Tim Hortons Scholarship Easy for Employees

Tim Hortons Scholarship
Tim Hortons Scholarship

Unlike their direct competitor, Starbucks coffee, a Tim Hortons Scholarship is available directly through the company for any college an applicant is interested in attending. Unfortunately these programs are not going to be widely available as they are offered only to those people employed by the international coffee chain and their immediate family members. It really isn’t a coffee scholarship either where a student studies about coffee in college, but we will refer to it as a coffee college scholarship in honor of Tim Horton’s. They are only easy scholarships to apply to if there is a present work relationship. Tim Horton’s must feel that their employees are more worthy of this award then their customers who also drink their coffee on a daily basis. Never-the-less, this is how it works at this coffee giant whose loyal customers made them into the multi-billion company they are today.

If you are a student interested in going to college and either work at Tim Hortons or are the child of a Tim Hortons employee, you may find this coffee scholarship opportunity incredibly valuable, and you should almost certainly consider applying.

The Tim Hortons scholarship program is offered through collaboration between franchise owners who donate annually to the coffee scholarship making it available widely throughout the country where Tim Hortons exist. If you are a student looking for a job which will also offer you financial benefits relating to school, this may be an area that you should look into. While not necessarily your career end goal, Tim Hortons and coffee shops around the country often employ students because of the flexibility their hours offer and their willingness to work directly with a student’s work schedule. This coffee scholarship opportunity should not end a student’s interest in the Tim Hortons scholarships as competition for the award will be high and it is always important to maximize the number of possible opportunities a student has. By increasing the number of random scholarships students apply to, they are effectively increasing their award opportunities and making available a greater number of potential financial aid resources.

In order to apply for the Tim Hortons scholarship you must be currently employed or the child of a current employee at a local franchise. One of the most important deciding factors for those who receive a Tim Hortons college scholarship is community engagement. Because of this, if a student is interested in seeking this funding opportunity out it will be incredibly important to volunteer at local community organizations doing outreach or service projects. While students should always maintain a great academic record, if they have the time the more volunteer activities they are involved with, the better their application will look when applying. Of course quality always trumps quantity, so community engagement cannot simply be limited to doing the bare minimum to get by. Getting involved in leadership roles, or helping to direct community efforts will be big boosts to an application, indicating to the selection committee that the student clearly has drive and dedication to community service.

Every year Tim Hortons scholarships are awarded to a total of 220 interested applicants, giving $1,000 to each towards their educational goals. While this certainly will not pay for the entirety of any student’s education, it is at least an important start. Students who are interested in this coffee scholarship opportunity should talk to their local franchise owner to get more details and an application. All materials for the Tim Hortons scholarship 2011 are due no later than April 12 of a given year.

The bulk of Tim Hortons coffee scholarships are awarded in Canada, but at least 20 awards are given out in the United States where the company has a much smaller national presence. This should not deter US citizens eligible for the program from applying, because it, like all easy scholarship programs, offers an opportunity that is too important to pass up. Students who apply for unknown scholarships are typically in dire need of financial aid and are looking for opportunities that do not include student loans as they would rather be debt free once they have graduated with their degree. Just because a scholarship is not widely available or is awarded on a highly competitive basis should not deter interested students. Those who award easy scholarships, especially private institutions, are interested in finding students with the drive to compete for awards, and step up to the plate with regards to challenges. If a student is not interested in competing with others for scholarship awards, they may as well stop looking altogether as they are unlikely to find programs which just give all applicants cash upon request.

Like programs of its kind, the Tim Hortons scholarship program is based on merit, and will always award those who the selection committee thinks are the most driven to success. Never underestimate your own actions – if you think you have the merit and work their, take a chance and apply, you may be surprised to find you will be awarded this easy college scholarship.

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