Family Scholarships Unknown and Hidden

Family Scholarships

Family Scholarships are offered in many different forms for many different reasons and are really unknown scholarships to most all students because they’re so obscure and hidden out of sight. They may be here today and gone tommorrow too. There are many of them, but finding them is difficult and you may most often see them in a news blurb on the internet. You may have a good chance of winning them because of these reasons as the competition may be low as well as the number of applicants as well.

Often a family college scholarship are offered in the memory of a loved one who may have passed on due to some illness, or for a member of a family which was interested in a particular field and was actively involved in their goals. As it is a family scholarship is pretty common, students looking into this catagory will find a lot of various offerings once you start to unearth them. However, the matter is not always simply cut and dry. Many family scholarships are offered for particular fields or only in local areas, making access to these programs very selective.

Students interested in a family scholarship should look their options over carefully in order to make sure that they meet all of the criteria for the program. Those students who may be looking for a family scholarship for college should start looking locally first making searches with phrases like “family scholarships Florida” or even more specific “family scholarships Houston, TX.” While there are many family scholarships that are offered locally, students should also consider looking at the national level, though they should also expect these programs to be incredibly competitive.

Finally, family scholarships are also often offered through more broadly focused foundations such as the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) which provides the Schwallie Family Scholarship Program every year. Students would be wise to look at organizations which may relate to them to see if a family scholarship exist within the groups which may be able to provide them with additional financial aid. The OAR Schwallie family scholarship awards multiple $3,000 scholarships every year to students who have been diagnosed with autism or asperger syndrome. They are offered for those students in four year universities, community colleges and attending a trade or vocational school. In order to be eligible for this program students will need to have been formally diagnosed with the condition and attending or planning to attend an institution falling under one of the afore mentioned types. All applicants will need to be enrolled at least part time while attending school and have a declared major. In order to be considered all application material must be submitted no later April 29, 2011.

Western Union family scholarships offer up awards under an initiative to provide aid for migrants, immigrants and their families. The unknown scholarship is awarded to two people from the same family. Eligibility for this family scholarship requires that applicants be at least 18 years old, been in the United States for at least seven years and be attending school for an undergraduate degree. Further restrictions are placed on locations meaning that only residents of certain cities in the United States will be eligible to apply. The two family recipients will receive a total of $1,000 to $5,000 depending on financial and educational needs. All application materials are due no later than April 21, 2011.

Some unheard of family scholarships are available only through organizations to which individuals belong. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is an American-based employee union which offers just such a family scholarship. In order to be eligible for this program, students must be a family member of an AFSCME member in good standing. All applicants must be graduating from high school and be applying to an accredited university as a full time student in a four year program. Though the 2011 competition is closed at this time, this program is offered every year and students should look for 2012 applications to be available soon. The yearly deadline for this program is December 31.

An example of a family scholarship available only in a certain area is the Boulos Family Scholarship which is only offered for those students attending school in Maine. All applicants must be military personal who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan or are currently serving in the post 9/11 world. Awards range from $340 to $1,260. Though at this time all available money for the program has been assigned, students interested in signing up and becoming an active part of the program’s waiting list may still apply.

Family college scholarships are out there and you just have to search to discover them. In fact, they may be all around you and once you start digging you may be surprised at how widespread but hidden they are. Inquiring and probing for them is the the only way to find them.

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