More February Scholarships Setting up to go Unclaimed

unclaimed scholarships
February Scholarships

Below are some really nice February scholarships setting up to go unclaimed. They are have one thing in common – you must submit your scholarship application by February. If you find one that you feel is a good fit for you – then apply to it!

February scholarships are sometimes difficult to apply too because most students are busy with their studies and they may be less likely to take the time to apply to them. This can work to your advantage and is the perfect storm for unclaimed scholarships to occur.So instead of going to that Friday/Saturday party, stay home and fill out an application instead. You never will know if you have a chance at winning one unless you do.

The American Nuclear Society

If nuclear science and technology interest you, then look into the American Nuclear Society may have what you are looking for. There are many ANS scholarships – 20 in all, so it’s not like thousands of students will be competing for only one award. This is what makes it worthwhile for students to apply. This is a growing field and not one to go away any time soon.

LAF Scholarships for Landscape Architecture

If landscape and architecture fascinates you then you can study this in college with the LAF Scholarships. The Landscape Architecture Foundation was formed by a small body of architecture’s who wanted to make sure that this field of study would grow and be applied to our surroundings. If you win one you can attend any college in the US or Canada.

Boren Scholarships Grants

Both graduates and undergraduates can apply to this award which will allow you to learn different languages around the globe. The idea is that this will equip students for National security issues and other job functions related to this. You can learn in other countries. The award amounts are not small either – $20,000 and higher are given to those who qualify. This is not for everyone, but if this is of great interest to you then you should apply.

Culinary Trust Scholarships

The Culinary Trust Scholarships give out 30 cooking scholarships and is based on many factors especially experience and references. These awards go as high as $90,000 – WOW! The Culinary Trust Scholarships works with a few specific colleges which specialize in cooking skills. This award is worth looking into if you have the knack for cooking and love it too.

Scholarships by Verizon

The scholarship offered by Verizon has it’s limitations and is not offered to everyone. Minorities are given priorty and also there must be a work related conection to apply to them. This award seems to change in it’s scope yearly so if the above is met by you, then surely look into it.

Dunkin Donuts Scholarship

This online applying scholarship by Dunkin Donuts makes the process simple and easy. Each individual franchise has an $1,000 award on average to be given out, and there are over 9000 stores so everyone reading this should take the time to apply if you will be attending college. The qualifying guidelines are not too hard to clear either.

Big 33 Scholarship

The Big 33 Scholarships are big in many ways. There are 150 – 200 awards given out annually and the stipend ranges from $500 to $4500. For more details on this exceptionally large scholarship program visit Big 33 scholarships.

There you go! More unclaimed scholarships in February developing and this is where you want to apply hard and fast so you can have a better then average chance of winning over others who don’t make the time to send in their applications – even though they may be excellent candidates to win.

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