Unclaimed Scholarships from Lake Superior State University

Unclaimed Scholarships from Lake Superior State University
Unclaimed Scholarships from Lake Superior State University

If you go to the Lake Superior State University website and look at the Financial aids section you should notice that it may be screaming unclaimed scholarships, which are the easier scholarships to get.

The first thing you will notice about it is they offer scholarships for just about every category of students, which is a first clue when looking for unclaimed college scholarships – they try hard to include every student who applies.

Not all the students that go to Lake Superior State University (LSSU) are able to finance their studies from the freshman year to their graduate years. This is a challenge that students face all over the country, so LSSU is not an exception.

In order to help such students make it through their education, scholarships are offered every year to make it possible for them to go on with their education.

Located in Michigan, Lake Superior State University (LSSU) is the smallest public university in the region; and has one of the lowest tuition then most all colleges in Michigan.

*This is also good start on why you should go to Lake Superior State University – low tuition at a very nice college!

It enrolls close to 3000 students annually and it has a very high population of Canadian students due to the fact that it is so close to the border between the US and Canada.

As a matter of fact, the university maintains a very close relationship with Canada, and there is utmost respect for both countries at the university, including the hoisting of both flags at the campus, and singing of both national anthems at athletic and other events.

In the event that you are looking to apply for their many probable unclaimed scholarships this coming year, you have to be aware of the information that is available at the admissions office and the financial aid office at LSSU.

The reason for this is because the criteria for selection and awarding of many of their easy scholarships normally changes every other year, and it is as a result of this that you need to ensure that you are well informed.

Though the scholarship award criteria normally changes every other year, it is important to note that those who are eligible for their easier scholarships will be automatically evaluated through the financial aid office.

All you have to do is just apply to see where you stand on receiving one of their unclaimed college scholarships.

Sounds too simple – but so true at LSSU!

These are normally awarded to students who have been selected through the financial aid committee and consequently they may select any of the degree courses that are offered at the institution.

One of the requirements that you have to attain in order to gain these easier LSSU scholarships is that you must be a US citizen, and you have to be a current graduate of an accredited high school.

The scholarships are also awarded to students based on a GPA points scale, and you must at least attain a 3.00 GPA and 19 ACT to be considered for most of their awards.

Beside that, there are criteria that are set by the school which students must meet in the event that they want to be awarded renewable scholarships. Such are scholarships that are renewed every other academic year.

For more information or clarification students are normally encouraged to get in touch with the financial aid office so that they can get up to date information on how to proceed.

Top Lake Superior State University Unclaimed Scholarships

The Laker Gold Scholarship is one of the most highly sought after by students. The reason for this is because it offers full tuition, up to 17 credit units for every semester.

This scholarship is renewable and it is also inclusive of all the other LSSU awards. It is normally awarded through the Laker Gold Competition, and the award is up to three scholarships every other year. In order to be awarded this scholarship, you have to meet the criterion that is set by the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees Distinguished Scholarship has an annual value of $8000, and it is renewable every other year. This scholarship is awarded on merit, apart from which you must attain a 3.80 GPA and 28 ACT in order to be considered. You must also be a resident of Michigan.

The Board of Trustees Academic Excellence Scholarship is awarded to $5000 per year and is also renewable. The criterion for selection and award of the scholarship is that you have to be a resident of Michigan too, and attain between 161.5 and 184.99 points. This translates to 3.50 GPA and 24 ACT.

The Board of Trustees Academic Recognition Scholarship is awarded to Michigan residents up to $3000 per year, and is renewable. Students who meet 3.30 GPA and 21 ACT can apply and hope to be awarded.

The above are just a few notable unclaimed college scholarships LSSU has to offer, but there are many others.

Lake Superior State University Scholarships along with their low tuition may make college more affordable then many students realize.

You can see how by simply applying online.

*That’s when the real financial aid magic happens!

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