Blackburn College offering Unclaimed Scholarships

unclaimed scholarships form blackburn college
Blackburn College offering Unclaimed Scholarships

Blackburn College is offering unclaimed scholarships to those students who would like to be involved in their work study program. This college is nationally known for their unique student-managed work programs along with their distinguished & rugged liberal arts academic curriculum. Blackburn takes your education seriously with their uncompromising educational standards and they hold nothing back in their course offerings. They take pride in the fact that graduating students are work ready for their first job after college.

When you look at the information provided on their website, you really do believe it too! Everything makes good sense in how they go about getting students ready in and out of college in seamless fashion. Their unclaimed college scholarships are unique and progressive in today’s times of high student tuition and loans, which seem to choke the financial life out of college students upon their graduation.

All of our staff here at give their way of helping students pay for their tuition/room/board/ etc… 4 out of 4 stars! We wish more colleges would come out with more of the same or like of what Blackburn offers today, so students don’t spend the next 10 years paying off their college education after graduating.

This college is located in Carlinville, Illinois and is the most affordable college in the state. The faculty to student ratio is 12 to1 which is equal to other colleges costing much more. By offering academic scholarships and grants, with their student run work study program, some students can actually go to college for free at Blackburn. They are very creative in their financial aid to prospective students and go out of their way to help all who are interested in attending this private NCAA Division III college with as little out of pocket cost as possible.

Blackburn’s unique work study program started way back in 1913, so they’re no strangers to putting together appealing financial aid packages that work well. Their work study is student managed, the only one of it’s kind in the US. When a program is student managed it means that the students decide how to run the program. You actually will have a large say in how your program will be carried out.

This is by far the best type of work study you can be a part of because then students can attend college and weave into their classes the times when work can be most convenient. This way working does not interfere with your college courses. They become a part of them.

160 hours each semester is what each student who attends Blackburn must work. Each student actually works for the college, so when a student is working he/she is actually helping the college to operate on a day to day basis. You actually part of the college staff. Blackburn feels that this is a vital part about attending school at their college because employers want experienced seasoned employees along with academic competence; which their program thoroughly provides.

WOW – sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

If this doesn’t get you excited about attending college here – then not to much will.

Blackburn college’s unclaimed scholarships are unique in a very outstanding way that’s for sure. They get students ready for the REAL working world, where as other college’s just prepare them academically only. It’s actually a one sided education when you think about a standard college education as opposed to how Blackburn does it. This should be a how more higher education schools should go about preparing their students for the real world.

We would hire someone with this type of college training –  that’s for sure!

Consider Blackburn college scholarships.

Their unusual unclaimed college scholarships will build leadership, character, an inquisitive mind and community minded students; who will be prepared to start working in making a difference wherever they choose!

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