Bowdoin Unclaimed College Scholarships Meet Full Student Need

Bowdoin Unclaimed College Scholarships
Bowdoin Unclaimed College Scholarships

Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine offers some of the best unclaimed college scholarships among-st all schools today, and hopefully their student aid philosophy will spill over to other college’s throughout the country.

Simply put, Bowdoin College will not look at the family’s ability to pay as to whether they admit a student into their university or not. This is called ‘need blind admission’. Bowdoin College will only look at the highly motivated student who is serious about their studies – period!

AND, if they do admit a student in, the Bowdoin policy is to meet the full need of the student who is applying for financial aid. About half the students at Bowdoin receive some type of an unclaimed college scholarship (grants, scholarships, etc).

This my fellow students is exactly what you want to hear when you look to apply to college.

Many students get hooked on the ‘I want to attend XYZ college because all my friends are going their, or the guys or girls are good looking and their are tons of them, or the college is so pretty, or the parties are great their etc…you get the drift.

You should look for a school who is going to pay your way firstly. This is the financially smart way to do it because what if your plans entail going to graduate school and you have 80k in student loans upon your graduation?

The chances are good you will because, that is the trend to even get a job nowadays.

What do you do now? You are cornered and you have little, if any options left.

You must think about all this now because it will happen to most all students.

Good Fin Aid Planning with Unclaimed College Scholarships

The answer is in good student financial aid planning right NOW before you select a college to attend in the first place. Look for colleges like Bowdoin which offer need blind types of unclaimed scholarships and grants. Then, out of these, select what college you prefer AFTER this only, in which to attend.

I can assure you that there will be pretty guys and girls, good parties, new good friends and everything else you thought about in the first place at these colleges. The academics will be second to none too, because college’s like Bowdoin which are offering unclaimed student aid are the top academic schools in the country – so the trend seems to be.

If you do not agree with me now, then lets talk in four years after you’re 80k in debt from attending the college your friends went to in which you followed but could not really afford to so you borrowed via student loans.

Why don’t all college’s offer unclaimed college scholarships like Bowdoin with their meeting full student need philosophy?

Bowdoin Unclaimed College Scholarships and Grants Defined

Bowdoin College unclaimed aid essentially builds a bridge between what the full cost to attend college at Bowdoin is, to the family’s ability to pay. Once a family fills out the FAFSA, then Bowdoin can determine what grants, unclaimed scholarships, work study and other, need to be awarded the student.

To set the record straight Bowdoin College is expensive to attend. But this is exactly the kinds of colleges which are following the philosophy of ‘meeting the full need of the student upon admission to their college’ – The more expensive ones!

Look for these keywords when deciding on what college’s will pay most all your cost to attend their university.

*It really does not matter if it cost 100k or 20k per year to attend if that college will give you 100k or 20k in their unclaimed college scholarships, grants and student aid per year – now does it?

The Lower the EFC – the more Unclaimed Student Aid Given

All of the above information will be most beneficial for students whose EFC comes in lower. Most any college will give less to students whose parents make really good money and have large assets in the bank – simply because these programs are designed to help those who need it it the most. It’s a sliding need scale – the more you need help the more will be given to you and vice-versa.

Low Enrollment Equates to more Unclaimed Student Financial Aid and Scholarships for Students

That being said, you would be surprised to find out student aid will come your way if colleges really need to increase their school enrollments that year, even to those who don’t require as much. You will never know how much you will get until you apply and send over your FAFSA to those schools you’re interested in most.

If enrollment numbers are way down, then the unclaimed college scholarships will be flying off the shelf even at Bowdoin and any other college across the country. Total enrollments play a big part in how colleges receive funds to give back to students; so yearly enrollments are always guarded by every college and university everywhere.

Say YES to Bowdoin College and others like them who offer unclaimed college scholarships.

In four years you will be glade you did!

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