Understanding what Unclaimed Scholarships Are

what are unclaimed scholarships
Definition of Unclaimed Scholarships

There are many definitions of what unclaimed scholarships are, and there really is no one answer that is correct. This is because unclaimed scholarship monies come from many sources and there are many ways of finding it, so you will have a variety of meanings for it. Bottom line is it all does exist based on what your definition of it is and it is monies not found and used yet for college.

If you look at just what the word ‘unclaimed’ means you will see it’s an adjective only; and that the definition for unclaimed is:  ‘unknown, usually by choice’. This could indicate for example that a student won a scholarship and they decide not to claim it.

If you look at the Antonyms for unclaimed they are: discovered, identified, known, named. This could mean that a who student wins a scholarship, is identified and known who it is; and is named publicly.

The Synonyms for the word ‘unclaimed’ are many such as : incognito, undisclosed, innominate, nameless, unnamed, pseudo, pseudonymous, secret, so and so, such and such, unacknowledged, unattested, unavowed, unclaimed , uncredited, undesignated, unidentified, unsigned, unspecified, what’s his/her name, whatchamacallit, you know who…. you get the point!

Some people or students seem to think that just because a scholarship is not claimed than anyone can lay claim to it very quick and easily as their own if they discover it. Well, this seems too easy and unrealistic to say the lest. I guess if the student applies to it and qualifies for it then they can easily win it. But to just to try to fill the vacuum of the student who doesn’t claim it without qualifying for it would be wishful thinking and actually trying to get something for nothing. But there are some students who think this way.

A basic and safe way to describe unclaimed scholarships may be just that it’s monies for college that has not been given away or awarded yet, and that you can apply for it once you discover it – period!  The unclaimed monies are sitting their waiting to be awarded to the right student who fits what the scholarship sponsor is looking for and they will not award it until they have a perfect match for it! This means you still have a chance of getting it if it hasn’t been assigned or awarded at that time.

It’s UNCLAIMED as of yet.

If you have a better definition of unclaimed scholarships, or you actually know of some unclaimed college scholarship monies please leave your written comment in the comment section at the end of this page.

If you do –  we will respond to you on where you can find more unclaimed scholarship monies!

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