Unclaimed Scholarships from College of the Ozarks

unclaimed college scholarships
College of the Ozarks

There are 100 % unclaimed college scholarships offered from the College of the Ozarks located in Point Lookout, Missouri. They are very unusual in how they handle their ‘free tuition program.

Many students have never heard of Ozark college, but it’s worth taking a look at if you are unsure how you will be paying for your college, and if you do not want to use any student loans at all to finance your higher education.

We don’t blame you either since our philosophy is (and always will be) that all who want to attend college should be able to, and at no cost!

This private four year college is situated on a 1000 acre campus too, so it’s no small educational facility. There is a 13 to 1 student / faculty ratio which is outstanding to say the least.

It’s an evangelical Christian school which has a total of approximately 1400 students with a liberal arts curriculum. The campus does have a Christian environment were NO drugs or alcohol are allowed on or off campus for those who attend, keeping with their reputable ‘stone cold sober’ college mantra living. They want real deal Christian students. So for those students looking to attend college to party down, it’s well advised to look in another college direction. It won’t be happening here. I’m sure this is a good thing though.

All students who attend the College of the Ozarks DO NOT pay tuition, IF they can demonstrate financial need, so they do not offer unclaimed scholarships to all who apply, just the ones who really need it.

Ozark college is unique because they are on a mission (which is the same as ours) to eliminate student loans, or student loan dept in every way possible. In fact you are not allowed to have any student loans and attend the College of the Ozarks – well sort of. They stopped accepting those students who wanted student loans. This is unheard of today and is hard to believe, but it’s true.

The College received a 355 million dollar endowment and will even help students with dental and medical and or/other unexpected needed expenses when necessary.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

You are most likely thinking there must be some type of catch if you go to this school and not pay for it. Well there is, but it’s not all that bad because the Ozarks make it all part of your program, and all students have to do it too.

You see, Ozark college is also known as Hard Work U.

Have we scared you away yet?

OK – Then keep on reading. It’s really all good! We promise.

Their unclaimed scholarships work like this:
At College of the Ozarks students work in campus jobs connected with the university in some way. They can work in the housing, maintenance,OR the cafeteria sections of campus. Some students can work landscaping/agricultural and other related areas. The Ozarks college also have a working hog and cattle farms, gardens, lodging along with a restaurant. This is a lot to choose from, so most students should be happy with their work choice. We would be.

You might be thinking that since you have to work and attend college at the same time that it would be too much to handle.

Not so!

The Ozarks weave your classes together with your college courses as seamlessly as possible. They understand this delima, and do it in such a way to insure your college success.

The way it works out is that students work part-time during the school year. Many then work 40-hour per weekly jobs during summer to cover the cost of room & board. Others work in nearby towns located near campus, which is a major tourism attraction specializing in music along with really good theatrical shows.

Sounds enticing doesn’t it?

It is that’s why!

This new way of offering unclaimed scholarships to new students may some day be the norm for future students because college may not be affordable at the pace college tuition seems to increase every year – without fail!

The educational platform which the College of the Ozarks offers is unparalleled today. They go out of their way to insure students succeed by financially paying for college, in their field of study, and the college experience itself with their Christian campus setting!

Students who attend here are thrilled that they have no student loans to pay off after graduation – and are virtually debt free from attending college!

Does it get any better then this?

No, it really does not.

Ask yourself the below questions which will help you decide if Ozark college is for you.

Unsure about how you will be paying for college?
Unsure about where to attend college?
Want to meet new like minded friends in a Christian environment?
Want to change your life for the better?
Want a top notch education?
Want some job experience and attend college at the same time in an orderly fashion?
Looking for some top easy scholarships?

Look into the College of the Ozarks unclaimed scholarships. They are waiting for you. All you have to do is apply.

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