University of the People Tuition Free Scholarships – Weird or Ahead of Their Time!

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UoP Tuition Free Scholarships

Maybe the UoP tuition free scholarshipsare just plain weird; or they are ahead of their time and this is just a glimpse of what future college student aid will be like. As the first tuition-free, non-profit university operating online the University of the People offers a unique and rewarding opportunity for students to attain the college education they desire with their tuition free scholarships. This is so strange in todays times that it does not seem possible, but with tuition cost rising out of the reach of most students heading off to college, we may see more of these types of college programs being accepted by accredited educators to make this the accepted standard – and the norm. Let’s see how it works.

Students who enroll in this school do not pay any tuition and are also not required to pay anything for study materials as they are completely free. There are modest fees which do apply at the school and range between $10 and $100. These fees are typically charged for taking tests as the completion of each course. Fees at University of the People are based on a sliding scale dependent upon the country in which the student lives. A nominal application processing fee is also charged when applying to the school. That fee may vary between $10 and $50 based on a sliding scale based on present economic situations in the applicant’s country or place of residence.

Students who are considering attending University of the People should understand that at the current time the school offers four degrees. Those degrees are: Associate of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Associate of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The school offers two programs; computer science and business administration.

The University of the People is in the process of applying to receive accreditation and may be offering degrees in the near future. Prospective students should be aware that until or if the school does not obtain accreditation, other colleges and universities may not accept academic credits from University of the People on a transfer basis.

The University of the People was established on the principles of peer-to-peer learning and e-learning, along with Open Educational Resources and open-source technology. UoPeople was specifically designed to offer access to an undergraduate degree program regardless of an individual’s geographic, societal or financial restraints. The school was originally founded in 2009 by Shai Reshef, an educational entrepreneur. To date, the University has partnered with New York University and Yale University. Students from 130 countries have been accepted at the University of the People.

The students of the university form its core as they all share common goals, which are to make a difference, become leaders and succeed in academics in order to create a better life as well as local community and ultimately, a better world. Through its unique approach, the University of the People offers an educational opportunity that provides students with the essential tools they need; whether they are beginning, changing or advancing their careers.

University of the People is able to offer tuition-free online learning a realistic option for students from around the globe through a groundbreaking educational philosophy. Qualified students who have graduated high school, have sufficient English skills and a computer and Internet access are accepted to the university. Courses are only offered in English. A large portion of the credo at the school is students assisting one another. Social networking plays a critical role. Students at the university are required to participate fully in discussions as well as answer questions that may be posed by students in forums and groups, in addition to faculty.

The student community at University of the People is divided into several classes or sub-groups consisting of between 20 and 30 students who participate in online courses. The learning week at the school begins at night between Wednesday and Thursday and will end the following Wednesday. Study units for classes are made available one week at a time. All courses at University of the People are 5 credit hours.

One of the most common questions about University of the People is how the school is able to offer a tuition-free or guaranteed scholarship. The school is able to do this by functioning on an extremely limited budget; but without sacrificing any educational quality. Instead a collaborative learning model is used while also taking full advantage of open-source technology, open educational resources and volunteer contributions from around the globe. Students are able to exchange ideas, share resources, discuss topics on a weekly basis, submit completed assignments and submit exams through online study communities.

The tuition-free learning environment at University of the People is supported by some of the most respected scholars in the world. That faculty is composed of both active as well as retired professors and other professionals. This is why they may NOT be viewed as weird scholarships being offered by a strange student aid institution, and becoming the slowly acceptable way of receiving a college degree and paying for it. It very well may be coming sooner than many of us think and it couldn’t happen sooner. Education should be free for all those who want it. Weird scholarships? We don’t think so – just a smart and financially acceptable way to pay for a higher education for those who want it.

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  1. Sean Anderson

    I am a student living in Detroit, MI and I just finished high school and I am trying to farther my education/dream I also would like to be the FIRST person within my family to go to college, the only problem is my family do not have the funds to help get me in college. with that being said I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. THANKS-SEAN A.

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