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Me-scholarship-by-Go Daddy

Have you heard of the Me scholarship by Go Daddy? It’s an internet scholarship. There are unknown  scholarships to meet almost any occasion or personal background which enables students from a diverse pool to apply to almost any number of scholarships at their disposal. As the Internet and its related technologies pervades our daily lives more each year, it is not surprising to find that some unknown scholarships are offered to students which revolve around the topic. The .ME Scholarship offered by Go Daddy is one such example, as it is available to those students looking for unknown scholarship funding who have used the Internet to the greater advantage of their education over time.

Have you used the Internet to do research for school? Perhaps you have developed social networking pages for your school clubs or academic interests. Maybe you keep or read a blog documenting educational items or engage in conversations on academic topics through forums. If you use the Internet to develop yourself along academic lines, the .ME scholarship, and those like it, may be a good place for you to start looking for additional financial aid. Potential applicants who are interested in the Go Daddy .ME scholarship will want to have a firm grasp on how the Internet has aided them in their studies or contributed to their overall academic progress. Since the Go Daddy Scholarship is built around and for students who use the Internet as a regular part of not only their lives but also in their schooling, it is important that they display clearly how these technologies have impacted them positively over time.

Like all corporate scholarships, the .ME scholarship has a series of specific eligibility requirements. Because of their basic nature, however, a wide swath of above average students will be able to apply. If you have a grade point average over 3.0 along with an ACT score over 18 or an SAT score over 860, you have already met some of the basic requirements of this program. On top of clear academic achievement, the .ME Go Daddy scholarship also requires that students be entering or attending an accredited college by fall of 2011 and be a resident of the United States.

The Go Daddy internet scholarship is highly competitive as it offers $10,000 to only 10 selected applicants. This should tell those interested in the program that they are going to need more than decent grades and good test scores to gain access to the funding. They will need a well thought out description of how the Internet has impacted them and have two glowing letters of recommendation from professionals in the field.

While good grades and scores are going to be a central indicator of a student’s academic abilities, the 500 word essay is truly their moment to shine. It is through the 500 word essay that applicants to the ME scholarship can display not only their grasp of language but flaunt how they have used the Internet in the pursuit of their education. Students should talk about study groups based on the internet, or online lectures they have watched or listened to. Highlight any social media groups they have joined or participated in which encourages learning or education through support and projects. If it has helped a student in learning and it is based on the internet then it should be mentioned in the essay.

The deadline for the 2011 Go Daddy .ME Scholarship is March 31. Because students also need to get two letters of recommendation from professionals it will be very important to mark these date in a calendar and keep an eye on it as it looms. Students will want to approach teachers or perhaps employers to ask for a letter of recommendation and give them enough time to write out a carefully considered letter. The sooner a student approaches their letter writers the better, as professionals will have to write the letter as their work schedules and personal lives permit.

If a student sits on this request for too long, they should not be surprised that they are turned down by their perspective letter writers as they simply may not have enough time to think of a letter before the required deadline. Students should also give their recommenders a white envelope and stamp, as is common practice, so that the letter can be sealed and returned to a student securely. If all the above sounds like you then apply to the Me scholarship soon! This is a pure internet scholarship, unknown to most college students.

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