Hacer RMHC Scholarships

Hacer RMHC Scholarships

The HACER Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Scholarships are made available through the charitable work of McDonald’s. The company’s non-profit company, Ronald McDonald House, has had its hands in the scholarship game for quite some time and the HACER program is just one of their several available programs. Ronald McDonald House has been working with disadvantaged students for since the mid-1980s and has served many students with what they need to get through school. Like many of their programs the RMHC scholarship is given out to through Ronald McDonald House chapters located around the country. Local chapters are normally set up to help disadvantaged children get around or through their disabilities, and the organization as a whole has a long and successful history doing this. While the organization did originate in the United States, it has long since expanded into other countries where it offers its assistance where it can. As of 2011 the non-profit is in 52 different countries providing services to the disabled and infirm. Though their work does take them around the world, the RMHC HACER Scholarships are focused in the United States and also accepted around the country whether a local chapter exists or not.

First thing to understand about the RMHC/HACER Scholarships is that it is a targeted unknown minority scholarship. It focuses on students of Hispanic origin who want to pursue their dreams of higher education. Students will need to have at least a 2.7 grade point average, be a United States resident, and can be applying for the HACER scholarship only. All applicants will also need to be a current high school senior who is planning to enroll in a 2 or four year institution of higher education. These requirements must be considered on top of the general eligibility guidelines as provided by Ronald McDonald House charities. General guidelines require verification of enrollment at an institution and that all applicants are under the age of 21.In order to be considered for the Ronald McDonald House Charities HACER Scholarship Program all application materials must be submitted no later than January 28.

Of course students will want to know the relative amount of a Ronald McDonald House Charities HACER Scholarship Program. Every year the program awards a varying number of $1,000 scholarships. In 2010 only three different awards were given out, so students can easily expect the MacDonald’s scholarship to be fairly competitive. All funds made available to a student can be used towards tuition, fees or other expenses related to attending college.

In the face of the general level of competitiveness the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Scholarships will generate, students should go into the application process with as much planning as they can. A carefully tailored personal statement discussing career goals, personal background, and various interests should be prepared far ahead of time. Applicants should pay special attention to their involvement with community organizations. Like many other charitable groups, the selection committee for the RMHC Scholarship Program will be very interested in students who have very active community service histories while maintaining a good grade point average and displaying strong leadership skills. Students who do not have a strong community service history should instead focus on their financial need and the general financial need of their family. While some may argue that this is tugging on heart strings, students should know that in the face of missing aspects in their personal statement they should try to rationalize and explain why instead of volunteering 40 hours a week they were working during those times. These explanations will go a long way towards showing the selection committee that an individual is still quite committed to their community, or even their family, but simply did not have the time or general ability to participate in service roles.

Students who are planning to apply for the HACER RMHC Scholarships should also seek out a letter of recommendation from a professional who knows them well whether they are a teacher, employer, fellow volunteer or program director of a community service group.

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