Spring Arbor Unclaimed Scholarships and Financial Aid for Incoming Students

spring arbor unclaimed scholarships
Scholarships Unclaimed from Spring Arbor

After high school becoming a Spring Arbor Cougar may be something to look into because of their unclaimed college scholarships.

If you do not believe that you can go to Spring Arbor University located in Michigan because you may not financially be able to afford the education, then investigate the Spring Arbor University financial aid opportunities open to incoming students.

Spring Arbor is different from a lot of universities because they are a Christian university that relies on the fact that they are the meeting center for faith in God and the education you need to survive in the world of man.

This university was established more than one hundred forty years ago and has educational locations located in Michigan and in Ohio.

There are several unique scholarship and financial aid programs open to new students at Spring Arbor University. One of the easier scholarships available is the National Merit scholarship that can cover as much as sixty percent of the standard tuition costs.

Yes – 60%!

To be eligible for this scholarship you will need to enroll at Spring Arbor University as a full-time student. You also have to enroll at the university the same year that you graduate from high school. That means you will graduate in early summer from high school and enroll to begin taking classes at the university in the fall of the same year. You must maintain a 3.5 grade point average. You can apply for this scholarship by submitting confirmation to the national Merit Semifinalist status.

The Trustee Scholarship will provide twelve thousand dollars a year to eligible applicants for a period of not more than four consecutive years. You do not have to make a separate application to be considered for this easy to apply scholarship. Your enrollment paperwork will be used as a determining application. You will be required to maintain a 3.5 grade point average to maintain the scholarship qualification status.

The Presidential scholarship to Spring Arbor does not require the student entering the college to fill out any additional applications to be considered for the award. The scholarship can provide as much as ten thousand dollars per year for a period of four consecutive years. You will be required to maintain a 3.5 grade point average to keep the scholarship and be able to renew it each year.

The scholarships will look at the points you have accumulated according to the eligibility table for freshmen entering the university. To determine how many points you have you have to consider your grade point average that you had in high school. A 3.50 to a 4.0 grade point average will earn four points on the eligibility table. 3.30 to 3.49 grade point averages are given three points. 3.20 to 3.29 grade point averages are given two points. 3.0 to 3.19 grade point averages are scored with one point.

Then you consider the points you earned on the eligibility chart for where you were ranked in your high school graduating class. If you were in the top ten percent of your class you will be awarded four points. A student that was in the eleven to twenty percent of their class will be given three points. If you were ranked in the twenty first to the thirtieth percent of your class you will get two points.

Finally the ACT score you received will determine the rest of the points you have. If you score between twenty nine and thirty six on the ACT you will receive five points on the eligibility table. An ACT score of twenty five to twenty eight will get you four points. A score of twenty three to twenty four will get you three points. A score of twenty one to twenty two will get you two points. A score of twenty will get you one point.

Some scholarships require you to have an eligibility point score of twelve or higher to be qualified to apply.

Spring Arbor Unclaimed Scholarships are disguised!

Here’ the best part about Spring Arbor Scholarships. If you have to take out student loans during your time at Spring Arbor and when students graduate with them, they will be forgiven if the student cannot find work. Sounds to good to be true but it is. I would suggest that all students interested in attending SA contact the admissions office to discuss this program further in detail.

Spring Arbor is a Christian school so this may be the reason behind this unbelievable student loan forgiveness program.

What an unclaimed college scholarship!!!

Unclaimed college scholarships can be easy and come in all shapes and sizes and are beautifully disguised like this one!!

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