Automatic Scholarships are Guaranteed Easy to Apply and Get

automatic scholarships
Automatic Scholarships Guaranteed Easy

Given the cost of attending college, automatic scholarships can be a great solution to help many families reduce the cost of a higher education. They are easy scholarships guaranteed to pay your tuition if you fit their criteria. You fill out the required paperwork and you will get the monies to help pay your college cost. It seems simple and it really is because fortunately for many this is how it works. It can work for you this way and that’s why it’s worth the time looking into automatic scholarships for college.

Prospective college students may be quite surprised to learn that a number of colleges provide automatic scholarships to those students who receive high scores on the SAT. These easy scholarships are not based on financial need and students are not required to complete special applications. They simply need to apply, score well on the SAT and they will receive an automatic scholarship. One of the keys to receiving such an easy guaranteed scholarship is applying early, at least by September of the student’s senior year in high school. Furthermore, they must score well on the SAT, but the minimum scores do vary from one school to another. This is precisely why many experts recommend taking the SAT at least four times.

One such university offering automatic scholarships for outstanding SAT scores is Berea College in Kentucky. This college is classified as a ‘work college.’ This means students do not pay tuition to attend school there. Instead, they pay for college through a work exchange. All students are required to have a job on-campus and work a minimum of ten hours per week. Students are paid for their work; however, a portion of their pay goes toward their college tuition. Admission to the school is highly competitive. College work-study is a great way to attend college and pay for it all at the same time. We high endorse them.

Guaranteed tuition is also offered to students accepted into Kentucky’s Alice Lloyd College. Students are also required to work 10-20 hours per week at the school. The college offers a guaranteed tuition policy for students who reside in one of the 108 central Appalachian counties. The cost to attend the school is met through a combination of scholarships, grants and the Student Work Program.

The Curtis Institute of Music also provides full-tuition scholarships to all students who are admitted. The school is highly competitive and only 160 new students are admitted each year.

Students who are interested in a full-tuition scholarship as well as a guaranteed employment position upon graduation may wish to apply to CUNY Teach Academy. The City University of New York provides full scholarships to students enrolled in the Teacher Academy. All students who enroll are eligible. In addition, graduating students will receive a full-time teaching position in school in NYC.

Easy automatic scholarships guaranteed in Indiana

Indiana University also offers automatic scholarships. Unlike other automatic scholarships at many others schools, the guaranteed scholarships offered at Indiana University are based only on the Math and English sections of the SAT. The writing section of the SAT is not considered when determining automatic scholarship eligibility at Indiana University. The IU Excellence scholarship is worth a total of $36,000 per year spread out over four years. The easy scholarship is awarded to residents of Indiana who have a minimum SAT score of 1330 or ACT score of 30 and a minimum GPA of 3.80.

The IU Distinction scholarship is also worth a total of $36,000 over four years and is awarded to out-of-state students (including international students) who have a minimum Act score of 30 or SAT score of 1330 and a minimum GPA of 3.80.

The IU Prestige scholarship is $5,000 per year for four years and is awarded to residents of Indiana or out-of-state students who have a minimum SAT score of 1260 or ACT score of 28 and a minimum GPA of 3.80.

The IU Recognition scholarship is $2,000 per year over four years and is automatically awarded to residents or out-of-state students who have a minimum SAT score of 1170 or ACT score of 26 and a minimum GPA of 3.70.

Purdue University, also in Indiana, has recently become well-known for offering automatic scholarships guaranteed easy to apply to. Purdue does take all three sections of the SAT into consideration for automatic scholarship eligibility. Purdue offers $20,000 automatic scholarships over four years for a minimum SAT score of 1850. All application materials must be postmarked by November 15th to be considered for an automatic scholarship at Purdue.

There are many other automatic college scholarships and students need to start searching for them via the internet. Many universities have them – you just need to ask the FinAids office.

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