Twitter Scholarships – The Easy Scholarships

twitter scholarships
Twitter Scholarships

Twitter scholarships are the new easy scholarship essay of today. They are really easy scholarships compared to the standard scholarship where an essay was/is a part of the criteria that you must write out and hand in with the rest of your scholarship application package. The Twitter scholarship essay is only 140 characters compared with a standard essay of 500 words! Yes that’s right. You can win a twitter based scholarship by tweeting a 140 character tweet about the twitter scholarship you are applying for and have a chance to win. Easy scholarships can’t get any easier than that!

Twitter scholarships growing!

There are many educational based companies sponsoring their very own Twitter scholarships, and this seems to be growing every day, because it’s a good way to advertise your website and what you’re all about. To participate all you have to do is sign in at the particular website of the company sponsoring the Tweet scholarship,  then make your tweet on your twitter account for all to see, and you could be selected based on the uniqueness of your tweet, or just by a random selection. Every company has their very own Twitter scholarships criteria, so it varies from one to the other. These are all easy scholarships to apply for and win.

Fast growing Twitter scholarships portal!

There is also a Twitter Scholarships portal at!/scholarships  and they seem to have a lot going for it. At least Google feels that way. Google has this Twitter scholarships portal ranked equivalent to their website. This is almost hard to believe, but Google has recently changed the way they rank websites. They are particularly concerned about how much value each website provides based on popularity and they assign it a page rank. If it’s on the same playing field as Google then this Twitter scholarships portal is a must to follow. Don’t let all these tweet scholarships become unclaimed scholarships and start tweeting for scholarships today!

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