These February Scholarships could go Unclaimed

february scholarships
February Scholarships

The following article includes information regarding some top financial aid programs in the most universal February Scholarships for students looking now, which will allow people from all walks of life to apply and get a chance to fund their higher studies.

It may seem a little bit unusual to apply to scholarships in February, but this may be one of the better times because you may have fewer students who have the time to fill out scholarship applications in the month of February. Going against the trend may pay off for students who make the time to do so because many February scholarships may go unclaimed.

February Scholarships from the Google Lime Scholarship Program

The Google Lime Scholarship Program is designed for students who have a disability (anything that might be long-term or a recurring issue which hinders them from doing a certain activity, which others might consider to be a normal, daily function). In order to be eligible for this disability scholarship, all applicants need to be pursuing either a computer science or a computer engineering degree. The pursuit of a degree in a closely related field will also suffice.

It is important that all candidates who apply show a very strong academic prowess, with a high GPA, and should be entering either their junior year or senior year of undergraduate study. Or they can be enrolled in a graduate program with a two or four-year full course of study at any accredited university. The deadline for submission is February 5th, and essays and other special requirements must be completed. The Scholarship is run by Google, Inc. and Lime Connect. The total award is around $10,000.

Harry S. Truman Scholarship deadlines in February

This February scholarship is designed primarily for students who are looking to apply for a bachelor’s degree. In order to be applicable, it is required that the applicants be either juniors or seniors in the third year of their college, or just seniors from Puerto Rico, any Pacific Island or the Virgin Islands. All applicants can either be US citizens or at least US nationals applying from any Pacific Island. It is run by the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation. All applicants must also have an interest in public service, nonprofit sectors, education as well as the advocacy sector. The Harry S. Truman Scholarship is highly rewarding, with grants up to $30,000 in value available. The deadline for application is February 5th. Moreover, applicants must also have a history of serving with top community service organizations and professional organizations.

Point Foundation Scholarship Program

The Point Foundation Scholarship Program is funded by the Point Foundation, and is basically aimed at applicants who belong to the transgender/lesbian/gay community. In order to succeed in getting this scholarship, students need to exhibit very strong academic qualities, have leadership skills (with proof) and must exhibit a desire to make a real difference. All scholarships are given on the basis of financial need, marginalization, personal merit, financial achievement as well as involvement within the LGBT community, future goals as well as the professional experiences. The average scholarship award is around $10,000 and the deadline for submission of these February scholarships are the 10th of February. Moreover, this LGBT scholarship is renewable.

The Proton On-Site Scholarship Program

The Proton On Site Scholarship Program is funded by Proton On Site, and is basically aimed at seniors who are currently enrolled in high schools. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, all applicants must declare a major, or should at least have a statement of intent to pursue a major degree, in any science or technology related field. Examples include Biological Sciences, Engineering, Computer Engineering, Material Sciences, Geo Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Chemical Technology, Physics, etc. All those who apply should be maintaining a minimum high school GPA of 3.6 and must be US citizens. Their applications will be evaluated on the basis of their overall academic performance, promise and present ability, their promise to further education and the impact that they might make in the scientific world. Financial need, leadership activities and involvement in community services also play a very important part. The current deadline for application to the Proton On Site Scholarship Program is February 10th, and the average award that is rewarded is around $25,000. This scholarship program is renewable.

*These are some of the top February scholarships unclaimed that students can look to apply to for the month of February. Make the time to complete their applications when other student may be busy with their classes.

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  1. Can students apply for scholarships even if they don’t meet the requirements? What I am saying is if they were going to unclaimed would it be awarded to someone regardless of qualifications

  2. I need a scholarship. I have a great GPA. I want to become an XRAY Tech. I already have some college credits from being in Upward Bound for 3 years and I will also take 3 college credit courses this Summer. Please help.

  3. dextasia,

    find all the colleges you are intersted in attending that have programs to become an XRAY Tech and inquire into their scholarship programs for which require a high GPA. Most will require that you have a 28 and above SAT score so start taking classes to help you prepare in taking the SAT test so you can take it a number of times to get a 28 and above on it. From that point you should be able to find what you are looking for. There’s colleges most likly near you that will have what you are looking for. Oakland University in Rochester MI has such a program!

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