Prestigious Scholarships for Distinguished Students

Prestigious Scholarships

Prestigious scholarships are those programs which are available to the best students which often pay for quite a bit of an individual’s financial need. They are often related to programs for top of the top students who have displayed an outstanding academic character and are incredibly competitive as the reward amounts are normally substantial. Such prestigious college scholarships are very often rewarded by individual programs but are also available at the national or international level for students either studying for their four year degrees or are graduate students.

It also happens that these distinguished scholarships are generally available in the form of fellowships for particular students who are interested in conducting research or working towards specific academic goals. As it happens, not only does getting a prestigious scholarship often help cover financial need at an academic institution, they also look really great on a resume. A student being able to claim that they were a recipient of a renowned scholarship will do a lot to wow potential employers or graduate schools. The competitive nature of these programs cannot be stressed enough and students who are interested in applying to a illustrious scholarship will need to make sure they have the credentials and energy needed to win.

Perhaps one of the best known prestigious scholarships is the American Rhodes Scholarship program available to students in the United States. Every year 32 Rhodes Scholarships are awarded and those recipients will leave to attend Oxford University for up to two years with the possibility of getting funding for a third year depending on degree status and academic progress. The program pays for the entirety of a student’s tuition and fees while they are at Oxford. This distinguished scholarship can be incredibly difficult to get and a mixture of good letters of recommendation and a strong application will go far in helping students get into the program. Applications are due no later than October 4 of every year.

Another example of a esteemed scholarship is the Harry S Truman Scholarship which awards anywhere between 60 to 65 winners every year from a total average pool of over 600. All interested applicants must be enrolled in a four year university program in their third year (junior status) or seniors at their college. Applicants must be US citizens at the time of their application. Students applying for this prestigious scholarship should be interested in public service, getting a graduate degree, and in general have an interest in working for the betterment of society. It is incredibly important for applicants to be readily involved in community service oriented activities while being active volunteers. Further all students should have a strong mind capable of exceptional analysis and be able to hold their own during an intense interview process after being nominated by a local representative of the foundation. Awards for this big scholarship are upwards of $30,000. The deadline for this program varies each year, so interested applicants should check with the website frequently for updates as the date will be announced sometime after the application process is initially started.

Of course these national programs are not the only prominent scholarships available to interested students. Many such prestigious scholarships are offered by individual universities. City University of New York, for example, has an entire list of prestigious scholarships that it offers. The Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Scholarship awards 50 preeminent scholarships every year to outstanding students attending a CUNY institution. The Graduate Arts award, available under the Jack Kent Cooke banner, awards as much as $50,000 to winning students who are pursuing a graduate level education. It pays for tuition, boarding and books. In order to be eligible for the program students must be nominated for it by a representative of the organization and all entries will be judged based on creativity, academic achievement, financial need and a strong interest in moving forward. The deadline for this prestigious scholarship is normally the middle of February, but the exact date is released every year to those who have been nominated so pay close attention to messages from the organization.

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