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Did you know there is a height scholarship for being tall? Yes – there are tall scholarships for students who are tall and they are one of those easy scholarships. They’re easy because you only have to be 6’2″ for men and 5’10” tall for women to qualify.  One of the important things to remember about applying for scholarships is that if students fit a certain demographic, there is likely a program available for people just like them. Sometimes these programs can seem strange, especially when they seem to be based on whether students are left handed or short. In this particular instance, we will be talking about one such easy scholarship for tall people offered by the Tall Clubs International Foundation. Tall Clubs International (TCI) is based largely in the vein of social groups and boasts over 3,000 members. While based primarily in the United States, there are also many such organizations across Europe as well. The US and European based clubs are not related to one another, but each allow members to attend events hosted by each group without prejudice.

Tall scholarships written about here are offered exclusively in the US to any member of TCI. Availability for membership is not limited to men, and different standards for women have been established to make access to the organization more equitable between genders. This in turn means that women who are interested in a easy scholarship for tall people from TCI are also eligible to become members and apply for the program. On top of TCI’s annual tall scholarship award, it is not uncommon for other local tall clubs to offer their own tall person scholarship.

Every year at the main TCI convention several nominated candidates are selected to receive $1,000 tall people scholarships to the universities of their choice. All selected candidates must meet the minimum eligibility requirements to join the organization, being either 5’10” tall for women or 6’2” tall for men. The other major eligibility requirement is based on age, as the easy scholarship for being tall is only available to those less than 21 years old. Once these basic criteria have been met and potential applicants have joined their local TCI chapter, several other requirements for application must be met.

The most important step towards getting a TCI scholarship for tall people is getting nominated by the club an interested applicant is involved with. Many TCI chapters have an already established student tall scholarship program for locating and nominating students in the local organization. If the group a student is in does not have an active program, however, getting nominated is as simple as asking the local chapter to nominate you. Once a student has been nominated, it goes to the Foundation Scholarship Committee for final decisions. Information regarding guidelines for selection committee criteria are not publicly available so nominated students should talk to their local chapter or contact the TCI Foundation to ask about merit information.

A member themselves of the TCI, the Boston Beanstalks Club is a local chapter located Massachusetts which offers its own tall person scholarship program separate from TCI called the Boston Beanstalks Scholarships. Every year this group offers a single $500 simple easy scholarship to a student graduating from high school and planning to enter college. In order to apply for the Boston Beanstalks Club students must be a member of the organization, meet the TCI height standards and live within 100 miles of Boston while also attending high school in the same region. Students must also have a strong record or academic history, be involved heavily in either extra-curricular activities or community projects and have a high degree of personal achievement. In order to apply students must not only fill out the application but also attach an essay describing what being tall has meant to them and which should be no longer than a normal 8×11 page. All material relating to this tall scholarship application must be submitted no later than April 1, 2011 and the winner’s name will automatically be nominated for the TCI Foundation’s $1,000 scholarship discussed above.

While these easy scholarships for tall students may seem strange to some, consider your own peculiarities which separate you from the average population. The odds are that there is a simple scholarship opportunity available for you as well. Meanwhile, if you are a tall person and interested in a tall scholarship from TCI, its chapter groups or other similar organizations, the first step is as simple as becoming a member. Take the time to review application material carefully, become involved in your local chapter and good luck in the nomination process.

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