Possibilities to get Unclaimed Scholarships

Unclaimed Scholarships
Possibilities of Unclaimed Scholarships
Unclaimed scholarships for college students can be really worth a lot of money. The good thing about these college scholarships is the fact they are less known, and may sound weird to you at first, but could possibly be the easy way to have some extra money for ones college degree and financing.

It is actually easy to learn about these unknown scholarships, and submit an application for them. You just have to go into your college admissions office to inquire about them, or if you’re a senior in high school; talk to your counselor. Your teachers and education counselors could be very useful. Tutorials concerning how to claim these scholarships are provided on the web. As you now learn how to sign up for scholarships, the major part to target here is the proper way for you to fill out a scholarship application form. It’s tedious, but fully necessary in landing any financial aid.

Only a few private scholarships ever go unclaimed. The scholarships or grants that typically go unclaimed accomplish this simply because they can’t be claimed. Truly the only scholarships which are unclaimed can’t be claimed because of prohibitive eligibility criteria.

For instance, the Zolp scholarship from Loyola University in Chicago is ideal for a Catholic student in the university who happened to be born having a surname of Zolp. Many years there is are few students who qualify, but the most of the years there is none. You can’t replace your name to qualify, because the Zolp surname must show up on your birth record as well as your baptism certification.

Unclaimed Scholarships by Burger King

When you think of scholarships you don’t think of Burger King, but they are a 800 pound gorilla when it comes to student aid for college.

A Burger King Scholarship is generally referred to as “BK scholarship” among people. Before you start the application process, you have to be conscious regarding the eligibility criteria and specifications in order to apply. The eligibility criteria for these awards are not so difficult. Firstly, you must have the minimum GPA of 2.5 in conjunction with work knowledge greater than 15 hours each week for any part-time job. Your application process is usually simple and easy. You simply make an application by filling in an internet profile registration form online. The website of Burger King consists of the complete information you need linked to the scholarship program administration.

Each year, a whopping 700 deserving individuals acquire prize money of $1000 each under the program. It doesn’t make a difference if students attend school in the area, or through an accredited college in the United States.

Odd Scholarships for Strange Talents

Do you think you’re a fashion-forward individual?

Do you like being bit sticky?

In case you answered yes to each of the above queries, here’s a simple way to earn $3,000 for school: See your senior high school prom dressed up completely in duct tape. The Duck Tape Scholarship is offered to U.S. citizens 14 and older who attend their spring prom dressed up in complete attire or accessories made up of duct tape. Submit an application having picture of yourself as well as your date. Those who win are picked for their very own originality, craftsmanship and sum of Duct Tape used.

How often has your mother disparaged your spare time activity, calling it a total waste of your time and effort as well as brainpower Very well, now’s the time to provide evidence that she’s wrong. The Skateboard Scholarship by Patrick Kerr grant honors one $5,000 scholarship or grant as well as three $1,000 scholarships to high school students that are skate board activists. Those who win should have the minimum Grade point average of 2.5 and remain enrolled as full-time students towards the fall after commencement.

If aiming pool is your interest, you could also take the amount of money. The Scholarship Billiards Competition by Barry Lefkowitz honors $1750 in scholarship and grant each term to University of Akron learners that can win a pool competition. In fact golf players (see: Evans Scholars Foundation) as well as bowlers their very own funds, which range up to $10,000 per year in scholarship assistance.

The Gertrude J. Deppen Scholarship Fund is actually allocated for undergraduate college students coming from the Mount Carmel that are attending the Bucknell University. You can get this scholarship if you are a graduate of Mount Carmel public senior high school and have stayed in Mount Carmel for a minimum of 10 years.

*The above article was contributed by a college student who has first hand knowledge of friends applying and winning the above scholarship awards.  She also won some herself!

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