People to People Scholarships Easier to Get

People to People Scholarships

Easier scholarships to get by the People to People Scholarships are provided largely through People to People International, a group which has made its mission to develop international understandings. In order to try and increase this understanding the group funds projects which bring about educational results and operations involving humanitarian works. Since becoming a private non-profit organization in 1961, People to People International has sought to make its goals a reality. To this end, easier to get scholarships for People to People are available to students who are interested in multicultural understandings and working towards goals which may work to bring the international community closer.

There are lots of People to People scholarships available through various organizations and students interested in this topic should consider investigating each one carefully because many are awarded yearly making them easier scholarships to get then most programs which may only hand out 1-5 annually. Many of the programs have a focus on international interests and community leadership, especially the Student Ambassador programs. Scholarships for People to People are not for everybody – they require dedication and a strong interest in academic pursuits. Competition for these programs is going to be high and selected candidates will have the drive to push forward not only in their academic pursuits but also in their interest in the international community.

There are two main routes to go with regards to the easiest scholarships from People to People – the Student Ambassador and the Leadership programs. Each program type has its own eligibility requirements. The Leadership People to People scholarship program, for example, requires students be heavily involved in community activities, be enrolled in the Leadership Summit, have high academic achievement, be able to show financial need and submit an essay. Meanwhile the Student Ambassador People to People scholarships require that students be enrolled in an ambassador program, have some community involvement and have high academic achievement. While very similar, the two programs do have their own distinct requirements which students should be very aware of. Also important to understand is that Leadership People to People scholarships are built around getting financially needy students to the yearly Leadership Seminar, and not focused on providing tuition aid for college.

What follows is a list of Student Ambassador People to People scholarships:
*The Change My World Forever Ambassador People to People scholarship provides awards to fifty different students every year in the amount of $1,000. The deadline for this program is March 18. Financial need is an additional eligibility requirement.
*The Ambassadorial Spirit People to People scholarship provides $1,000 to 20 different students every year. The deadline for this program is March 18. Financial need must be demonstrated.
*Friends of Ambassadors People to People scholarships are given out to a varying number of students every year in the amount of $1,000 per students. Application materials must be turned in no later than January 11. This is another financial need People to People scholarship.
*The Cellhire Techno-Teen People to People scholarship awards six different $1,000 scholarships. While this is listed as a 2011 People to People scholarship, there is a possibility that it will reopen in 2012. Students should check with the website to determine whether or not it will continue is 2012. The deadline for this program is listed as March 18 and financial need is not an eligibility requirement.

On top of offering People to People scholarships, the organization also offers interest free loans to students on an international basis. Other various scholarships are sometimes offered by People to People International such as the Joyce C. Hall College Scholarship. However these programs are not necessarily continuous and no updated 2011 scholarship applications have been posted on this particular program. Other programs include the James Eunice Doty Congressional Award Scholarship and the Mary Jean Eisenhower Partner in Peace Award. Like the Joyce C. Hall People to People scholarship no 2011 date has been listed for these programs and the yearly deadline for the Mary Jean Eisenhower Award has already passed suggesting that it may not be renewed. However students should always check with the People to People scholarship website to get updates on these programs and scholars with a strong academic record should apply should they reopen.

As long as a sponsor awards many scholarships yearly for students like the People to People Scholarships do, then these are the easiest scholarships to apply to and get simply because of the odds being in your favor.

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