Unclaimed Scholarships for Social Work Majors

scholarships for social work
Social Work Scholarships

Students who have a desire to make a difference in the lives of other people may wish to pursue some of these unclaimed scholarships for social work majors to assist them in funding their education. Social work can be a satisfying field, allowing you the opportunity to work with the disadvantaged, elderly, children, disabled and other populations. Students who receive a social work scholarship and pursue a career within this field can look forward to a variety of different career options, including working in hospitals, within state agencies, working with law enforcement and many other fields.

Funding your education is a necessity before you can enter this exciting career field though. Taking full advantage of available unclaimed scholarships for social work can help you to do that.

Association of Gerontology in Higher Education offers Social Work Scholarships

The Association of Gerontology in Higher Education offers several different social work scholarships specifically for students pursuing studies in social work and fields related to working with the elderly and senior citizens. The AARP Andrus Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Program for the Study of Aging offers a full-year scholarship worth $5,000 to undergrads who have a main focus in gerontology. The AARP Andrus Foundation Graduation Scholarship also offers awards for master as well as doctoral graduate students. Master’s students receive a scholarship worth $7,000 while doctoral students receive a $15,000 scholarship. Both scholarships are full-year awards.

Council on Social Work Education Scholarships for Social Work

The Council on Social Work Education provides the Carl A. Scott Book Scholarship. This award targets African-Americans, Asian Americans and also other ethnic groups. These awards are worth $500.

National Association of Social Workers offers many Unclaimed Scholarships in Social Work

The National Association of Social Workers offers a variety of scholarships for both master’s as well as doctoral programs. For instance, the Verne LaMarr Lyons scholarship is available to a student who is enrolled in a master’s degree program and who has expressed a commitment to working within the African American community. The Consuelo W. Gosnell memorial scholarship is also available to students in master’s degree programs with a commitment to working within American Indian and Hispanic communities.

New York University offers Social Work Scholarships

New York University offers the Shirley M. Ehrenranz School of Social Work scholarship. This scholarship is available to both first as well as second year students and is based on academic achievement and financial need. The Claudia Mann Oberweger Scholarship Fund offers scholarships for financial need, scholastic achievement and a commitment to working with people with alcohol and drug addictions.

Social Worker Scholarships from the School of Social Work at Youngstown State University in Ohio

The School of Social Work at Youngstown State University in Ohio offers a number of undergraduate scholarships, including the Doris Burdman Scholarship for undergrads with a minimum of twelve hours in social work courses and who also have a financial need. Two Barbara Lewis Roberts Memorial Scholarships are available to social work students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and who have a goal of working with the adoption of special needs children and/or child welfare services. The Kimberley Ann DeOnofrio Memorial Scholarship is available to students with a GPA of 3.0. Applicants should have a focus on working with individuals who are chronically ill.

Get Scholarships for Social Work Majors from San Diego State University

San Diego State University offers six social work scholarships, including the David C. Pritchard Memorial Scholarship. Applicants must submit proof of financial need along with an essay. Minority students are given special priority. Up to two $1,000 scholarships are available.

University of Iowa offers Social Worker Scholarships

The University of Iowa offers scholarships for social work students, including the Jean H. Winter Scholarship Award. Applicants are required to be junior-level students and also legal residents of Iowa as well as social work majors. The scholarship is worth $1,500. The University also provides the H. Wayne and Donna J. Johnson Award for Social Work Undergraduate Student. This scholarship is worth $500. Applicants must submit a two page essay as well as two faculty references to apply for the scholarship.

Social Work Scholarships from Ball University Indiana

Ball University, located in Indiana, offers unclaimed scholarships for social work majors with a minimum GPA of 3.0. This includes the Edward and Maureen Dobrow Social Work Scholarship as well as the Harry J. and Delpha S. Macy Scholarship. The dollar amounts of these social work scholarships varies.

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  1. Hi, I am Belis Kohen. I am from Turkey, but I live in Mexico since 2006. I speak Turkish, Spanish, French and English. I want to study medicine in New York or Florida. I am in senior year, and I am applying to few schools. But I need to get scholarship. Could you please inform me?

    Thank you.

  2. I want to return to school to pick up my undergrad in Social Work, I hold my Masters in Public Administration but I really want a career change and with the economy I believe the need is out there and I have a strong desire to work with seniors in poverty. I am quickly approaching 50, are there any monies available for a secondary undergrad degree for a returning student.

  3. Excited and focused for a career change in Healthcare with a Sustainable Business and Communities Master Program. Looking for a scholarship to cover my tuition expenses of $7,500.00 per semester.

    I’m a female, over 55 years old.

  4. Good Morning,

    I have a biology degree and have recently applied to a MSW program. I have a strong desire to pursue a career as a NICU social worker. I have had two daughters who were born very early and have spent several months in the NICU. I am having a hard time finding scholarships or grants to help fund my education. Are there any that are specific to this field or career path? Do you know of any loan repaymnent programs in exchange for service? I have even tried to contact someone through the March of Dimes to see if they offer anything but I have not received a reply. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. I am really looking forward to furthering my education and going into this field but I can’t afford to pay for my education outright.

    Thank you,


  5. I am an African-American male living in Idaho. I am a social work undergraduate and I need a scholarship to cover the remaining 1.5 years left at NNU. The cost of tuition is 11,000 a semester. Can you point me in the right direction please?

  6. Hello, I was wondering exactly how does one go about applying for a scholarship on this site? I’m not seeing a bottom or anything that takes me to the application or anything. If you could help me with this I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance

  7. Ashley,

    we write articles about the many scholarships available today. To apply to them you must go to the scholarships sponsors website. We many times put a link at the end of the articles that you may click on that will send you to the site and you can apply there. If there is no link search for it in Google etc… and then go to the scholarship website. We will put links in the article if the scholarship sponsor doesn’t continually change the URL’s from year to year.

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