Mensa Scholarships are Easy to Apply For

mensa scholarships
Mensa Scholarships

Mensa scholarships are easy to apply for because anyone can apply for them and you don’t have to be a Mensa member to apply to them, with exception to one Mensa scholarship – the Mensa Member Award Program. Even though they are an easy scholarship to apply to; the simple part of this scholarship may end there. When you have Mensa members with a super IQ submitting their applications you could find some very stiff competition for this scholarship – or maybe not. It’s hard to say actually because just because students have high IQ’s doesn’t mean they can run the world perfectly if asked to do so. In fact many intelligent individuals cannot write very good essays when asked to do so, and the Mensa scholarships ask for this when submitting applications.

Bottom line is – apply if you fit the criteria and you’re a good writer then you may have a chance to win a Mensa scholarship (essays are required for all Mensa scholarships). These awards are worth trying to win. If you win one then this one award can carry you on to land a job quickly once when you are graduated and in the job market. This will separate you from the crowd and many companies only hire these types of applicants (unique and award specific).

Mensa scholarships are sponsored by the Mensa Education & Research Foundation. These scholarships are completely based on essays which are composed by applications. Unlike many other scholarships, consideration for these awards is not based on academic program, grades or financial need.

Mensa is considered to be the oldest and largest high-IQ society throughout the world. This non-profit organization offers membership to individuals who score at least at the 98th percentile on a standardized intelligence test. Mensa was originally founded by a British lawyer and scientist, Dr. Lancelot Ware, and Roland Berrill, an Australian lawyer in 1946. The two men had the idea of establishing a society specifically for people of very high intelligence, with the only qualification for membership in the society being a high IQ. One of the goals of the organization was to be free from any type of social distinction, including religious views, race, etc. The name of the society is taken from two Latin words to mean a type of round-table society of minds. In addition, Mensa was also established to be completely free from any political points of view. The second major branch of the society was the American Mensa branch.

The Mensa Educational & Research Foundation is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in a variety of areas of intelligence. The strategic focus and mission of the foundation are primarily directed at education, awards and scholarships. The Mensa Foundation publishes a minimum of three issues of the Mensa Research Journal annually. Approximately $60,000 is awarded through Mensa’s scholarship program. The program is administered by some 400 volunteers from across the country. Awards presented recognize research, practical achievement and education in creativity and intelligence. In addition, the Foundation sponsors educational activities that include a podcast series known as Conversations with Mensa. The Foundation also sponsors projects for gifted children, including the Mesa for Kids website. Mensa was founded in 1971 in order to pursue excellence in the use and study of intelligence.

The application process for Mesa scholarships begins September 15th and closes on January 15th. Applicants who are considering applying for scholarship program should understand the United States program is quite extensive and covers approximately 75% of the nation. Applicants for the scholarship program are not required to be members of Mensa; however, members of the organization are encouraged to apply for a separate scholarship program; the Mensa Member Award Program. The Foundation also sponsors the international scholarship program. This program is open to Mensa members from other countries as well as their dependents if they are attending college in the U.S. To qualify for this scholarship program, applicants should be age 25 or younger.

A number of $1,000 scholarships are awarded annually by Mensa. The Copper Black Award is issued to any Mensa member for specific creative achievement that has practical value. The award may also be issued for any innovation that has actually been implemented, in part or whole.

The Distinguished Teacher Award is given to recognize a professor, teacher or instructor on any educational level who has had a positive influence on education as a whole or a member of Mensa.

The Awards for Excellence in Research are given on an international basis for outstanding research on intellectual giftedness, intelligence or any other related field.

The Intellectual Benefits Award was established to recognize the application of the intellectual abilities of a member of Mensa that have resulted in a benefit to society that is tangible.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented annually for recognition of contributions over a lifetime to the field of intelligence as well as related subjects. This award is given alternately between U.S. and international nominees annually.

The Mensa Press Award is given to recognize excellence in writing regarding human giftedness and intelligence in media that is specifically designed for lay audiences.

Mensa also underwrites a variety of programs that were established to support gifted youth. Such projects include the Young Mensans’ groups.

Apply to the Mensa scholarships if you fit the criteria (a good essay writer) because they may be easier scholarships to win then you think!

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    I am 18 years of age and a high school graduate currently applied for an aviation piloting in Wilson Airport,Kenya. I am currently looking for a scholarship in the same course. I play Rugby for the Kenya Under 19 Rugby community. At my high school i was awarded student leader of the year for Junior Achievement Organisation. You may please contact me on the address 24962-00502 Nairobi,Kenya.

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    I am 19 old final year student at T.I.AHMADIYYA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Ghana and need a scholarship to study medicine at the universty.Please help me!

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    Hey I am currently attending secondary school in Trinidad and I have been accepted to three universities in the US Are there any scholarships available for me?

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    I’m a junior at Lanier High School from San Antonio Texas & I would like to know if you can please give imformation if i can apply for any scholarship.
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    I would like to attend college in the fall of 2012.
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