LAF Scholarships for Landscape Architecture

landscape architecture scholarships
Landscape Architecture Scholarships

If you love landscape and architecture and want to study this in college, start exploring the LAF Scholarships for landscape architecture. LAF stands for Landscape Architecture Foundation. The goal of this organization is to promote and enhance the ability for students interested in these areas to have the funding to attend college. Since the LAF scholarships are little known about, they could be unclaimed scholarships.

The organization was established in 1966 by a small group of architects. They shared a concern for the overall quality of the environment in America. They knew that to make it the best possible, they had to help offer the means for training additional people in these areas. Applications are due by February 15th annually to be considered. The funds can be used for an accredited college undergraduate or graduate program in the United States or Canada.

ASLA Council of Fellows Scholarship for landscape and architecture

There are two winners annually of this scholarship from LAF, each in the amount of $4,000. Applicants must demonstrate a significant financial need, to the point where they likely wouldn’t be able to attend college without the funding. All students must be ASLA members and enrolled in an undergraduate program for landscape architecture. In addition to the application, a 250 word essay about the applicant’s financial situation and a 500 word essay about what they wish to contribute to the world of landscaping are required.

Courtland Paul Scholarship for landscaping

There is one winner of a $5,000 award with this LAF scholarship. This individual was committed to landscaping and the scholarship is in his honor as he passed away in 2003. All applicants must be citizens of the United States. They have to be in the final year or two of their undergraduate program and a member of ASLA. Financial need must be demonstrated and all applicants need to have a GPA of 2.0 or better. Two letters of recommendation are to accompany the application along with a 500 word essay regarding financial need.

EDSA Minority Scholarship for landscape architecture

There is one winner of a $5,000 scholarship for someone enrolled in an undergraduate landscaping program. The application needs to be accompanied by two letters of application and three samples of work completed. Applicants also need to submit a 500 word essay that describes what they would like to achieve in landscaping architecture based on their heritage. Any minority student of any ethnic background is encouraged to apply for this scholarship fund. Financial need is also a factor for determining a winner.

As you are exploring the various LAF Scholarships, you may find a couple of them that you qualify for. It is well worth the effort to apply and see what you can get in your pocket for paying for college. That money adds up fast from various resources, and significantly reduces your amount that you have to pay or student loans that you have to pay back. Don’t let these become unclaimed college scholarships if this field of study is your passion.

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