Claim Verizon Scholarships before their Gone

Verizon Scholarships

Apart from being one of the largest nationwide mobile and landline telephone service providers, the company Verizon provides its own Verizon scholarships every year. Through the company’s charitable arm, the Verizon Foundation, Verizon scholarships come in a number of forms from those for children of Verizon employees to targeted ethnic minorities. Some of these programs are not promised on into the future and the Verizon Foundation has shifted their giving focus several times in the past, so students interested in applying for potential programs should act while they are available. Because of the often temporary nature of the Verizon scholarship, or at the very least the lack of a promised future for such programs, students should be weary of old information making sure to check in on scholarship websites to double check the current status of a given program.

The two most stable Verizon college scholarships appear to be the employee scholarship and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund programs, though the National Association of Asian American Professionals has a program available until 2012. Interested students should look directly to the Verizon Foundation or do yearly searches regarding Verizon scholarships in order to be sure they have the most current information regarding available programs.

The Verizon scholarship for employees has been in place for a number of years and represents the most common or long lasting program the Verizon Foundation offers. This Verizon scholarship program is available to high school seniors who are children of Verizon employees who are planning to attend a four year university in 2011. In order to be eligible for the program applicants must be the child of an employee for a formal Verizon company such as Verizon Wireless or Verizon Corporate. Further the employee must be the legal guardian or parent of the student applying and the student must currently be in high school. This Verizon scholarship is available for those students who are children of Verizon employees in the United States but is also available for those employed outside of US territory.

Finally the program is only available for those children of employees who have been on the job for 90 days or more. Financial need is one of the most important factors in determining who will be awarded a Verizon scholarship. The full Verizon award is $20,000 which will be given out in amounts of $2,500 for each semester a student attends a university and maintains strong academic progress. All material must be submitted no later than February 1 and award decisions will be made by April.

Another Verizon scholarship which has some sign of great stability is the Hispanic Scholarship Fund scholarship which awards $2,000 to winning recipients. In order to be eligible for this phone scholarship all students must have attended Verizon’s yearly Tu Mandas workshops held at local high schools around the country and be a legal resident of the United States. Applicants must be preparing to enroll full time at a community college or four year university in 2011 and have a grade point average of no lower than 2.5. This particular Verizon scholarship is only available through five different high schools – two in New York, one in Washington DC and two in Pennsylvania, see website for specifics. On top of these requirements, students must submit a federal financial aid request for 2011. The deadline for this Verizon scholarship program is May 25, 2011.

There are other Verizon scholarships which may be available in 2012 but are currently closed for 2011 with no signs of being renewed. These include the NAAAP scholarship from Verizon and the UNCF Black History Month Essay Contest. While these programs have not been formally selected for renewal by the Verizon Foundation, students should check in with the UNCF and NAAAP websites throughout 2011 just to be on the safe side. It is always worth keeping up to date with programs like these because, while they may not be renewed, it would be relatively silly to miss out on a Verizon scholarship simply because an individual did not feel like taking a couple extra seconds out of their day to double check a renewal status.

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