Full Ride Scholarships from Berea College

Full Ride Scholarships

If you received full ride scholarships from Berea College you wouldn’t have to worry about paying your tuition if you attended school there. For many students around the world, the number one cause of stress in their life is thinking about how they are going to pay for college and how they are going to finance their college education. Berea College is doing what only a few colleges in the entire country do: give out full ride scholarships to every student that is admitted into the college, effectively making the entire college experience free! This is about the easiest scholarship ever!

Berea College is a private undergraduate liberal arts college in rural Kentucky that was established in 1855. Berea’s goal is to provide an education to those that deserve one, but otherwise can’t afford one through their full ride scholarships. For many years, Berea has ranked as the best liberal arts college in the south, and the 68th best private college overall. Berea was the first college to admit both black and white students into the same classes and teach an integrated curriculum. The education is also co-ed, meaning both males and females attend the college. The college was started as a one room school house that was used for church on Sundays. The college was on hiatus during the Civil War, but resumed operation soon after.

Today, Berea College is one of only a few colleges to pay for every student’s tuition for all four years, making it a very competitive and sought after school for many underprivileged students. Berea mainly accepts students from the rural Appalachia area since these students are often underrepresented in normal college classrooms. In addition, Berea also accepts international students, although usually at most two students from each country, so that there is a wide range of ethnic and cultural influences in the college. Up until the 1960’s, the school also offered elementary and high school education, but this was dropped as to shift the focus on undergraduate education.

You are probably wondering how Berea College can afford to give out a easy full ride scholarship to every incoming college freshman. They generate most of this fund money from their annual endowment, and the rest is from financial aid that the students receive and gifts from outsiders. Over 80% of the tuition is covered by endowment alone, while the remaining 20% comes from financial aid.

In fact, over 85% of Berea’s students received federal Pell grants to aid in financing their college. In addition, students receive additional financial aid through Berea’s work program, which enables students to work jobs on campus to cover some of their tuition costs. This money can be used to pay for room, board or tuition, including supplies and fees. Each year, Berea takes on about 400 new students, each of whom receive a $25,000 easy scholarship for four years, totaling a whopping $100,000. Berea can do this because of the large endowment they have and the fact that nearly everybody that attends Berea is financially strapped.

Tuition at a four year university can reach $20,000 per year, and you could end up with nearly $100,000 worth of student debt by the time you’re through college. At Berea College, you don’t have to pay a penny to gain your valuable education. In fact, every penny of the $25,500 tuition is paid for you. You may think this is too good to be true, but it’s the truth making it one easy scholarship program!

One of the biggest stressors in a college student’s life in undoubtedly the massive amount of debt they will face upon graduating from college. Your options are limited: you can either borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend school, you can hope to strike it rich with easy scholarships and grants, or you can simply obtain a Berea full ride scholarship, which guarantees you absolutely free tuition for four years at Berea College.

If you’re a successful student, but can’t afford to attend college, consider applying to Berea College and receiving one of their simple Berea full ride scholarships. Berea accepts students from all around the world, but many of the students come from the poverty stricken region of Appalachia in the United States. With a Berea College scholarship, these bright students are able to experience college and increase their chances of having a successful future.

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  3. Bright futures is not a full ride.
    Even if I had the full award, it couldn’t cover the cost of the nations most affordable university FIU.
    No book allowance, doesn’t cover dorms or books.

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