Easy Scholarships for Average Students


Average Student Scholarships

It’s nice that easy scholarships for average students exist, because this means that being average is special and worthwhile and people are recognizing this today – sort of. It’s not so much that scholarships for the average student exist as past accomplishments don’t really matter when applying to these unusual scholarships. Yes, this is true – what you did academically is not a factor to apply. It’s what you will be tested to do that really matters. In other words average student scholarships usually will give you an assignment to decide if what you were tasked to do is what the judges are looking for. This may be the most authentic way of administering scholarship awards because if you are truly talented or gifted it may come through.

Most of the average Finding financial aid without having to approach a student loan company can be an incredible hassle, especially if students do not have a perfect academic record. It can be frustrating knowing that just because a student did not get a 4.0 in their academic pursuits that they later may be penalized by having to go into debt just to get a college education. Not every student is a genius, and not every student is interested in being a master of academia. It is in fact very common for students to simply want to go to college so that they can better maximize their earning potential over the course of their life and not, despite what many professors may believe, to study and conduct research. Such students are not lazy, and they are called average for a very good reason – they fit in with the vast majority of students attending schools and colleges.

Fortunately scholarships for average students do exist because granting organizations realize that not every student wants to end up as a professor. The idea behind offering scholarships in general is not only to award high achievers but to increase access to higher education for greater numbers of students who would not otherwise be able to afford tuition costs. It cannot be denied that average students come from every walk of life, from the disadvantaged to those who just don’t have a learning style compatible with their school’s teaching methodologies. So, do not worry if you are an average student looking for scholarships, they are available and you should be applying to them.

Perhaps a student may have average scores with regards to school, but they are heavily involved in the community, clearly displaying a deep compassion and interest in involvement. A good example of an average student scholarship program students can apply for who have been heavily involved in their community is the Do Something Awards, given out annually since 2007. This average student program is offered to those under the age of 25 who have been directly involved in solving problems and leading people towards solutions. It rewards up to $50,000 in the form of a scholarship for average students and the finalist gets an all expense paid trip to New York. Those who have won the award previously maintain involvement in the organization, judging future winners and helping to select winning projects based on merit. Judges base their award decisions on how involved an individual has been in not only solving a problem but publicizing the issue, the relationships they have developed, how much they have really helped others, and how sustainable the work is over time. Submissions for these scholarships for average students are due no later than March 1, 2011.

There is the Red Vines Drawing Contest which is sponsored by the American Licorice Company where students submit drawings they created to be used in the Red Vines packages where they are fully displayed. More than one winner is selected and scholarship awards go as high as $2,500.

Other scholarships for average students is the David Letterman scholarship was started in 1985 and you have to be attending Ball State University studying in telecommunications. Winners are selected are students that exhibit they have a creative mind rather than their past academic achievements as a factor. Your project is submitted should include both written work and some type of film or video along with it. Top award is $10,000, second $5,000 and third is $3,000. David Letterman himself will decide if the average student deserves this scholarship.

Most poetry scholarships award scholarships to students who write a poem based on their selection criteria. No past accomplishments matter just enter and write your prose.

There are many easy scholarship contest which all you do is enter with a chance to win.  There are some take students through such a long online application that it may discourage many from applying so be selective on these. One of the best ways for average students to see if they can win a scholarship is to try some reputable search engine.

Just because a student is average in their academic studies does not mean they are not great individual worthy of receiving financial assistance. Easy scholarships for average students very often look for those who have been actively involved in other pursuits be they sports, community work or other activities. As with any scholarship opportunities, it is important to identify what factors a student has going for them that may merit an award, and no stone should be left unturned. Identify demographic factors, personal issues students have overcome, or projects in their community in which they have been involved. Students with learning disabilities will have a wide array of easy scholarships available to them, and doers in the community will certainly have programs such as the Do Something Awards listed above to apply to. Though scholarships are often hyped as being for the cream of the crop, this is a myth that any student interested in furthering their academic interests should have dispelled immediately.

Above all, it always important to remember that performing average in academics is not the only measure by which society will judge a person. Consider all avenues, and realize that you are more than just the numbers calculated through grading and homework. Students from any walk of life can be eligible for average scholarships, so do not limit yourself through buying into the hype that only 4.0 students are worthy of financial assistance.

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    im an average highschool student, looking for scholarships for college if i am able to get any information i would highly appreciate it thank you.

  2. arlette cabreja says:

    I am not sure if im considered average but im involved in school activites and sports i’m so afraid of the loans the im going to have to take out

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