QuestBridge Scholarships are Unique

questbridge scholarships
QuestBridge Scholarships Unique

QuestBridge scholarships are unique in that they are provided through a partnership with QuestBridge, a non-profit organization that works to connect motivated students from low-income families with unusual scholarship and educational opportunities at some of the best colleges and universities in the country.

Along with matching students with scholarships, QuestBridge also works to assist students in locating their first jobs as well as professional experiences and gain entry into graduate schools. QuestBridge provides the College Prep Scholarship as well as Quest for Excellence Awards and the National College Match. All applicants are required to complete an application in order that their unique and outstanding strengths and achievements can be best matched with opportunities that will fit their needs.

The College Prep Scholarship offers a three-fold advantage for low-income high school juniors. First, this QuestBridge scholarship is designed to assist students in recognizing that a top-level education is possible, regardless of their low-income background. It also works to prepare them for the college admissions process and provides them with practical knowledge regarding how they can gain admission into leading universities and colleges around the country. Students are provided with the potential to receive multiple awards that range from summer programs at top colleges and universities to full scholarships as well as individualized college admissions counseling.

Applicants to the College Prep Scholarship may also receive all-expense paid visits to campuses and invitations to the College Admissions Conferences at schools such as Stanford and Princeton. More than 1,500 awards are provided through the College Prep Scholarship program. While many students may believe it is impossible to attend a selective private college due to a lack of financial resources, the reality is that attending a top-tier private college may actually be less expensive than attending a state or community college. Financial aid packages at many of the leading colleges and universities in the country can cover 100% of a student’s financial need.

The unique QuestBridge Scholarships help to prepare students to make the most of advantages available to them. High school juniors who have a strong academic background and an annual family income of less than $60,000 should consider applying.

The National College Match program is designed to assist low-income students who are high-achieving with the ability to gain admission into some of the best universities and colleges in the country. Through a single application, students are able to apply up to as many as 31 colleges that partner with QuestBridge and be selected for admission as well as a full 4-year scholarship. As such, this program not only saves time, but also offers a wealth of educational and financial opportunities. The application process for this program begins in August. Applications must be received by the end of September.

The Quest for Excellence Awards Program was initiated as a way to offer organizations and individuals the opportunity to create personalized awards. Through this program, students are able to complete a portion of the college application process while also applying for awards, prizes and/or scholarships. This program is specifically for students who are in their junior and senior years of high school. The overall goal of the Quest for Excellence program is to enhance the educational exploration of students with an array of interests and diverse backgrounds. A variety of different awards are given out through this program, including expense-paid visits to partner colleges, iPads and laptops. Along with the prizes, one of the great benefits of this awards program is that it features highly specialized, focused categories that allow students to apply on the basis of their specific professional interests, ethnicity, geography, talents and other individual qualities; which may include being the first in their family to attend college. The deadline to apply for this awards program is March 27, 2012.

Students who attend a QuestBridge partner college will also be part of the Quest Scholars Network. This national network allows members to access internships, leadership opportunities and much more. The QuestBridge Scholarships are unique and a great financial aid tool to help students seamlessly towards a solid all around college path and career. They should be considered by all those who fit their scholarship criteria.  Don’t let them become unclaimed scholarships because of their divergent  scholarship elements!

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