Strange Unusual Wacky Scholarships

Strange bizare scholarships 


This strange and wacky scholarships story may read more like “Believe it or Not” if your looking for the unusual college scholarship you never thought existed. Did you know that:

American Sheep Industry Association offers a scholarship at Philadelphia University to four students each year.

Skateboard scholarships are Unknown

Another unusual scholarship offered to students with unusual skills is the Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship. Do you like skateboarding?

Unclaimed Scholarship for the name Zolp

Did you know there is a very unknown endowment that provides the full cost of tuition for four years of education to any Catholic student with the surname Zolp.



Duck tape college scholarship        Duck tape college scholarship

Ever hear of the Duck tape Scholarship? This scholarship, the “Stuck at the Prom” award is offered by Duck Brand Duct Tape.

Enjoy this unusual strange wacky scholarships story. It’s a treat.


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    you must go directly to the scholarships sponsors website to apply to any scholarship program we write about. Sometimes a link is near the bottom of the article page. If the sponsor changes URL’s yearly we will not put in a link because it would be broken. You would then have to search for it on your favorite web browser. A good reference of scholarships is – list of scholarships.

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