minimum GPA, it should be noted that students who get into this program have a GPA of at least 4.5. In order to be considered for this scholarship, students must also have their applications processed and endorsed by the MIT Distinguished Fellowships Office, which has a different deadline than the national one. The national deadline set by MIT is September 9, whereas the national deadline is October 5.

The Origins of the Mitchell Scholarships in Ireland Program

The Ireland scholarship program sponsored by the US-Ireland Alliance wears the name of George J. Mitchell, a former US senator who contributed consistently to peace process of Northern Ireland. The purpose of these the George Mitchell scholarships is to familiarize and educate the next generation of American leaders with Ireland and everything the country is about. The US senator whose name is honored through these Irish scholarships played a major role in the peace talks which ended numerous years of conflict between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. Apart from the scholarship honor, George J. Mitchell has also received numerous awards and honors for the role he played in the peace talk, such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Truman Institute Peace Prize, the UNESCO Peace Prize and the German Peace Prize.

But apart from being a great leader with great skills of communication, George J. Mitchell also struggled with getting a higher education as his mother and father had low-paid jobs, in a textile mill and as a janitor. Since the senator’s parents hadn’t beneficiated from an education, they worked hard and dedicated their lives to offering their children a formal education. For that matter, both Senator Mitchell and his parents valued education greatly.

US students who come to Ireland on a 1-year graduate level Mitchell scholarship can choose to study medicine, law, literature, electronics and computer studies, agriculture and food and business and accountancy. Keep in mind, however, that a student needs to be connected to their field of choice either through work or previous studies.


US-Ireland Alliance
Director of Mitchell Scholarship Program
Dell Pendergrast
2800 Clarendon Boulevard
Suite 502
Arlington, VA 22201
Tel: 703-841-5843

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