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Kroger Scholarships

Kroger scholarships are not that easy to find because they are mostly made available at different levels around the country. A grocery store located mainly in the Midwest of the United States, Kroger scholarships are mostly centered in the same region. Other than offering programs through local institutions in this part of the country, the United Food and Commercial Workers union which operates in many areas including Kroger food stores also offers a scholarship which many Kroger employees will be eligible for. As a store which employs large numbers of young people, it is no surprise really that generally Kroger scholarships are available for high school students entering college or even college students looking to study business or other related fields.

Apart from the store scholarship offered through the UFCW there are rumors of a Kroger scholarship being offered directly to employees. Unfortunately such information is incredibly sparse and, other than popular rumors, little evidence can be found to substantiate the claims. That being said, it is often the case that large businesses offer tuition reimbursement programs to employees. Students with questions about such a program should consult with their store manager or with Kroger’s human resources department directly. Information should also be available in the employee manual, but all the forms for such a program will likely eventually have to be gathered from the company’s HR department.

One of the Kroger college scholarships available is offered in collaboration with the National Pharmaceutical Association Foundation. The Future Pharmacists Future Leader Kroger scholarship was established in 2007 and has no indication of having been canceled or closed. All applicants interested in the program must be members of the NPAF student organization and have experience in a retail environment. Applicants should also maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average and, important to know, those who have applied before may reapply for the program regardless of whether they won an award or not. The program awards up to $1,000 to multiple students every year. All application materials must be received no later than January 31 of each year.

The United Negro College Fund offers a Kroger scholarship to students who reside in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina or Tennessee. Interested students should be entering college as freshmen for the first time in 2011 while having maintained a 2.5 grade point average. It awards up to $5,000 to winning students and is open to those from any major or program. Applications must be completed online through the UNCF scholarship website and are due no later than April 5, 2011.

Students who are enrolled at Cedarville University may be excited to know that a Kroger scholarship is offered directly through their institution. The award for this program is $3,500 and is open to students in the liberal arts, business and pharmacy majors. In order to be eligible for the program students must be of an ethnic minority, have a 2.5 grade point average, be available for work up to forty hours a week and have reliable transportation in order to make it to and from the work place. Making the deadline for this Kroger scholarship is as simple as making Cedarville University’s deadline for applications for financial aid.

Considering the previously mentioned UFCW program, though not a direct Kroger scholarship, the scholarship will be open to most Kroger employees. It is available to any member of the UFCW who has belonged to the organization since January 1 of a given year. Children of UFCW members are eligible to apply if they are under the age of 20 before May 31. The program awards $2,000 for recipients each year they are in college so long as they have maintained standards laid out in the acceptance agreement. While not open only to Kroger employees, many such employees are active members of the UFCW and should seriously consider applying for this particular related store scholarship. Certainly other Kroger scholarships do exist but they are not easy scholarships to uncover and apply too. The applicant pool for the UCFW scholarship is limited immediately only to active members of the union and may represent the best bet for many students in getting access to easy financial aid.

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