Unclaimed College Scholarships for Low Income Students

unclaimed college scholarships
Scholarships for Low Income Students

Many times at some colleges and universities, unclaimed scholarships come disguised in many college financial aids office’s under low income student aid.

All students should check these programs at any college because sometimes they are hidden away in the financial aids section of their websites and these are the gems of unclaimed college scholarships given to incoming freshmen.

Many colleges are starting to expand their guidelines to include more students simply because it’s getting more and more competitive to land students to their campuses. For example they may offer special grants for students that fit into a moderately lower parent income bracket coupled with a decent academic record.

Can you say Unclaimed College Scholarships?

Notice I said decent academic record.

Yes, that’s right!

It doesn’t have to be golden any more, like high ACT scores and GPA. Many colleges are getting around this by allowing students to have a “decent GPA and Act’s” along with past community service – which most students are required to get in high school to graduate nowadays.

Competition among-st colleges is fierce for incoming students and the end result is lots of unclaimed scholarships disguised as university school grants and low income student financial student aid.

Well; the easiest way to do this that I personally have done many times is to call the financial aids office and ask if they have lower income programs and what their URL is to read more about them. At that time ask about them on the phone. Have a pad and pencil ready because you will get answers to that question immediately.How do you go about finding out about these unknown scholarships especially when college websites have these invisible programs buried three layers deep decorated in financial aid lingo?

“Sometimes unclaimed scholarships are the easiest scholarships to find – just make the call to the Fin Aids office!”

Top Unclaimed Scholarship from MSU – Spartan Advantage Program

Here’s an example of a lower income program from Michigan State University. It’s called the Spartan Advantage Program. It’s for students in Michigan only and reserved for those who are what MSU considers the neediest students.

To see if you qualify you must fill out the FAFSA and send it to MSU. Students must also be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant and enrolled full time in a program in which you will receive an undergraduate degree at MSU. This program is for those with income that is below the federally established poverty guidelines.

A work study will be assigned to students which helps pay for this program, but it will be the best job you probably will ever work from past students who have participated in the Spartan Advantage Program – “Work study jobs are fun at MSU”.

You may be thinking that you won’t fit into this program, but MSU has a second tier program to this one where you may fit that the guidelines are easier to qualify for. This second tier program will grant you $7,100 from MSU along with the Pell grant of $5,600 which will give you $12,700 in free money to use to attend MSU.

WOW!!! – Do you love this as much as I do?

What an unclaimed college scholarship to a major university!

You don’t have to pay any of it back either. You may have to get a small student loan if at all to help pay incidentals; but work study may pay for the rest.

This is one of MANY programs designed for lower income students and those who fall outside of the normal lower income student aid programs which many colleges across the country have in order to persuade students to come to their campuses and learn.

Inquire at the Fin Aids office of any college or university to discover them and don’t be shy when you ask about them either, because easy scholarships for low income students are gotten for those who ask about them!

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